Decorative Glass Outdoor Table Tops

Decorative Glass Outdoor Table Tops – Inspired by nature, these original mosaic tables are true works of art. Jade Glass mosaic surfaces are made from up to 2,000 hand-cut tiles of colored glass and polished marble, and are created using a unique process that leaves the top and sides perfectly smooth. Although there are many imitations, none can compare to the vibrant colors or the craftsmanship of these artistic mosaic creations. Please note that the measurements given are approximate, as with all cement based products, the stone may expand or contract slightly due to humidity or moisture.

Our mosaic tables are made from our own blend of stone, colored glass and marble. As a result, they are very durable for years to come in rain and shine. However, we recommend that you bring the tables between freeze/thaw cycles as this can cause unnecessary stress on the top. Our plinths are made of iron or aluminum and have a thick powder coating for weather protection. In areas with high oxidation, it is best to order an aluminum table that will not corrode.

Decorative Glass Outdoor Table Tops

Decorative Glass Outdoor Table Tops

Drilling concrete has negative long term effects – we recommend silicone for those who want to fix the top to the base – most don’t and enjoy the flexibility (see care and maintenance manual for instructions).

Best Patio Ideas For 2023

From an aesthetic point of view, there is no difference. Aluminum does not rust, but iron does. If you live in a climate that is usually very wet and humid, we recommend that you purchase an aluminum base. Aluminum will withstand these weather conditions so you can enjoy your table for years to come!

Decorative Glass Outdoor Table Tops

Shipping: Our gorgeous mosaic furniture is handmade, so no two pieces are exactly alike, all shapes, sizes and colors will vary slightly. The production process usually takes about 3-4 weeks, but currently it takes about 6-8 weeks due to the shortage of raw materials, port congestion and back orders.

Once the product is placed on the production schedule, we will notify you by email of the manufacturer’s estimated shipping date. Remember, this date is just that: your best “guess”. We cannot guarantee how long it will take to produce your order, but we will do our best to notify you of any unexpected delays.

Decorative Glass Outdoor Table Tops

Modern Coffee Table With Three Tops

Changes/Cancellations: We guarantee a beautiful, quality product every time, but if you change your mind, you have the option to change or cancel your order within 48 hours of receiving confirmation. After this 48-hour period, we begin processing the raw materials and orders cannot be modified or canceled.

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Returns: As each piece is made exclusively for you when you place your order, we cannot accept returns. Browse this collection of the best DIY table ideas for your patio or deck. Make the most of your outdoor space with these creative patio table ideas.

Decorative Glass Outdoor Table Tops

The list includes a variety of outdoor table ideas, from simple outdoor patio tables made from recycled materials to homemade tables made from construction blueprints. Or simply update an old desk with a creative desk. There are tables in all styles, from beautiful and elegant to rustic and cool. Whether you’re looking for a simple outdoor dining table or an outdoor farmhouse table, you’re sure to find the perfect idea here. There are even ideas for outdoor entertaining, with outdoor bar tables and tables that double as a fire pit. . Most of these DIY tables can be assembled with just a few tools and materials.

Best Outdoor Table: Big, Small And Folding Styles

The best way to have a unique outdoor table, perfectly adapted to your outdoor space and perfectly to your style, is to build it yourself. I have collected some of the best ideas for DIY tables for you. There are projects for beginners and some that also require some woodworking experience. Click the link below each image and you’ll discover full instructions and step-by-step tutorials for all tables.

Decorative Glass Outdoor Table Tops

It’s a quick and cheap table (it only costs about $30 to make). It’s a perfect project for beginners. Just follow the plans with one of the recommended types of wood and you’ll have a beautiful outdoor table with a custom top in no time.

This picnic table is very cute and very functional. You can fold it up and take it with you for play days at the park. The wooden table is very beautiful.

Decorative Glass Outdoor Table Tops

Can You Make A Mosaic Table Top On A Glass Table?

This smart little porch coffee table has a sturdy look and is easy to assemble.

What a great table for rich dinners outside on the patio. This dining table with integrated ice tray is perfect for entertaining.

Decorative Glass Outdoor Table Tops

If you don’t have room for a large dining table, but like the idea of ​​a built-in ice bucket, this side table is a great idea for you. Building this outdoor bar will be the talk of your garden parties.

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Glass Coffee Table Decorating Ideas: How To Style Glass Coffee Table In 3 Ways

Something old and something new. This beautiful outdoor table has a concrete table that is combined with an old table base. I love this round table idea.

Decorative Glass Outdoor Table Tops

You only need a few pieces of 2×4 to create this beautiful side table. Paint it a cheerful color and it will look great in your garden.

How cute is this DIY cable management table. It’s hard to believe it’s completely handmade (even the cable winding is built-in). The beautiful French insole on the top makes it even more perfect.

Decorative Glass Outdoor Table Tops

Mosaic Tile Table Zellige Tile Table Moroccan Handcrafted

Let’s not forget the garden friends. With some scrap wood, you can totally make this cute squirrel feeder (birds will love it too).

If you have your own DIY mojo, why not tackle this project. Complete construction of an outdoor dining table with matching benches. I like the contrast of the wood color of the table with the background.

Decorative Glass Outdoor Table Tops

Let me give you some ideas on how you can make an inexpensive patio table that has a nice rustic look. Use reclaimed materials and reclaimed wood for your table and you’ll have a functional, fresh, and rustic table for your outdoor space.

How To Make A Mosaic Table Top: 15 Steps (with Pictures)

Don’t throw away the old garden gate, turn it into this beautiful sturdy table for your garden table.

Decorative Glass Outdoor Table Tops

This concrete slab table is complete. I love the rustic look of the concrete combined with the stained wood base.

Can you believe this table is made of pallet wood? I didn’t think pallet wood could look so pretty, but I love this little table with a glass top. It’s a perfect example of how beautiful and functional DIY outdoor furniture can be.

Decorative Glass Outdoor Table Tops

Buy Glass Kitchen & Dining Room Tables Online At Overstock

From pieces of reclaimed wood to a beautiful table. This DIY patio table is so beautiful and it’s hard to imagine that it was all junk before the DIY project.

Concrete pavers are a simple but effective table in this coffee table and patio table. You can find these paving stones at any hardware store.

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Decorative Glass Outdoor Table Tops

For all wood lovers, this table shows all the beautiful colors of the different types of wood stains. Beautiful rustic garden table with matching bench.

Round Glass Dining Room Tables That Add Sophistication To Mealtime

Update an old garden table with scrap pallet wood and add a functional galvanized steel top for the perfect DIY bench.

Decorative Glass Outdoor Table Tops

Combine a thrift store with some pallet slats to create this beautiful table for your patio.

Another great way to use pallet wood: Create a round table and place it on top of a metal box to create the perfect outdoor coffee table.

Decorative Glass Outdoor Table Tops

Supersalone & Fuorisalone 2021: Colour Blocked Tables

If your old table gets a little dirty and too rustic: create a new wooden cover to make a new table.

Back to the old look. This DIY outdoor dining table is made of new wood, but with the right treatment, it is made to look rustic and aged.

Decorative Glass Outdoor Table Tops

If you have an old garden table that is in desperate need of a little makeover, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of the best ideas for beautiful countertops that you can make yourself from an old table.

Glass Top For Bar And Restaurant Tables

With a beautiful tile top and a coat of paint for the legs, this patio coffee table is ready for years of good life in the garden.

Decorative Glass Outdoor Table Tops

Let’s have some fun and games. Paint the checkerboard on the table and you’re ready for summer nights full of partying on the deck.

When making a new table for your old table, why not a nice chevron style table?

Decorative Glass Outdoor Table Tops

Outdoor Mosaic Tables

This project is for the patient crafters among us: a DIY mosaic table with a beautiful floral print.

I love this quick and fun update that turns a small chair into a unique side table. Who would think to use glow-in-the-dark paint for a small patio table?

Decorative Glass Outdoor Table Tops

This new table for an old table is perfect if you like rustic decor. The gray look of this herringbone top is very pretty.

Dining Room Table Tops

A collection of sea glass is used to create this small circle

Decorative Glass Outdoor Table Tops

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