Decorative Jewels For Decorating Tables

Decorative Jewels For Decorating Tables – Use jewels, geodes and geodes as the perfect color palette for a beautiful, dramatic wedding theme. From emerald to ruby, turquoise to sapphire; The color combinations are endless. Gemstone tones work well in wedding receptions, especially when paired with the right flowers.

The team at Don Florito Flowers have used the theme gemstones for this beautiful setting that swept us off our feet. Designer Hidde Klink: “Diamonds have become popular now that we all know about ourselves. The power of precious stones is beneficial to people. With this shoot we want to encourage couples and translate love stories into beautiful flowers. “

Decorative Jewels For Decorating Tables

Decorative Jewels For Decorating Tables

In this picture, the team has chosen different types of Clematis, Asters, Delphinium, Talinum ‘Long John’, Agapanthus, Dianthus and Scabiosa (a.o.) to match their gemstone color theme and create a white, airy and natural environment. Hidde said: “These flowers suit him well because of their color, their body and the heart they express. Cameraman Yara Brouwer then captured the beautiful structure on film.

Jewel Tones And Interior Design

“Flowers made in precious tones are incredibly versatile. Depending on what you combine sapphire-colored flowers with, the color can be spring or warm and lush for autumn or winter.

Decorative Jewels For Decorating Tables

Get some tips from the masters and wow your wedding guests with a stone-like table setting with 5 tips:

Choose some elements in the room that you want to expand and leave. In this room in the Mayor Manor in Amsterdam, Hidde and his team have chosen the mantelpiece and table and decorated them as well as possible.

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Decorative Jewels For Decorating Tables

Dinner Party! Tips For Your Festive Table Decoration

Diamonds come in so many shades and tones that it can be lost in possibilities. Hidde chose a color palette of red, purple, blue and pink and worked from there. The result: a stunning room with many decorations, but not equally well.

You have your color palette, your gems, your flowers. It’s time to bring details: only beautiful colored candles, dishes together in hot colors, and specially designed wedding menus and places compatible with the details.

Decorative Jewels For Decorating Tables

The power of gems and crystals has an impact on people. They are expected to promote positive energy. Would be great to balance out the weird mom at the dinner table 😉

Mini Diamond Table Scatter Confetti Party Decorations (800 Pieces) 4 Carat/8mm Jewels By Super Z Outlet

Surprise the guests at the end of the wedding with a special diamond chosen for that person. The perfect wedding giveaway!

Decorative Jewels For Decorating Tables

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