Decoration Table Invites

Decoration Table Invites – Your big day is fast approaching and you will soon have to decide on your wedding table decorations. Making your wedding day as seamless and magical as possible while keeping everything running smoothly is no easy task. There are many details to think about before you start preparing. What will be the theme of the wedding? What color palette do you use? How do you combine decorative elements with stationery to keep everything in place without cluttering up the desk or making it feel empty? This article on wedding decoration ideas will answer these questions and guide you on your wedding preparation journey.

The first element when thinking about table decorations is space. Will it be outdoors or indoors? Rustic or elegant? Depending on the space and personal preference, you can decide the size and shape of the table. You can choose long tables to give the wedding a cohesive and solemn feel, or small round tables for an intimate feel. Small rectangular tables are also an option, and if you find exotic pieces of furniture, explore the variety!

Decoration Table Invites

Decoration Table Invites

Now you want to make sure your table has depth and movement, keeping in mind that space is important for guests to enjoy their meal and for fun and inspiring conversations with their neighbors. Playing around with different heights, adding different shades from your color palette, and thinking about texture will help your table set up. Choose tableware (metal, silverware, china) from fabrics and materials (blankets, lace, cotton) and treat them like layers that are layered on top of each other to create a successful wedding table setting. and finally stationery and decorative items. On our website you’ll find great stationery in a wide range of menus, cards, table signs and bags with matching stickers.

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Decorative elements can come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your wedding theme. If you’re having trouble choosing the right decor for your special day, we’ve put together a variety of ideas based on the most common wedding styles.

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Decoration Table Invites

A rustic themed wedding will create a wonderful homely atmosphere with a rustic touch for all your guests to enjoy. Long farm-style tables are more typical of Russian weddings. It is reminiscent of village gatherings, where guests of all ages happily gather as one big family.

For a casual rustic wedding atmosphere, set up wooden tables. It works best when paired with earthy colors (dark, green, etc.) in a neutral palette like brown, white, and ivory. You can also take it to the next level by adding gold, silver or bronze elements for an extra “puff”. Carefully choose cards that match your color scheme, coordinate your decor with stationery to create a cohesive table, and find the perfect menu in our custom wedding menu collection. If your wedding is held outdoors, a bunch of wildflowers or other plants growing nearby will add warmth to your setting and allow you to showcase the flora and fauna around you.

Decoration Table Invites

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It’s time to dust off your antiques. The textures are endless for great table decorations and you can play with leather, lace, silk, denim, suede or tartan finishes. Use recycled containers such as empty wine bottles, old containers and empty cans for candle holders or flower vases. Antique-style dishes, such as traditional silverware, also work well.

To achieve the perfect wedding table decoration, we recommend that you think carefully about your centerpiece. Your guests will be impressed when they look at your big day and choose wisely. Centerpieces make a statement about the theme and atmosphere of the wedding, but they only work when coordinated with the rest of the table.

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Decoration Table Invites

Flower centerpieces can be large bouquets that come in large vases or small jars, or individual flower arrangements. Roses are a great alternative to traditional flower centerpieces. Foliage and flowers like table runners run the length of the table for an elegant and romantic effect. However, if you’re not a flower person, succulents are great and can look great in terrariums.

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Decorating with different sized candles or bouquets certainly works well. Candles can come in a variety of containers, such as jars or lamps. Metal candle holders are especially beautiful and work well with green foliage against a light background (like an ivory table).

Decoration Table Invites

If you want to choose simple wedding decorations, there are many simple ways to achieve a great looking table. Fairy lights are an example of easy decorations that allow you to create a very magical feeling in your space. You can hang them on the ceiling or add them to your centerpieces (eg lamps).

Wildflower vases are popular at weddings because they are simple, elegant and add color. Fragrant plants can add a touch of greenery, as well as a way to add a nice scent to the space. Choose any herb based on your favorite scent, such as lavender, narcissus, basil or thyme.

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Your wedding month can give you an idea of ​​how to organize your wardrobe according to the season. Arrange hand-picked fruits like apples and pears on your table with fall leaves, and delight your guests with a winter holiday basket of red pine cones, candles, and mistletoe. You can also take the initiative to decorate your desk with your own interests and passions to personalize it. For example, if you want to go swimming, you can add a nautical knot to your table, around candles and branches of leaves.

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If you are creative and want to make your own wedding decorations, here are some ideas on how to achieve DIY wedding decorations.

Decoration Table Invites

Print polar photos of the moments you’ve shared with your spouse leading up to that special day and display them on mini towels. Adding a personal touch to your wedding decorations will help you remember and look forward to many more good times to be shared with you in the future.

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Create your own centerpiece by collecting jars and other containers and filling them with flowers, sweets or fairy lights. You can leave them untouched or decorate them with personalized stickers. Take them out in broken pieces and tie them with delicate lace for a pretty touch. If all you want is a candy jar, add some string or ribbon, a piece of fabric a few inches wide from the lid, and one of our gift tags. Kids and adults alike will be delighted with these adorable wedding favors. Dried rose petals in jars can be an effective party decoration. Simple yet elegant, their pastel colors can match your wedding color scheme.

Decoration Table Invites

To make it look more attractive, spray paint different items on your wedding table. You can paint your old wine bottle gold to make it look clean and beautiful. If you don’t want to paint the bottle, you can add this color to a collection of wild branches, which will give the centerpiece a magical feel. Bird cages can be very pretty filled with white fresh spray and white gypsophila flowers.

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