Decorations For Coffee Table For Men

Decorations For Coffee Table For Men – In this post: Looking for ideas to decorate a young man’s single room? Here are some affordable decorating ideas with modern masculine style.

At least ninety percent of the time I post about French women’s makeup, but my most popular post of all time is the post I did about my son’s first apartment.

Decorations For Coffee Table For Men

Decorations For Coffee Table For Men

The style we worked with was a mix of old towns with hints of industrial chic. Fast forward two and a half years and I’m happy to say that my son has just moved back to our mid-country area. Then again, I find myself looking at bachelor’s ideas for decorating a young man’s apartment.

Travis: The Media Drives Interior Design

Let me start by saying that most of this isn’t new. If you saw the first post (it was done in a 3 part series) you will know many pieces. But the environments are completely different and the challenge is to adapt the furniture from a smaller apartment to a more urban environment. This new apartment is brand new with great wall to wall views.

Decorations For Coffee Table For Men

When I showed the apartment for the first time, many people asked me how a young man would keep the apartment in good condition. But I know my son. Two and a half years later, his white chair was still intact and intact. So join me on this little tour as we check out the start of your new location.

This will be a work in progress as many decorations still need to be added. But I think it’s going to be fun to share the journey because of how people’s apartments are decorated. Being young has become a skill for me. (Soon to be my daughter’s first apartment. Watch out!) At the end of this post I will link to the first apartment in St. Petersburg. Louis, so you can compare how the same piece of furniture performs in very different contexts.

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Decorations For Coffee Table For Men

Apartment Decorating Ideas To Make Your Rental Feel Like Home

One of the biggest changes in the apartment is the removal of carpets and spaces on the walls. Two adjacent walls in the living room are blessed with full windows overlooking the harbor overlooking the Statue of Liberty (which will eventually be blocked by an ever-new building that was never built). The floor was dark wood and we had to work around support posts in the corners. We chose a rug with a light print in line with the neutral palette as a way to balance light and dark in the environment.

The cream upholstered chairs are not only seen to be used for over 2 years, but they have a lot of young guests as a bedroom, so don’t let anyone tell you not to take white furniture for the sake of practicality!

Decorations For Coffee Table For Men

Straight from the Chesterfield leather sofa is an industrial metal entertainment unit that really delivers on space character. The lack of solid yet charming walls for scenery and lighting makes it impossible to find much space to add personality through the artwork. Instead, we added a coffee table book as the start of our personal space arrangement.

Unique Man Cave Ideas

The fourth part of the living room opens onto the kitchen with a magnificent marble table. Here we’ve added a wooden bar with smooth, clean lines and a rough edge.

Decorations For Coffee Table For Men

All we had to throw away were the tables and chairs my son had in the apartment, which had a separate dining room. Ironically, I forgot that he also had a bistro shop on his desk and the small set worked well in the corner of the room. We originally planned a third restaurant, but the low table dining options were desirable and the bistro fit the bill. I’m sure we’ll be adding a seat pad for added comfort in the near future.

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The brand new Galley kitchen offers ample storage and workspace, and we’ve kept it classic and modern with appliances for working with an urban flair.

Decorations For Coffee Table For Men

Before & After: Trendy Masculine Apartment Decor

Openness and lightness are the sound here, perfect for entertainment (and with Superbowl Sunday right around the corner, you can be sure it’ll be used).

As with many city apartments, the biggest challenge in the bedroom is matching my son’s existing furniture. Once again we have added this rug, a luxurious and comfortable fur coat in light oatmeal to again complement the dark wood.

Decorations For Coffee Table For Men

We set up a small table in the corner – hardly any good, but it works. There are corners called options to add personality with objects of decoration and art.

How To Decorate Your Coffee Table For The Holidays

The paisley mattress cover is butter soft and the white sheets are soft and fresh. The hotel has striped underwear and round grain pillows.

Decorations For Coffee Table For Men

The finishing table was glued with no inches to go, but they did it anyway. Mercury glass lamps reflect the generous light that penetrates the room.

A quick look at the bathroom reveals a clean, classic look. The accessories are white and white again, maintaining a modern look. There will be some additions to this space, as well as shelving and perhaps a small table.

Decorations For Coffee Table For Men

How To Decorate A Man’s Bedroom: 20 Cool Design Ideas

The truck arrived just two days ago and has started to feel like home. Do you have a single idea to share? Want to hear it in the comment below!

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Decorations For Coffee Table For Men

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