Decoration Table Pour Saint Valentin

Decoration Table Pour Saint Valentin – This year, get out of restaurants and movie nights. Set up a candlelit dinner with your loved one. Sure, but how do you set the table for the occasion? Get inspired by these ideas.

Associated with passion and the passion of love, red is probably one of the most used colors in decorating for Valentine’s Day. Also, for Valentine’s Day dinner, don’t hesitate to decorate your dining table in red. This subject always has a small effect. To set the table, avoid full visibility. If you e.g. set a red table, so choose white dishes. For napkins, mix two colors with patterned pieces. Crystal will bring extra elegance to the glasses. The centerpiece should also contrast with the table cloth. Key words: balance and harmony.

Decoration Table Pour Saint Valentin

Decoration Table Pour Saint Valentin

Well-chosen colors, beautiful dishes, smart glasses and a beautiful table are enough for your table clothes on Valentine’s Day, especially if you like simplicity. Of course you can add some other details like golden heart confetti. As a final touch, incorporate flowers into the decoration. Place them in a small bowl in the center of the table. Or, to bring a note of originality, replace them with a carpet of red roses, always in the center of the set. A flower in a glass dome placed at the end of the table will also add character to your decoration.

Déco De Table Crêpe Party Pour La Saint Valentin + Freebies

What could be better for Valentine’s Day than a candlelit dinner? To set the table, here’s how to create a soft and romantic atmosphere.

Decoration Table Pour Saint Valentin

Complement your Valentine’s table linens with room linens to create a uniquely romantic atmosphere. Change the curtains of the apartment. Choose a set of white curtains and a red curtain. Arrange rose petals on the floor, from the entrance to the living room and between the coffee table where you have an aperitif and the dining room. However, the rest also deserves some minor attention. Coordinate the decor with that of the table by adding matching throws and flowers. For this evening, turn off the headlights. Use only accent lights, for a subdued atmosphere, which candles and candlesticks will sink into.

On a basic neutral color, such as white, you can have original and colorful decorative shoes.

Decoration Table Pour Saint Valentin

Table De Saint Valentin Romantique…

If red is timeless for setting the Valentine’s Day table, tell yourself that it’s not the only appropriate color for the occasion. You can create a romantic atmosphere with other colors. Think of the pink you want to pair with white and a neutral tone like beige. Powder pink can do the job perfectly, especially since it matches the current trend. You can also bet on a pastel palette: blue, yellow, pink. Be careful though! Although gentle, these colors should be used carefully. Always keep a maximum of 3 different colors so that the decorations are not overwhelming. Chair Privée has entrusted you with the knowledge of interior design to get the most beautiful Valentine’s Day table, and thus spend your best romantic dinner.

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The most beautiful Valentine’s Day table cannot be created, you need to bring your best props, sheets and other romantic decorations… Make sure to follow this guide to put them together perfectly!

Decoration Table Pour Saint Valentin

Oh, Valentine’s Day. It is a long day for many couples to fully experience their love. While some are trying to rekindle the flame, others need to mend broken poles… whatever your situation, this guide gives you all the tools to impress your partner.

Déco Table

For the best comfort during your romantic dinner, let’s take a look at your table setting first.

Decoration Table Pour Saint Valentin

Hearts everywhere, Valentine’s day decorations, how sweet. But don’t skip all the steps! In the beginning, you need to take advantage of all the attention of your partner by sitting well.

Whether it is a round, square or even rectangular table, the configuration will vary. To help you, here is a small guide that describes the correct table dimensions for a one-to-one dinner:

Decoration Table Pour Saint Valentin

Centre De Table Vintage Saint Valentin Rouge 30 Cm

And if you don’t pay attention to their dimensions, the table you put on them will not fit the table!

For a perfect setup, you should now choose your seats carefully. Back pain is not welcome, especially in anticipation of dessert (I’m not taking a picture for you).

Decoration Table Pour Saint Valentin

If you want to add decorations to your chairs, it would be beneficial to know their size, right? In addition, you should make sure that your comfort is optimal.

Dressage De Table Pour La Saint Valentin

First of all, you should know that the dining table is between 70 and 75 cm high. As a result, your plastic, fabric or metal chair will certainly be between 42 and 46 cm.

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Decoration Table Pour Saint Valentin

But if you have a table with a height of more than 75 cm, we advise you to consult our size guide, designed especially for you: Which chair and height of the stool to choose.

Knowing the height of your chairs, you can now add the appropriate and great decoration!

Decoration Table Pour Saint Valentin

Tendances DÉco Pour La Saint Valentin

But tell me, you now know everything about setting up your desk! Let’s move on to decorating without delay, we will try to awaken your artistic soul.

If there’s one detail that shouldn’t be overlooked, it’s the color. Each means something different, be careful not to misinterpret your intentions! Not all colors can be used for Valentine’s Day decorations.

Decoration Table Pour Saint Valentin

There is one rule: the rule of opposite colors, which states that it is necessary to avoid combining the same colors (color on yellow, dark on dark, etc.). Also, except in emergency situations, be careful not to mix any colors: max 3!

Chemin De Table Décoration Saint Valentin Nappe Table 33*180cm

OK, is the color selection done? Now let’s worry about how to dress your Valentine’s Day table with dignity…

Decoration Table Pour Saint Valentin

The tablecloth plays an important role in decorating the Valentine’s Day table. When buying or choosing a new tablecloth, carefully consider the table setting so that it is not too small for your table.

Regarding the pattern on the table for Valentine’s Day, we encourage you to choose a plain tablecloth. It has the same role as the background of a picture: it is not what we are looking at, but it is still important. Besides, with all the little decorations you’ll be adding, it would be a shame to have an overly full table.

Decoration Table Pour Saint Valentin

Créez Une Déco Table St Valentin Chic Et Trendy Pour La Fête Des Amoureux !

If you still want to set a table in shape, add a few small decorative details!

Regardless of the shape of the table, there are several types of table for table sizes. Your choice between:

Decoration Table Pour Saint Valentin

Depending on the style you want to create that evening, the tablecloth will have a different color. For example, a pastel decor would have a white table and a pink table runner.

Ma Table Saint Valentin 2021

If you prefer fun and dark atmospheres, a red table with a black table top will work! For couples with a much larger table, feel free to set up just part of the length of your table by changing the settings above.

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Decoration Table Pour Saint Valentin

You have the elements to make the right choice of dress for your table. Don’t go too fast, it’s a shame to choose the right foods for a unique Valentine’s Day meal!

Now that you know the right furniture configuration for two, it’s time to start decorating the table! Several elements (choice of colors, shapes…) will make up your Valentine’s Day table, you have to make sure that their combination is perfect, and that requires a little knowledge.

Decoration Table Pour Saint Valentin

Idées De Déco De Table Saint Valentin Romantique Et Originale

To win every time, bet on white, cream or black dishes, if possible, porcelain or of very good quality. Don’t be afraid to dare to use tablecloths for a discreet and designed touch!

For glasses, stemmed glasses are required. During a romantic dinner, in most cases red wine is served with the course.

Decoration Table Pour Saint Valentin

But whatever drink is consumed during dinner, it should be poured into a glass with a clean stem and without fingerprints or cracks.

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Think your desk is perfect already? Wait, you don’t know which Valentine’s Day decorations are the best yet!

Decoration Table Pour Saint Valentin

Here all the little details will make a big difference. Too much decoration will instantly make the Valentine’s Day table too busy, while too little touch will make it empty.

It is not easy, but it is necessary to succeed in finding a happy medium so that your table is perfect.

Decoration Table Pour Saint Valentin

Une Décoration De Table Saint Valentin Pour Les Enfants

There are several main accessories to decorate the table for Valentine’s Day:

We let you choose from an infinite number of options, but

Decoration Table Pour Saint Valentin

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