Decoration Table Wedding

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After the vows are shared and “I do” is said, the wedding ceremony ends. But for most couples, the real celebration begins. Your reception is a great opportunity to mingle and mingle with family and dear friends as you raise a glass

Decoration Table Wedding

Decoration Table Wedding

There are many details involved in planning a reception, from the catering to your company’s cocktail party to the invitation cards. Among these important details are your reception tables and all the possibilities for decorating them. Whether you’re planning a long family-style table or a circular spread, creating a focal point creates a beautiful environment, and of course your centerpieces will be at the heart of the decision.

Wedding Reception Package: Modern Oriental

Whether you’re looking for stunning floral arrangements, greenery, candles or something completely unique, you’ll find a centerpiece design to suit any aesthetic. Read our 48 favorite ideas for inspiration.

Decoration Table Wedding

Need something totally romantic? Bloom in abundance! A floral arrangement running the length of the table adds a touch of greenery and an elegant centerpiece.

Cherry blossoms command attention with their stunning beauty, and this look pulls it off flawlessly. Consider displaying tall vases filled with tall cherry blossom branches for a beautiful look.

Decoration Table Wedding

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Even the smallest changes can raise your core. Replace the traditional white ribbon candle and take your tabletop to a new level for a beautiful soft shade.

Add light to your tables with lanterns. We love warm wood lanterns paired with some flowers to create a bold yet sophisticated centerpiece.

Decoration Table Wedding

Want a flower show with a little more interest? Mix short layouts with tall columns to make a statement.

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A spring wedding? Peonies are sure to be popular with many. We love a classic and romantic pot full of beautiful peonies, adding a little color along the way.

Decoration Table Wedding

Stick with the flower pot idea, but choose minimal blooms. This combination of pampas grass, ranunculus and rose provides texture and color without being overwhelming.

Not interested in flower pots? There are many other options. Displaying small groups is a great way to add greenery and create a garden feel while keeping centerpieces to a minimum.

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Decoration Table Wedding

Chic Minimalist Wedding Table Decor Ideas

Want something out of the box? Embrace fluidity by ditching traditional beading ideas. Combine terracotta tiles with moss and liquid for a unique look.

It’s easy to go overboard with nautical wedding details, but not with this look. A simple white knot will complement the centerpiece perfectly. Plus, table numbers can fit in there, too!

Decoration Table Wedding

Large flower arrangements are certainly not the only centerpiece option. We love to see a row of budgies circling a long table, and a colorful pop of color with several varieties of long-stemmed wildflowers.

Unique Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas

Need something rich and eye-catching? Add interest by combining lush, dense flowers with tall branches.

Decoration Table Wedding

Take your centerpieces to the tropics! This big, bold pearl is stunning with its scaly petals and tall green foliage.

Don’t be afraid to bring a little nature indoors, especially if you’re having a winter wedding. Paired with small white baubles and pine cones, these candle holders are such a great touch for a winter table.

Decoration Table Wedding

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Too much green? We don’t think so! This view of towering pillars is truly romantic.

A fairy-tale wedding calls for lots of fairy lights, and your centerpieces are a great way to add them. Fill the lights with delicate lights for a beautiful look.

Decoration Table Wedding

Are you embracing the summer vibes? Summer is all about citrus and your centerpieces can be the same. Add a small citrus tree to each table.

Simple Wedding Centerpieces We Love

Have you ever seen a cute terrarium? The rose gold trim is paired with tiny sequins, making this arrangement perfect for a desert-inspired or boho wedding.

Decoration Table Wedding

While candles are a nice touch to any table, you might want to take things up a notch. Choose an oversized candle holder for that old world romance.

Baby showers are the underdog in the floral world, but we’re seeing more and more of them at weddings. Embrace the simplicity of this beautiful bud by making it an essential part of your centerpiece.

Decoration Table Wedding

Top Wedding Decor Trends For 2020 And 2021

Don’t be afraid to embrace color! This tropical display stands out with its blend of hibiscus, torch lily, ginger and date palm.

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Planning a fall wedding? It suits a rustic aesthetic. Pair fresh apples with lush greens to welcome the season.

Decoration Table Wedding

Want something completely unique? Mix items from home! The couple decided to add trinkets from their personal collection to each table.

Cool Ideas For Modern Wedding Decor

If you want to add textures and toys to your table, pampas grass is your best choice. Consider displaying tall, textured centerpieces to make a statement.

Decoration Table Wedding

A long family style reception table is totally romantic, but decorating it with a beautiful centerpiece makes it even better. We love the look of long, draped beds paired with simple greenery and lamps.

Looking for a boho vibe? Or just need a lot of color? Choose a display of wildflowers in different colors and stem lengths for a beautiful bold centerpiece.

Decoration Table Wedding

Pictures Of Head Table Decorations

If you want something authentic, look outside the box of the typical flower centerpiece. For the couple’s black-and-white wedding, manzanta branches paired with tall potted orchids took center stage.

For some aesthetics, simplicity is key. Pull it off flawlessly by adding stand-alone elements. Dark gold with lantern green is a great way to achieve it.

Decoration Table Wedding

Having a tropical wedding doesn’t always mean bold and bright colors. Minimize the tropical focus by choosing only white flowers and greenery.

Gorgeous Wedding Table Decor Ideas That You Must See Today!

If you’re planning a more casual reception, you may not be interested in centerpieces. Displaying just a few flowers in brightly colored bud pots can go a long way in decorating the table.

Decoration Table Wedding

Want something bold? Hug her! A combination of red and yellow flowers with different stem lengths makes for a truly stunning centerpiece.

Choose only greens for a natural look. Use eucalyptus to line the long table and light candles to create a romantic atmosphere.

Decoration Table Wedding

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If you really want to hit the nail on the head, adding some citrus to the mix is ​​definitely the way to go. Mix whole and cut citrus fruits with candles to add sparkle and sparkle to this table.

Planning an Old World Style Wedding? Keep things elegant with lamps and a vintage touch. The couple chose a gold lamp with a white shade, but you can match it to any color you like.

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Decoration Table Wedding

Don’t want to pick pearls? Don’t! Line the table with lush designs and wrap it with elegant lanterns for a modern and romantic look.

Rom Wedding Table Decoration

Are you planning something rough? This hassle-free option is the perfect fit. Dig into the floral centerpiece idea and place a neutral tablecloth on the table with a splash of greenery.

Decoration Table Wedding

As romantic as a hydrangea, it can definitely stand on its own. For a beautiful garden-inspired celebration, fill the aisles with lush blooms.

Planning a desert-inspired wedding? Neutrals are a beautiful choice, but don’t be afraid to add color if you like. We love how the couple combined colored sand and clear liquids for a pink popsicle.

Decoration Table Wedding

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Your centerpiece doesn’t have to be on the table. Choose hanging greenery to run under the table. It adds color and is the brightest focal point.

Flowers aren’t the only choice for centerpieces! If you want to play with fruit, look to pears for a late summer or fall wedding. They add just the right amount of appeal and flair.

Decoration Table Wedding

There’s no shame in choosing a simple pot or clear glass. But add a mixing bowl? A really nice way to spice up your center screen!

Tables Decor Ideas With Roses

Metal and candle lighting on reception tables is double romantic. Don’t be afraid to mix metals like gold and rose.

Decoration Table Wedding

There’s no shame in minimal setup! These centerpieces mix a tall flower with a short stem for a simple contrast.

While adding fruit isn’t a new idea for table setting, it’s not often you see mixed-flavored blueberries. We love how this vintage screen is enhanced by adding a simple blueberry for a romantic touch.

Decoration Table Wedding

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Want a simple arrangement for a tropical dinner? Palm leaves and

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