Decoration Table Vin D Honneur

Decoration Table Vin D Honneur – Vin d’honneur heralds the start of your wedding night! It is customary to thank everyone who shows their love. So we rely on a good atmosphere and a delicious cocktail to start the evening on a good note. Here are some tips on how to improve your reputation:

The vin d’honneur or wedding cocktail is an established tradition in France. It is the transition between a secular or religious celebration and a wedding dinner. Vin d’honneur makes it possible to thank all those attending the wedding of the newlyweds by giving them fresh petit fours. It is a way to show friendship and gratitude to loved ones. So how do you create a Vin d’honneur worthy of the name?

Decoration Table Vin D Honneur

Decoration Table Vin D Honneur

First of all, you need to think about where the Vin d’honneur will be held. At this stage of the wedding, the number of guests is always very large, so you must have enough space to accommodate all your guests. The exterior of your reception room is always necessary. When the weather is nice, the gardens surrounded by flowers are perfect for spending quality time with your loved ones. Also remember to provide a shelter area in case of inclement weather. Feel free to ask the reception you have chosen, they may have a room available for you.

Décoration De Mariage, Par Où Commencer ?

To respect the budget, the wedding meal is usually reserved for the most closely related people, those who surround the bride and groom on a daily basis. That’s why Vin d’honneur is always organized to spend time with your closest friends and family. This wedding cocktail allows you to express your gratitude to people who are appreciated but not close enough to be invited to the wedding dinner. This information is usually found on the invitation cards you send.

Decoration Table Vin D Honneur

For Vin d’honneur, count between 1h and 3h. During all this time, you will have to receive your guests. To get your loved ones in the mood, what better than a DJ or band to kick off your wedding party? Vin d’honneur is also the perfect time to toss the bride’s traditional bouquet. In addition, you can consider renting a photo booth to entertain your loved ones and keep memories of this wonderful evening. Try putting it on a love tree or guest book to keep your guests sweet words. Finally, you can organize a flashmob, magic show or cooking events to please all your guests!

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First, consider offering refreshments to guests. Of course, champagne is synonymous with celebration and everyone appreciates it, but you can also be innovative by offering traditional cocktails for your wedding! Also consider fruit juices, soft drinks and water for children and your non-alcoholic guests. Plan in quantity so you don’t feel dehydrated. For this reason, your wedding coordinator will be able to advise you.

Decoration Table Vin D Honneur

Comment Réussir Sa Décoration De Table De Mariage ?

Vin d’honneur is above all under the sign of humor and greed! You can opt for a sweet or savory Vin d’honneur! For the sweet side, we find the traditional petit fours, canapés and verrines. These are shown Classic! For the original Vin d’honneur, you can choose a food truck, a bit retro and quirky. And to entertain your guests, think of gastronomic events: oyster bar, sushi bar, burger joint… Your guests will love it! Finally, for those with a sweet tooth, the candy bar always has its little effect! Candies, popcorn, cotton candy, cakes… these treats will do more than dream! Any advice? Consider making multiple dinner tables so all your loved ones can enjoy it.

For the decoration of your Vin d’honneur, you can certainly use the theme of your wedding: vintage, glamorous, romantic, oriental… The idea is to maintain a common thread in all stages of this day. If you are planning your wedding reception outside, you can put lights, balloons, hanging decorations… in the trees surrounding the venue. Also remember to treat the buffet table with a table runner, glass waterfalls, flowers, tulle, beautiful tableware, or any other element reminiscent of your wedding theme. This is the perfect opportunity to thank partygoers by offering them food and drink. The reception takes place around a table decorated accordingly. Of all known tables, few ideally fulfill this need.

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Decoration Table Vin D Honneur

Better and more practical, round tables adapt to the reception of any occasion. This type of table has many advantages:

Décoration Vin D’honneur Extérieur

Arranged in slender rows, the oval table creates space and facilitates circulation. You can place a bouquet of flowers in the center, glasses and plates will be placed around it. A wedding planner will know how to best guide you in finding the best possible jewelry. On the other hand, you will ensure the correct location of each visitor.

Decoration Table Vin D Honneur

A rectangular table is one of the most common models at events. Not only does it take up less space, but it also brings a casual look to your occasion. Here, the number of guests per table will depend on the size of the latter. In general, this number varies between 6 and 8 people, when it is possible to join several tables to make one. This makes the main table stand out from the other tables. Likewise, you can choose between T, U, Bone Marrow, or Comb motion. The rectangular table also promotes communication and friendliness between the guests.

Less commonly, a square table is an alternative to a square table. This is the best type of table for the reception if you want decorations in the center. You can place large centerpieces to add more color to the party environment. The square table can accommodate a maximum of 8 to 12 people. However, he faced the problem of lack of space. Therefore, the square table is not very conducive to exchanges between guests. You can also choose to reduce the number of people per table to encourage conversations.

Decoration Table Vin D Honneur

Décoration Mariage Baptême Anniversaire Les Décos

Like the square table, the oval table is less common in reception areas. However, it serves to distinguish the table from the collection if others have a different design. This table is ideal for receptions organized in small groups. Therefore, you will be able to count on all visitors with good visibility of the area. The typical table is an expression of originality in the marriage with the simplicity of the decoration. It is also important to consider the size of the table and the available space. However, face-to-face discussion can be tricky. Finally, round, rectangular, square and oval tables are table options for the reception. However, the available space and the number of guests are the criteria that determine the right choice of table. A good arrangement of the tables can contribute to the best decoration of the reception.

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Whether you plan to install a round or rectangular table to serve your reception, you don’t have to choose fixed tables. If you plan to manage your collection yourself, you want to choose folding tables for several reasons. This will allow you to take care of them without too much trouble while you wait for your wedding day to arrive. It seems obvious that you won’t buy them the day before your wedding. In the last days you will have enough. So if you find yourself with tables at home, you can make sure that they take up as little space as possible, even for the reception, you don’t have to have a lot.

Decoration Table Vin D Honneur

The same later, when your party is over. You can also reuse them to organize other family gatherings or for a cocktail party with friends. If you’re afraid that everyone will notice that you’ve taken the option of table reading, invest in some beautiful long tablecloths. You will only see fire there. You will have elegant and very useful tables, which you will enjoy reusing for other events.

Table Des Mariés Thème Champetre , Bois

Now that you know that you can completely plan a reading table to organize your collection, you still have to find the one that gives you quality, aesthetics and practicality. A white reading table is a safe bet in terms of aesthetics. Also, this color is best for wedding. If you haven’t chosen a specific theme for your wedding, you can also go with a white tablecloth. What also requires a lot of class is choosing the tablecloths

Decoration Table Vin D Honneur

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