Decorative Painting Ideas For A Half Round Table

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Whether you’re a fan of minimalism or have the perfect theme to express your personality, there’s something many designers often overlook. It’s right at the entrance. This space sets the mood of your home, so be stylish from the moment your guests walk through your front door. The entrance table is a great way to organize your essentials, space and decorate it with your favorite accent pieces to welcome you into your home. We met with renowned interior designer Ariel Okin for expert advice on creating a stylish porch.

Decorative Painting Ideas For A Half Round Table

Decorative Painting Ideas For A Half Round Table

Whether your style is traditional, feminine, contemporary or in-between, be inspired and transform your space with this entry table decoration.

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See also plant parents. Placing plants and leaves on the entry table adds an organic element to the space. To balance the height of tall plants, add small decorations like this rustic bowl and a pile of short books. “Living objects always make home feel like home. It’s a thoughtful gesture that someone lives here,” says Okin.

Decorative Painting Ideas For A Half Round Table

If you live in an apartment or have limited space, choose furniture with built-in cabinets to display decorative items on the surface and use drawers for other essentials. “This is the best way to minimize disruption in high-traffic areas,” says Okin. As your travel know-how or your collection of favorite pieces grows, this is a great item to display on your entrance table.

“Everyone likes to take one last look inside before they step out the door,” says Okin. “Besides, mirrors reflect light, making the space appear larger.” Classic mirrors add class with a modern touch, but for last-minute style checks (and selfies, of course), a large square mirror is better. Make the mirror shine and keep everything else simple. Matching table lamps, book collections and other small decorative items are the perfect complement to the star of your space.

Decorative Painting Ideas For A Half Round Table

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If you’re not sure how to decorate, try creating a balanced display on your porch. “Symmetry is not as important as overall balance,” says Okin. “For example, use a heavier coffee table book or decorative box with a lighter vase or a thin framed brass mirror. Duality is what makes the interior really interesting.” In this well-coordinated space, the designers kept it simple with matching scones, lush vases and an entrance table with characters.

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Overview lamps bring this trendy lobby to life. Featuring gold home accessories, this space boasts just the right amount of glamor without sacrificing a sleek, clean look. “Materials such as brass, leucite, leather and marble always add glamor to certain ‘Hollywood Regency’ spaces,” says Okin.

Decorative Painting Ideas For A Half Round Table

When planning your space, choose a color scheme that you want to go home with every day. Then change the ramp accordingly. A small pile of books, drawings, or decorative accents are an easy way to incorporate a color scheme. “I’m a snobby when it comes to chocchi at home, but for anyone who wants a spotless and well-groomed look, pick a color palette that complements the rest of the house,” says Okin.

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As far as we know, this whimsical entrance is the perfect place to experiment with darker colors. Black, gold and gray colors keep the table decoration cohesive without competing with bold wallpaper. “A nice dark wallpaper can always do the trick to make an entrance more interesting,” Okin points out.

Decorative Painting Ideas For A Half Round Table

Make the most of a small space with a hall table made of transparent material such as glass. To keep the vignette simple, decorate it with an elegant lamp, a few small plants and a traditional mirror. “Lucite and acrylic plates disappear wherever they are placed,” says Okin. “If you’re trying to create the illusion of more space, it’s always a good choice for that scenario.”

If you hate maximalism, take a hint from Scandinavian design. “Keep your palette clean and solid, and minimize accessories for a sleek, clean look.” This item is a great inspiration for sticking with the basics. Styles are required in this declaration space.

Decorative Painting Ideas For A Half Round Table

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For an elegant and classic look, keep your entryway table simple with a fresh cut flower vase. This space is decorated with traditional double lamps that separate the space between the kitchen and living room, and neutral interior colors that harmonize with the entire room. To make the table stand out without being overly expressive, the designers opted for a slightly darker gray paint color than the walls.

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There is nothing like entering a home that expresses the personal charm of the homeowner. This textured black entry table adds storage space for essentials while creating space to display unique items. There are a lot of colors in a small space, but shades like burnt orange blend throughout the décor to make the lighter colors stand out while maintaining consistency.

Decorative Painting Ideas For A Half Round Table

If you’re lucky enough to have a unique architecture at the entrance, choose a table that exaggerates these elements while paying attention to the decor. This curved entry table accentuates the circular staircase while blending the walls and white tones. The striped pattern contrasts with the background and adds texture to a striking, modern space.

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Neutral color schemes add an earthy element to this welcoming entrance. A simple white and warm-toned clay vase, an old wooden table and a woven basket unite the space. Add texture to your space with dried flowers and painted accents to give your space a natural look.

Decorative Painting Ideas For A Half Round Table

This wood effect entry table is the perfect complement to the all-white design of this entryway. A soft pink tone glows warmly on a light background with a harmonious color scheme. A woven basket and fresh flowers add texture to a calm space.

When choosing a frame for wall art in an all-white space, choose a tone that blends with other accents and colors inside the artwork.

Decorative Painting Ideas For A Half Round Table

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It’s easy to get lost in the architecture of this stunning space, but the large wall art draws attention to the room, making this entryway both stylish and attractive. The bold, dark tones of the picture contrast with the neutral tones, and the porch table is a perfect match for the porch and home interior. The simple addition of a white vase can create a clean, modern space without feeling baggy.

Maximizers, Rejoice: Doorways are great places to style your favorite products. “Be careful with your choices, but if you like every piece, it will come out,” says Okin. “Your character will also shine through the choices. I always want a little kitsch!” Use the entry table to prominently display your most treasured items and balance the different shapes and sizes to tie the look together.

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Decorative Painting Ideas For A Half Round Table

This stylish entry table creates the perfect setting to showcase your unique collection of personal treasures. The glossy top reflects each piece of sequins while blending with the white walls of the space. Wooden wall hangings complement the natural tones of the table drawers, and the creatively placed hardware adds a contemporary design to the chic yet bohemian space.

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This simple entry table creates a guideline along the wall leading to the focal point: a bright pink chair full of personality. Keeping table decorations to a minimum adds interest but does not take away the focus of the room. If you’re making a colorful statement in front of your house, choose soft colors that go well with lighter tones like this old blue table.

Decorative Painting Ideas For A Half Round Table

Mid-Century Modern Deco is a timeless design that transcends generations. This warm wooden table adds ample storage space for keys, wallets, hats, gloves and any other items you may need next to your door, without sacrificing a single drop of style. Choose a warm wooden frame that blends with the natural texture of the table to complete the design with natural elements.

This entrance table is unlike any other. Natural wood, with its textured grain perfectly intact, wraps around a small chair that anyone will want to sit on. Large gold leaf mirrors add a dramatic element that blends earthy decor with dazzling light. Painting is a quick and inexpensive way to refresh worn out walls, floors and rooms in your home.

Decorative Painting Ideas For A Half Round Table

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Painting is a quick and inexpensive way to bring your home to life. From decorating ideas for kitchen walls to adding visual interest to your bathroom, we’ve put together these ideas to inspire your next home decor project.

With a bit of paint and some quirky ideas, Ho Hum Lobby can be the focal point. Arlene and Seth Perlmutter made a patchwork quilt armed with five half-filled latex cans.

Decorative Painting Ideas For A Half Round Table

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