Decorative Filler For Coffee Table

Decorative Filler For Coffee Table – Hello and welcome to the blog!! Today I’m sharing different ways to style your coffee table! This is something I struggle with all the time! One thing I have found to help me when styling my coffee table is to use a tray. I feel like it just narrows down the area you have to style and makes it more manageable. I use the bowls on my coffee tables and on my clients. I usually like to have a medium sized vase with a few stems in it, a few books with a smaller vase or candle on top and another decorative item if the venue has one.

You can also use a tray and a vase. A plate can have its own little moment, and then so can a vase. You can also make a smaller tray and then a stack of books on the side.

Decorative Filler For Coffee Table

Decorative Filler For Coffee Table

Another option is to use a bowl and just add a vase. I love this simple clean look and I love how the tray defines the place on the coffee table.

La Prosperite Brass Coral Reef Sculpture Decor

Another great option is to use an extra large vase with some real or fake greenery. It can make a big statement! Vases and greenery are always a nice decoration of the coffee table.

Decorative Filler For Coffee Table

You can also use a medium-sized vase and some decorative items. I always like to have a larger piece that is the “star” of the table, in this case a white vase. Vases and trunks never go out of fashion for styling a coffee table.

Another thing for me when making a coffee table is decorative boxes. I like to stack two decorative boxes of different sizes. My favorite place to find decorative boxes is Homegoods or Tjmaxx online. For this client’s table, I used a bowl with several decorative boxes, vases and vase fillers. It’s always nice to have amazing highlights on the table. That makes it more interesting. A great source for ornaments is Hobby Lobby.

Decorative Filler For Coffee Table

Diy Coffee Table

A coffee table style with only decorative pieces is a good choice for a coffee table style. As you can see here, the designer still has different heights, and the small vase of greenery is the ‘star’ piece. Think about whether your decorative pieces are compatible with each other. The combination of colors is always beautiful.

Using books to design a coffee table is probably a favorite element to use! Books are a great way to add different heights and serve as a base for a decorative element. I will often visit my local thrift store to find books that match the style on the coffee tables and shelves. You can buy the book for less than $2! Just make sure you like your waist and it matches your colors.

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Decorative Filler For Coffee Table

Interior design books are definitely my favorite coffee table books. I have many design books so it’s easy to style with them! I really love the look of a stack of books on a coffee table, as you can see here. It is always nice to have books in your home that bring joy. That’s why I tell you to fill your tables and shelves with your favorite books!

Tyne Aged White Reclaimed Pine … Curated On Ltk

Thanks for stopping by the blog. I hope this post helped you. Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss a post!! Have fun with the style of your coffee table. Everyone seems to be a little confused about Christmas decorating this year, and I’m no exception! I laid out my decorating plans and double checked them. However, I find that the coffee table sometimes takes a backseat to the decor train. If decorating your coffee table for Christmas is an area you struggle with, read on for some tips and ideas to help.

Decorative Filler For Coffee Table

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Every month, my friend Cindy from County Road 407 gives an “impossible” challenge to make a pin from Pinterest.

Decorative Filler For Coffee Table

Diy Furniture Restoration

We bloggers then set ourselves the task of putting together a look inspired by the original pin. Not interested in seeing a pin for inspiration now?

If you’re coming from my dear friend Paula at Virginia Sweet Pea, then you’ve already seen a beautiful rendition of this challenge. Isn’t her vintage Coke can coffee table absolutely adorable?

Decorative Filler For Coffee Table

Our inspiration this month was Jennifer at The Grace House Interiors. Jennifer shared a beautiful Christmas home tour full of rustic farmhouse touches, including this vintage chest vignette.

How I Made My Own Daisy Table

I love the Chip and Jo magnolia box. Carved Christmas trees and mixed berries are perfect in their simplicity.

Decorative Filler For Coffee Table

Taking Jennifer’s staples into consideration, I created a similar centerpiece using items I already had (or made). I then topped it off with a few other home decor pieces for a complete coffee table look.

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For my coffee table, I decided to make a trio that is a little narrower than usual. (I think I’m feeling a little “over the top” with the Christmas spirit this year.)

Decorative Filler For Coffee Table

Simple And Chic Spring Coffee Table Decor Ideas

My main theme for the coffee table was a rustic/woodland setting, so I incorporated a lot of natural elements into my display. Let’s tackle each of them with the decorating idea I have in mind.

Last month I shared a tutorial on making mini wooden houses. If you have a collection of items or one special accent that you want to highlight, a glass cloche is often the answer.

Decorative Filler For Coffee Table

What I love about cloche domes is that they invite visitors to take a closer look. It’s a scene within a scene.

Farmhouse Coffee Table Makeover

In the spirit of this monthly challenge, I wanted to include a box decorated for Christmas in my vignette. In a previous post, I talked about how I styled my coffee table by grouping items that complement each other.

Decorative Filler For Coffee Table

This wooden box was a housewarming gift from my late mother-in-law. I love the grooves and texture of this box and the simple mandala on the front.

Tip: Partially fill a box or box with wrapping paper, newspaper, or raffia to add height and stability.

Decorative Filler For Coffee Table

Mosaic Balls Glass Balls Decorative Orbs Table Centerpiece Balls For Bowls Filler Vases Dining Coffee Table Decor

After filling the box about halfway, I put together a small real cedar wreath along with my wooden trees.

Tip: Add touches of greenery and mix real and fake stems to add vibrancy to your coffee table decor.

Decorative Filler For Coffee Table

This year I saw a new wooden band saw designed by a friend of mine. Others are store bought. Can you guess which one I’m doing in the picture above?

Christmas Tray Ideas For Your Home!

I added some fake pine trunks, frosted berries and cones to finish off the centerpiece. So quick and easy!

Decorative Filler For Coffee Table

You’ll notice that I made the tree taller than the other coffee table accents to draw attention to the display. I also repeated the same berry stems on my Christmas tree in the background.

I often find that adding a small decorative sculpture to a coffee table makes a room cozier and more inviting. My reindeer sculpture added the perfect finishing touch to my woodland scene.

Decorative Filler For Coffee Table

Winter Living Room Inspiration And How To Decorate For This Season!

Red decorations and books also added some color to the scene. The coffee table is always complete with literature to enjoy.

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The basis of the entire exhibition coffee table was a modified Christmas stand. This helped break up the wooden textures and complement the neutral sofas, bringing the whole piece together with the living room.

Decorative Filler For Coffee Table

Don’t forget there’s more Christmas inspiration on this tour! Your next stop is Rachel at The Ponds Farmhouse. She is an expert at decorating beautifully with boxes!

Coffee Table Styling

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Decorative Filler For Coffee Table

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Decorative Filler For Coffee Table

How To Decorate A Coffee Table — The Decor Formula

Perfect design: The glass decorative ball is mosaic style and all glass layer in gradual color. A carefully crafted glass mirror can reflect light from different angles and you will be amazed looking at it from any angle. These decorative balls are full of modernity, by decorating them in your home you can create a unique atmosphere and

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