Decorations For End Tables In Living Room

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Glam side tables are useful in many different areas of your home. You can use side tables next to the sofa, reading chair and even next to the bed. They are practical pieces of furniture and also incredibly versatile! If you love the glam decor style, you will definitely need some glam side tables when decorating your space.

Decorations For End Tables In Living Room

Decorations For End Tables In Living Room

We’ve rounded up a small selection of our favorite side tables in glamorous style. Like any glamorous piece of furniture, these glamorous side tables will give them a luxurious, metallic look. Finishes like champagne, gold and silver are common when it comes to glam furniture and decor. The design will be feminine and elegant with an old Hollywood atmosphere! Let us know what you think.

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Her living room has a beautifully decorated gold frame by blogger The Pink Dream. I love that the clear glass lets you see what’s underneath! This vignette was easily created with a table lamp, a gold leaf statue, a stack of books, and a clean vase of pink flowers! It looks so easy to recreate in your own home.

Decorations For End Tables In Living Room

Cuated Interior uses affiliate links and we may receive a small commission if you purchase from affiliated retailers at no cost to you. We only recommend products from merchants we know and love. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from eligible purchases. Sometimes end tables tend to be an afterthought and can be difficult to style. Never fear! These simple end table decorating ideas will take your end tables from “good” to “wow” quickly and easily!

Home style doesn’t always come naturally. In fact, it can be difficult even for people who are talented in styling and decorating.

Decorations For End Tables In Living Room

How To Decorate With A Large End Table

My goal is to take the mystery and frustration out of decorating and share some decorating tips that you can incorporate into the home you want to live in! I want you to have a beautiful and at the same time very functional and comfortable home. That’s always the goal!

Sometimes an end table can be the finishing touch a room needs. Kind of like my living room, I needed something to fill the space in the corner of the room.

Decorations For End Tables In Living Room

I also needed a place at the end of the unit to put a lamp and a drink. Perfect for both needs. See? Functional and comfortable! But how can you make it finished, beautiful, and blend in with the rest of the room? Let’s take a look.

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Beautiful Coffee Table Ideas For Every Style And Budget

My answer is absolutely not! How can they go out of style? People will always need a place with lamps to read or put down their coffee cups (at one point I tried to go without end tables – it wasn’t pretty).

Decorations For End Tables In Living Room

Rather than accent tables themselves going out of style, I think the real problem is that they are out of style

Your end table should be part of your decor. It should be an extension and part of the rest of your home. You should also show who you are by using interesting personal touches.

Decorations For End Tables In Living Room

Different Ways To Style An End Table

Tip: You can’t just put a few placemats on your end table and call it good. 😉

There’s definitely a bit of art when it comes to styling end tables, and today’s tips will help take your end table decor from “boring” to “chic” easier than you think!

Decorations For End Tables In Living Room

That’s it! Gather those items from your home and let’s get started with my top tips and ideas on how to organize them.

Coffee Table Decor Ideas And How To Style Them

These ideas will help you perfectly combine practicality and elegance, and help you find your own personal style for your end tables.

Decorations For End Tables In Living Room

My biggest tip would be to play loose with your tables. Designing your tables is not an exact science. The point is to use these clues, then step back and look at what you’ve got.

End tables are not large pieces of furniture. It is important to work according to the theory of “less is more” so that they do not look crowded.

Decorations For End Tables In Living Room

Diy Coffee Table Ideas And Designs (2022)

However, don’t group more than 5 things on your end tables or your tables will look cluttered and cluttered no matter how well you arrange them.

For example, see how Emily Henderson designed the table top below. There are three items – coffee cup, notepad and greens. It looks perfect as it is…anything added on top of it looks messed up.

Decorations For End Tables In Living Room

This can be in the form of adding simple leaves or even flowers – live or artificial. It doesn’t really matter, but it’s the sense of life that touch of green brings to the room.

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Super Modern Living Room Coffee Table Décor Ideas That Will Amaze You

I love how this table from Stone Gable makes flowers the focal point of this end table. This beautiful flower comes straight from the garden and adds a nice pop of color as well as some height.

Decorations For End Tables In Living Room

It could be a framed photo or piece of art, a meaningful book, something you’ve made (like painted pottery), or an item you picked up on a trip. It’s a place where you can let your home tell your story—get quirky or even a little elegant.

A graphic looks personal, engaging, and purposeful when it has something meaningful to you. This piece may even become the talk of the town when people come to visit!

Decorations For End Tables In Living Room

Beautiful Coffee Table Decorating Ideas To Try This Season

For example, thanks to a beautiful framed photo of my girlfriends, I decorated my end table with beautiful and personal effects.

The desk lamp not only provides a nice reading light but also adds height to your desk decoration. I honestly think my lamp is too small for my space, so I’m hoping to get a little bigger! 😉

Decorations For End Tables In Living Room

Use stacked books to add height to an element when you have two elements that are roughly the same height. This stunning look will create visual interest with a “full” look.

Black Side Tables To Flatter Every Modern Style

I love decorating with symmetry and I have an eye that is naturally drawn to symmetry. You just can’t go wrong with symmetry. Ways you can use symmetry include:

Decorations For End Tables In Living Room

Here it is! Simple but practical tips for decorating a side table. Designing your end tables only takes a little thought and time, but it’s generally a lot easier than most people think.

I hope these tips and tricks have simplified the process and inspired you to make sure you decorate your end tables the way you want to see them every day – because that’s what really matters.

Decorations For End Tables In Living Room

Union Rustic Summerall Nesting Coffee Tables, Set Of 3 End Side Tables Modern Furniture Decor Table Sets, Sturdy And Easy Assembly, Accent Furniture In Home Office & Reviews

If you need a few items to style your accent table, or even an end table, I’ve rounded up my favorite items from each category! Ready to amp up your decor with a multi-functional piece? Discover 18 decorating ideas with an end table with storage to match your home decor.

Every end table needs a stable surface where you can place a cup of cocoa and a plate of popcorn (or a glass of wine and a plate of cheese!). Add a little extra desk room for a remote control and a reading lamp, and you’re living in luxury—well, almost. There’s one thing that can make your end table even more enjoyable: storage.

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Decorations For End Tables In Living Room

An end table with storage allows you to keep books, magazines, board games and even blankets nearby so you can enjoy a quiet evening at home. It also helps organize a small space – and organization is the key to relaxation.

Coffee Table Decor Ideas

And let’s be real: we could all use a little more rest. So sit back, relax and let us do the hard work of finding your perfect end table with storage.

Decorations For End Tables In Living Room

Here are our ultimate table decorating tips and our favorite tables for different home decorating styles.

An end table or side table gets its name from its intended use – usually you place it at either end of a sofa or either side of a bed. But there are many ways to use this fabric in your home. 10 ideas for designing an end table with storage.

Decorations For End Tables In Living Room

Coffee Table Decor Ideas For Every Style

If you can’t find an end table with as much storage as you want, look at nightstands. They may have a different name, but nightstands like this rustic wooden nightstand serve the same purpose as end tables. Plus, they’re usually similar in size and offer more storage space.

If you have a favorite chair or chaise longue, create a cozy book nook with an end table next to the chair. The extra memory will ensure that your favorite book is always at hand.

Decorations For End Tables In Living Room

Create space for conversation by placing two chairs side by side with a small end table in the middle. To create a more intimate environment, turn the chairs to face each other – people are naturally more open to conversation when they sit in the open position.

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