Decorative Coffee Tables Style Chinese

Decorative Coffee Tables Style Chinese – A Chinese-style table is a great choice for adding an exotic touch to a modern space. Whether you’re looking for a console table, coffee table, end table or dining set, there are several styles with specific features to suit your taste. The sheer number of options can be overwhelming when determining which piece is right for you and your situation, so we’ve compiled an extensive list of Chinese table designs to help you in your search.

When placed against a wall, an Asian console table can be paired with panels and art to make a big statement or create a focal point in a space.

Decorative Coffee Tables Style Chinese

Decorative Coffee Tables Style Chinese

Naturally, with a long and narrow face, the small depth of a traditional Chinese table makes it an ideal addition to a home area where space is limited. Although there are many unique shapes, the design of each table carries a certain intrigue related to its historical function. Although today these tables are mainly used for decoration, they were originally used in China for various functions such as religious worship and rituals, unfolding and writing long scrolls, and also holding large stringed instruments such as the Guzheng.

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One of the most recognizable types, the Chinese altar table, also known as the Chinese calligraphy table, has wings that extend outward and hang freely around the table’s legs. The altar style is often incorporated into Chinese prayer table designs, and older pieces may vary in size, with some being tall (functioning as a ritual altar). In terms of appearance, they can vary from complex, with many hand-carved details, to more simple with little decoration and clean, simple geometry. The legs can also be different, with some being straight, some decorated with horse hooves, and others connected with horizontal beams or carved panels.

Decorative Coffee Tables Style Chinese

The appearance of traditional Chinese altar tables can vary greatly. Many are unique with unique features such as hand-carved designs, but all have wings that extend over the table legs.

For those who are more price-conscious, a good production is available that may not carry the rich history of their older and older counterparts, but is no less amazing. These cheap articles often have a distressed finish that gives them an aged and worn look.

Decorative Coffee Tables Style Chinese

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For a more casual and modern look, a small Chinese folding table can be a better choice compared to an altar table. These types of tables also come in several types, but unlike regular altar tables, they usually have metal hardware as well as storage compartments and drawers. Their compact size also makes them more practical to place behind a floating couch or against a wall in a hallway or foyer.

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There are others that do not have any storage space or metal components, and have a simple design with solid wood construction and a flat matte or glossy lacquer finish. The choice of varnish provides a bold and more luxurious look. Many coats of clear or colored varnish provide a finish that is not only resistant to the elements (and spills), but also gives the furniture shine.

Decorative Coffee Tables Style Chinese

The narrow depth of the Chinese sofa makes it an excellent accent that does not take up much space in the room. Featured left: Black finish sofa table with Chinese cloud carvings. Featured right: Ming-style console table with polished brass hardware.

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If you want your coffee table to have storage options, the Ming style is very popular for its minimalist design, clean lines and round top hardware. Although the design and construction techniques of Ming style furniture date back hundreds of years, these pieces have a timeless beauty that has made them popular in homes around the world to this day.

Decorative Coffee Tables Style Chinese

Contemporary Chinese-style furniture that fits the profile of a classic coffee table was inspired by the design of the Chinese Kang table. The Kang tables that influenced the design of the oriental tea tables and coffee tables we see today originated in China during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) when they were generally used as chairs or beds at the level of chairs.

During the 17th and 18th centuries when tea and coffee tables became household items throughout the western world, the low height of the kang table made its design ideal for use as a side table in the living room or in front of the sofa. This unique historical perspective is important because the aesthetic elements seen in Ming-era kang tables are still frequently used in Asian table design today. This is a testament to the timeless quality and craftsmanship of these original tables.

Decorative Coffee Tables Style Chinese

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A variety of unique design elements of antique tables like these continue to inspire modern Asian coffee tables today.

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There are many unique choices in style, shape and size when choosing a Chinese coffee table. A popular choice is the Chinese dining table, a coffee table that has legs that curve outward and often ends in a horse-shaped leg. This type of table can also be found with different subtle hints of character or decoration. For example, some have a central surface with clear carved geometric patterns that are covered with glass. Some have hardwood tops but have beautiful carvings on the apron or legs. Minimal designs also dominate, and these do not have graphics or other intricate details for a matte or lacquer finish.

Decorative Coffee Tables Style Chinese

Another option with a look that is completely different from the dining table is the Chinese book table. As the name suggests, this table mimics the movement of the top surface which curves outwards and curves inwards to form the table legs. This type of table was developed during the Ming Dynasty with the rise of the elite class in China, where it would become an important part of academic studies. These people were often court officials whose entire lives were devoted to the pursuit of knowledge and were highly trained in many subjects such as philosophy, law, music, agriculture, and calligraphy.

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In addition to their more compact size, many small Chinese tables are influenced by the same design elements seen in coffee tables. Just as Chinese coffee tables evolved from a type of table (Kang) that was intended for sitting or lying down, Chinese side tables evolved from tall square chairs, which were intended to be used as a chair for one person. The high height of these chairs, together with their small top, made them ideal for use as a side table for drinks, lamps or books next to a couch or chair.

Decorative Coffee Tables Style Chinese

Nesting tables are a unique sub-category among side tables and are quite different from standard Chinese side tables. A set of nesting tables is a selected matched set of tables that vary in size from small to large. Unlike traditional Chinese side tables whose designs are influenced by chairs made during the Ming Dynasty, nesting table designs originate from Europe in the 18th century. They can function similarly to a regular side table, but with a unique effect. of sliding which also provides more surface area. It is the best choice for those who like the most simple and functional options.

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Left: Ming-style end table. Right: Rosewood tables with pristine natural lacquer and significant Chinese carved designs

Decorative Coffee Tables Style Chinese

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While rectangular sets are common, a round Chinese dinner table is a more traditional choice. In terms of eating habits, the round shape is preferred in China because it makes it easier to share food between individuals during a meal. These round tables often come with a lazy susan, which makes it easier to add food.

When it comes to materials and craftsmanship, the traditional Chinese dining set is unique and will serve as a beautiful display in any dining room. Often made of solid wood, these sets combine delicate and detailed carving work with carpentry techniques that ensure long-lasting durability. Among the wooden sets, those made of rosewood are the most sought after. For centuries, rosewood has been the wood of choice for Chinese carpenters because of its hard and distinct wood grain, natural floral scent and high density. Today, many types of rosewood are a rare product, so the price of furniture made of this material is constantly increasing.

Decorative Coffee Tables Style Chinese

Another popular style of Chinese dining set is the black lacquer design. These sets have a completely different aesthetic than the rosewood dining table, but no less stunning. Covered in multiple layers of glossy lacquer, they often feature intricate hand-painted details such as flowers and vines. In addition, they usually have mother-of-pearl carvings adorning the table top and the back of each chair.

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We hope that this article on the design of the Chinese table has helped to expand your view of the options available for your decoration. And if so, be sure to check out some of our other articles to help you out even more

Decorative Coffee Tables Style Chinese

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