Decorative Bar Height Table Base

Decorative Bar Height Table Base – K24 Black Table Base Features: – Full cast iron construction – Suitable for stone tables – 10 3/4″ steel mounting plate – 24″ cast iron base

Perfect for any dining, restaurant, home or commercial setting, this all cast iron K Series table base is strong enough to support heavy tables like granite and marble without bending. This table stand features a 10 3/4″ steel mounting plate that sits on a beautifully crafted cast iron column to give your tables the strength and stability they need without sacrificing looks. Finished with a semi- gloss black powder coating that resists corrosion. , the K24 table base fits seamlessly into any coffee shop, restaurant, bar, pub or diner. The 24″ wide, 73 pound table base fits square tops up to 42″ , round tops up to 48″ or rectangular tops up to 36 x 42″, dining height (28″). Currently shipping in 1-3 business days.

Decorative Bar Height Table Base

Decorative Bar Height Table Base

* Please note that due to the extra strong cast iron construction of this table base, we cannot cut or extend the height of the post to create custom sizes. If you’re looking for counter or coffee table height, consider one of our other great options. If your table is bar height, you may need to downsize your table or choose a larger base. TB1635 35″ Table Base & WD36 36″ Wood Table Top Holds up to 42″ Top LB24 Low Back Counter 24″ Seat Height Chairs

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We have a wide selection of coasters and wooden tables. Choose from traditional or contemporary colors and styles.

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Decorative Bar Height Table Base

Is a company engaged in the wholesale sale of metal and forged furniture. We are located in northwest Rome, Ga. Our accessories division, The Grace Collection, imports and sells unique home accents and accessories for the home. We make bar counters, bakery shelves, wrought iron beds, dining chairs, dining room sets and wrought iron bar tables, as well as display cases. Our product range also includes kitchen tables, stools, hanging kitchen pots and bistro sets in a variety of styles, from bright to neoclassical and traditional. Our pot racks are a favorite in gourmet shops. The company was and employs skilled artisans and craftsmen. In addition to having state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, we still assemble and finish our product by hand. Many of our items are handmade or hand painted and very unique. We have built a reputation for introducing unique ideas into traditional products. You won’t find a better resource for attractive store fixtures and glass display cases for gift shops and specialty stores. The dining tray is very beautiful with thick glass tables. You’ll also find we’re a great resource for glass.

Delivery time: Our standard delivery time is 2-3 weeks. We can take orders for express console or bar tables for a small additional charge. We will do our best to process your order as quickly as possible. Stocks determine the exact delivery time.

Decorative Bar Height Table Base

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Shipping: Our routing department will make every effort to ship your order as quickly and cheaply as possible. However, the main focus is on handling. We use carriers that have a good record of damage-free and on-time delivery.

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Finishes: We have a wide range of wrought iron end tables and upholstery fabrics to suit any interior design. Plain black is very popular, but you’ll find that we effectively cover the range with the designer finishes we offer. Satin Black (SB) is a 10% premium to other premium finishes.

Decorative Bar Height Table Base

Drop Ship: We have a drop ship service for those accounts that wish to ship orders of wrought iron chairs and tables directly to retail customers and avoid inventory handling. Remember that home delivery is always more than just delivery to the table. Be sure to factor this into any price offered to the retail buyer. There is a modest fee for the boat service.

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