Decorations For Patio Tables

Decorations For Patio Tables – Why not party outside this summer with these easy outdoor table decoration ideas? This month, my friends and I are bringing you lots of summer meal inspiration as part of our regular Pinterest challenge. Grab a party drink and let’s get started!

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Decorations For Patio Tables

Decorations For Patio Tables

I’ve never done a triathlon, but I’m all about the pin-tathlon! This is where you take pins from Pinterest and challenge yourself to recreate the home look in your own style.

Outdoor Centerpiece Ideas

Cindy from County Road 407 hosts this challenge every month and bloggers contribute our decorating hearts to the challenge. We invite you to join us at home!

Decorations For Patio Tables

This month’s Pinterest inspiration comes from Karen of Sanctuary Home Decor. Prepare yourself to “ooh and aah” over this beautiful sight!

Now, I usually don’t have a dining table outside. However, that didn’t stop me from finding a temporary solution.

Decorations For Patio Tables

Fall Table Decorations

Big thanks to my honey who “made my dreams come true…oh oh, oh, oh oh.” He helped me move one of the old tables into the back yard.

Like most of these Pinterest challenges, I try to use what I already have instead of going out shopping. Luckily, I found these home decor accents to complete the look:

Decorations For Patio Tables

And if you think you can’t host a summer dinner party because of pesky mosquitoes, be sure to visit my Bug Repellent Luminaires tutorial before you get started.

Patio Decorating Ideas On A Budget For Affordable Outdoor Style

You may remember this table from my outdoor table decorations or bridal shower table decorations. It appears when we need extra seats.

Decorations For Patio Tables

Plus, we’ve had it so long, we won’t cry if someone spills a drink on it or my brother’s dog chews the corner of the chair. (True story.)

Now that it’s sitting on our outdoor patio, I might as well make it permanent!

Decorations For Patio Tables

Elegant Outdoor Summer Table Setting

In Karen’s original image, she used different sized bottles to showcase her floral focal point. At first, I thought, “Where can I get clear bottles?”

Then I remembered that I had bought these amazing glass bottles to serve juice for my last mimosa bar. (That was one of my favorite jobs ever, by the way.)

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Decorations For Patio Tables

I also added some triangular glass vases that I already have. They add a touch of water to the arrangement.

Small Patio Ideas

I had big plans to have a cut flower garden this year, but a bad winter storm put me off.

Decorations For Patio Tables

I also had big plans to make a spring hoop wreath using the faux dahlias you see above. Yes, finally seeing dahlia on the blog, although I didn’t intend to!

I’m laughing to myself because you probably have no idea how hard it is to light taper candles in 95 degree heat and the wind blowing. Ha!

Decorations For Patio Tables

Small Yet Cool Patio Decor Ideas

I usually choose pewter or silver colored taper candle holders, but the spirit of this challenge is to buy your own home. These gold candle holders have been featured a lot on the blog over the years.

I discovered a new item for this summer tablescape: linen napkins. They drew my attention to homewares because they are so classic and versatile.

Decorations For Patio Tables

I’m using a wooden bread bowl here instead of the cutting board in the original Pinterest photo. (We usually serve rolls in our family.) I didn’t want to risk putting butter on the table in our Texas heat.

Diy Patio Furniture Plans

Last week, I shared a full tour of my outdoor summer decor, including the patio you see in the background. There you will find more ideas for creating a comfortable space for outdoor entertaining.

Decorations For Patio Tables

I hope you walk away with some new outdoor table decoration ideas and take on your own Pinterest challenge someday!

Don’t miss the chance to see what my friends are sharing for this Pinterest challenge! Cindy’s next trip will be at DIY Beautify. She is a DIY lover just like me!

Decorations For Patio Tables

Small Patio Decor Ideas

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Decorations For Patio Tables

Essential cookies are absolutely necessary for the website to function properly. This category only includes cookies that ensure basic functionality and security features of the website. These cookies do not store any personal information. I am so excited to share some outdoor spring table decorating ideas and inspiration with some of my talented friends. Spring is in full swing and I’m looking forward to warmer days and outdoor dining. Scroll down to the bottom for more inspirational posts!

Best Front Porch Decorating Ideas

One of my favorite places to set the table outside is in my backyard in Washington. Our patio area is surrounded by evergreens and is always so beautiful, especially in spring and summer.

Decorations For Patio Tables

So in love with these beautiful Giulietta Blue dishes and table runners and napkins in Crown Linen designs from Arte Italica. Napkins were specially designed to go with this dinnerware. (Sources are highlighted in the text and linked at the bottom of the post)

I cut blue and white hydrangeas and other greenery from my yard and picked up a few more flowers from the local market. The blue hydrangeas in my yard were in full bloom and matched the dinnerware perfectly.

Decorations For Patio Tables

The Best Outdoor Table Decor Ideas For Easy Summer Parties

I added some poppy seeds and greenery to the hydrangeas and arranged them in matching blue and white Giulietta pitchers to create this centerpiece. I put a layer of linen table runner under it and then wrapped some more hydrangeas around the bottom of the parker.

I had extra flowers from Arte Italica and another beautiful pitcher so I made another flower arrangement. You can never have enough flowers!

Decorations For Patio Tables

Then I added some candles and placed them around the table. I love the romantic atmosphere that candles add to an outdoor table.

Fall Table By Candlelight

I also added blue Giulietta pigeons to the center of the table. These are very pretty and I placed them on either side of the flowers.

Decorations For Patio Tables

Another thing I like to do is put dessert on the table. You can add the rest of the food if you want to serve it that way, or you can always do it buffet style. Adding dessert to the table is decorative and adds extra beauty to the table. I bought this lemon blueberry cheesecake and put it on a little pedestal cake stand and it was delicious!

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Don’t be afraid to mix and match dinnerware and wine glasses. I didn’t have enough of each item to create six identical settings so I mixed and matched what I could to create this table.

Decorations For Patio Tables

The Best Affordable Ideas For Patio Decor: Summer Tour

Are you wondering what I had for dinner? I made mine with Roast Beef Legs, Scalloped Potatoes with Fontina Cheese, Rustic Bread and a delicious salad.

I’m looking forward to many dinners outside this spring and summer! I hope you found this tablescape inspiring and full of ideas for how to style an outdoor spring tablescape. Thank you so much for stopping by! Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss a post! Sources for items I can link to are at the bottom of the post!

Decorations For Patio Tables

Check out the posts below from my talented friends! They share their outdoor table decorating ideas that are perfect for spring and Mother’s Day!

Spring Table Decor Ideas

The outdoor table was handmade by a local man in my own town. They made two of them for me for my son’s wedding a few years ago. Sorry, I have no way to add it! During the hot summer months, on our farm in Montana, we spend many evenings eating dinner on the porch. This often happens at the last minute as the weather turns quickly and we decide to eat our meals alfresco. I always love a nice table, but when time is short, I rely on a few easy ways to set a nice table in no time. Below are four tips for setting up an outdoor table quickly and beautifully.

Decorations For Patio Tables

And…I have eight additional summer tablescapes to share with you at the end of this post! Be sure to scroll to the bottom to see how my friends are setting up their tables this summer!

For a more formal look, I often use a tablecloth, but when time is short, I skip the tablecloth and put out some casual placemats instead. There is something simple and easy about place mats that give the table a less formal look

Decorations For Patio Tables

Outstanding Wedding Table Decorations

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