Decorative Glass Dining Table

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Decorative Glass Dining Table

Decorative Glass Dining Table

We are all familiar with wooden dining room tables – whether modern or rustic it seems that oak and cherry take the cake when it comes to dining design. But what about glass tables? If you love to entertain and love a sleek, contemporary finish, you’ll need these styles to add just the right amount of pop to your home. Check out all 40 of these sparkling glass dining room tables!

Round Glass Dining Table With Wood Base

Available in a variety of finishes from metal to copper, the rectangular dining room table may not be the most family-friendly but it’s a charm for those who like to entertain and have a place to focus.

Decorative Glass Dining Table

This cool glass beauty from designer Luigi Semeraro will knock your socks off right in your dining room. We love the architectural finish of the base and the polished glass top.

With Swedish modernism, this table is full of youthful, fun and contemporary appeal. We love the white legs and the natural wood and cream chairs to compliment it..

Decorative Glass Dining Table

Sold Price: Decorative Metal Base Glass Top Cafe Dining Table. Legs

The style behind this glass table is the first thing we notice and we love its contemporary yet fresh and new look. This is a great example of how perfect glass can be when you experiment with interior design.

Check out this extra long dining table made for large families and large spaces and large holiday meals. The background here is very fresh and unique as well as the great white color and graphic style.

Decorative Glass Dining Table

There is something truly special about this glass and mirrored table. It has a retro vibe, can fit into a cottage-esque scheme but also provides a solid foundation to a contemporary space.

Must Try Small Dining Room Decorating Ideas

Maybe frosted, silent glass is more your style. If so, this layered beauty can bring back the 90s style to your home making it trendy and comfortable.

Decorative Glass Dining Table

The true value of every dining room installation is what makes it unique and special. A glass table paired with fairy chairs can create a very impressive combination..

If you’re looking for a little drama, we’ve found the slickest setup around. Look at a glass table that stands out even when surrounded by big, big black chairs.

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Decorative Glass Dining Table

Dining Table Centrepiece Ideas For All Tables

Perhaps if you are looking for a rectangular table to accommodate a small family, this may be your choice! It’s subtle, it’s small but it still packs a punch in style.

With a solid wood base, a large oval top, and a special that combines both a modern feel and natural elements, this “Crystal” table is one of my personal favorites on the list. Think of all the ways you can accessorize it and fit it into your own home!

Decorative Glass Dining Table

This oval dining room table is available in gray which is a beautiful addition to any home with a neutral background. Luckily, you can get this look in other sizes too!.

Glass Dining Table Set, Furniture & Home Living, Home Decor, Vases & Decorative Bowls On Carousell

This is the oval dining table built on some gold legs that makes the room bright and beautiful with a touch of shine and full of femininity..

Decorative Glass Dining Table

We love the power of the base and the simple power on this thing. And again, it can be stylish and used in many home styles and interiors.

The sculptural base of this glass dining room table stands on its own. And taking acrylic chairs with you makes a beautiful and amazing arrangement for you.

Decorative Glass Dining Table

How To Decorate A Round Dining Table

How can you not fall in love with this oval beauty? With black, rugged legs and a padded seat for comfortable eating, it has now become a family favorite.

Greek inspired legs take center stage in the modern dining room. And remember when you are buying a new table, imagine the elements around you to make it a perfect experience.

Decorative Glass Dining Table

Sometimes you can DIY your own glass table by taking tempered glass and customizing its base. This Mediterranean inspired piece is a great example of what you can create!.

Round Marble Dining Table Top Mosaic Art Hallway Decor Table For Decor 48 Inches

This is another standout item we want to leave about. Especially since every table looks like a piece of art rather than something that works for your home.

Decorative Glass Dining Table

Ultra modern and super chic, this small oval table will do the job while adding a posh essence to your home. Add space with simplicity and fashion-forward power.

If you don’t have that much space, you can look at small glass tables like stained glass beauty that is both modern and elegant. We love the white chairs too..

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Decorative Glass Dining Table

Pierre Vandel Dining Table, Oval Plate Moulded Glass On A Verdigris And Gilt Leaf Mounted Conforming Base, 202cm X 111cm X 76cm H

With the baroque crystal base and glass top, you get a great luxury look for your dining room. Revamp your entertaining space with something feminine and amazing..

Another dark thing that works in more advanced settings. What’s interesting here is how well this glass table works with different seating options.

Decorative Glass Dining Table

Rectangular tables usually seem to seat only four people here or there, but you can find square designs that are great designs. And we love it, just look at the integration happening here.

Online Luxury & Designer Furniture Shop In Malaysia

This is the creativity and innovation when it comes to square tables. And this whole system is perfect for those who are short on space and looking for a solution to combine in style.

Decorative Glass Dining Table

When you decide on a glass table, make sure you like it with its base because that will be the focus of the whole design. Just look at the unique, modern piece!

Progress but with a wooden base you get more style and family importance. It can be used every day for the family, just for the holidays, or for every dinner you decide to throw.

Decorative Glass Dining Table

Seater Wrought Iron & Glass Dining Table & Chairs

This glass dining room table has a geometric appeal and shape. So, it works for those who are going for a modern look and a sleek vision..

Not all items of glass need to have a highly fashionable look about you or your body. You can make the glass in a variety of styles as well as a more elegant version.

Decorative Glass Dining Table

This table combines both metal and glass to create something that is very functional but also adds a lot of timeless style and movement.

Modern Dining Table With Two Chairs, Panorama Stock Image

The metal base of this design can be in a golden tone that will shine and add more luxury to your beautiful home. It is perfect for more intimate parties and small spaces.

Decorative Glass Dining Table

This is one that is sure to wow any guests you decide to take out for dinner. Made with both artistic vision and amazing design, it is one of the most unique in the list.

A round glass dining room table with a rich, black finish. It is a blend of contemporary and modern with a little bit of tradition. And we love the endless addition of red and beige chairs!.

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Decorative Glass Dining Table

How To Decorate A Glass Dining Table [7 Awesome Ideas!]

There is something very rich and retro going on in this gorgeous design. While we love the comfortable chairs and the size of the piece, a round table designed for just over four can be really special.

Mixing and matching styles and styles is another fun here. From funky, retro modern chairs to metal bases and dark glass; It is also a fun spin on the classic style.

Decorative Glass Dining Table

What’s great about glass tables is that you can easily see the details of the legs and feet. And even if it is small as you see here, it has an attractive design.

World Menagerie Glass Decorative Bowl & Reviews

This is another classic table that will stand the test of time and style changes. Round tables are also great for dinner parties and socializing.

Decorative Glass Dining Table

And now we have another gaming platform that can really shake up the dining room. The base becomes the art and the top becomes the work.

If you are looking for vintage inspired pieces, see what you can find in your search. You can add glass for a contemporary touch to your vintage style.

Decorative Glass Dining Table

Step Inside 47 Celebrity Dining Rooms

This glass top table is one of our favorites because it combines the glitz of a beautiful, photo-ready home but also sits atop a wooden frame giving it a more comfortable and welcoming style. Hosting may earn a commission for purchases made through links. on our website. See our Disclosure Policy.

Presentation is an important element in any recipe – after all the dish is first pleasing to the eye. This concept can be extended to the entire atmosphere of the dining room where the ambiance and atmosphere set the tone before anyone picks up a fork. Glass top dining tables are the focal point of this product spotlight. Glass surfaces feel clean, sophisticated and streamlined. If it is visible, a glass table can improve the decorative effect of your background. Glass tables often have a modern style, but this collection has many styles for an interior look.

Decorative Glass Dining Table

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