Decorative Plant Tables

Decorative Plant Tables – Planters are a great way to bring functional decor indoors or outdoors. With summer just around the corner, we’ve compiled a list of 13 different modern plants.

1. With a unique geometric design, this black metal planter will effortlessly protect your ceramic plant and decorate your home at the same time.

Decorative Plant Tables

Decorative Plant Tables

2. Mid-century inspired, this modern yellow wire plant stand is beautiful and sturdy, perfect for any indoor or outdoor plant.

Diy Fake Plant Decor Tutorial

5. This black iron planter is perfect for the simplest home, with its clean lines taking center stage.

Decorative Plant Tables

7. Inspired by diamonds, these modern white metal units are large, allowing plants to grow and the organic packaging of the structure.

8. When the wooden platform is easy to move, the pot can be placed on top or placed directly on the light blue iron.

Decorative Plant Tables

A Decorative Ladder Plant Stand To Grow Several Plants Together Vertically. Stock Image

9. Made for indoors only, this handmade walnut planter won’t hold your plants outside.

11.Minimal in design and small size, this yellow steel triangle stand is suitable for small plants and plants.

Decorative Plant Tables

12. A cylindrical white ceramic pot sits on this unique walnut planter stand. Mid-century inspired, these planters are perfect for any home decor.

Indoor Plant Stands That Go With Any Style Of Decor

13. The legs of this black iron planter have a unique rounded shape to create a modern design. The pot can be placed on a natural pine wood platform or placed directly inside the chair. Making a DIY planter is a fun way to express your creativity. Plants help keep the air in your garden and lawn clean. Also, the presentation of the plant is important.

Decorative Plant Tables

Follow your favorite style and see where it takes you. You may have a place and you just haven’t seen it.

When choosing a planter for your indoor garden and landscaping, there are three main aspects to consider: species, material and size, and we will look at each of them.

Decorative Plant Tables

Bamboo Rolling 6 Tier Plant Stand Rack Multiple Flower Pot Holder Shelf Indoor Outdoor Planter Display Shelving Unit For Patio Garden Corner Balcony Living Room

Here is a list of the coolest DIY plants handpicked by our team of home decor experts.

This project from Camillestyles combines copper and concrete. If you want to plant three plants like in the picture, you need three buckets, copper pipe, pipe cap, concrete mix, glue, tape and a cup.

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Decorative Plant Tables

If you need a factory outlet project, check out Themerry Thought. You should find a lamp with a wire connecting the top and bottom. While everything is easy, this is the hardest part.

Vintage Wood Plant Stand Balcony Flower Pot Ladder Shelf Outdoor Garden Stand Planter Indoor Plants Pots Home Storage Rack Decor

In addition to installing the lights, this metal planter requires wire cutters and spray paint if you want to change the color of the planter.

Decorative Plant Tables

You want to create the best plant position possible, so keep things simple and you will be successful. Simplicity defines the beautiful indoor planters we found at ajoyfulriot. The materials needed to build this metal plant include copper pipes, pipe cutters, marble tiles, and strong glue.

The first step is to determine the height of the planter and cut the pipe to size. That way you can start making the frame and place the marble on it.

Decorative Plant Tables

How To Build An Easy Modern Plant Stand

If you need to highlight your beautiful plants in an elegant but simple way, a wooden plant stand is the answer. For the planter, you’ll need a cedar plank for your legs, some stain for the base, sandpaper, decking, and wood glue.

After cutting the legs, sand the ends. Cut holes in its sides so you can add an x-shaped base. Secure the elements with glue. For your final step, mark your new location. .

Decorative Plant Tables

Another option is to repurpose what you no longer use in your home. For example, a piano chair. You get a seat, find a good spot for it and plant a plant on it. You can decorate it first, you can even draw it. .

Buy Timeyard Mid Century Plant Stand

Check out this dachshund grower. It is perfect for a small indoor garden. It used to be a dog kennel. It is made of metal and looks interesting regardless of its function. The two bowls in this example are filled with different types of white stones. .

Decorative Plant Tables

There are many types of plants in this plant. You can do this with an Ikea PS plant stand, three wooden boards, some glue and clips.

Optionally, you can customize the setting with sprinkles and nuts. Like this, you can make simple and elegant accessories for your home. Learn more about the Sugarandcloth project.

Decorative Plant Tables

Latitude RunĀ® 6 Tier Curved Plant Stand With Hanger & Reviews

If you are looking for a wildflower garden with a variety of plants in one location, the species featured on Rufflesandtruffles are a great choice. This series of plant stand designs is best for a garden or outdoor space, although you can adapt it indoors as well.

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Materials needed include two ladder rungs, five plant boxes, wooden boards, 4 bolts, 4 nuts, 8 washers, 28 drill bits, and a drill.

Decorative Plant Tables

Wooden planters are simple, versatile, and very easy to make at Vintagerevivals. You can make it from some square wooden dowels and some wood glue, nails or screws.

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The goal is to create a cube-shaped planter that fits the size planter you want. So, if you have a planner, use it as a reference.

Decorative Plant Tables

This is an example of a medieval plant. It is tall and has a small platform on the top and bottom shelves where you can display two planters. You can create this structure to give it a look and style.

Making indoor plants means having a variety of plants, and not as many as you might think. If you want small spaces that look good for your plants, you will enjoy the designs offered by Sugar and Garment.

Decorative Plant Tables

Christmas Gift Garden Decor Plant Stand For Her Garden Home Decor Iron Plant Stand Stand Mid Century Arrow Plant Stands Home & Living

You can do this with a small ribbon foot. You can give them the look you want with stain and tape. Painting them a fun color is also an option.

There are also ready-made plant stands and sprays for rare plants. You can give yourself a beautiful metallic look or choose a bold and fun color.

Decorative Plant Tables

Have you ever thought of using a paper towel holder for something other than its intended purpose? There are many fun ways to repurpose them, and one of them involves making a planter table.

Decorative 5 Tier Bamboo Tall Plant Stand Rack Holder Wood Adjustable Indoor Pack Of 2

You will need three metal paper towels for the table legs. They look like hairpins, but they are different and unique. Check out Crafts to learn more about their designs.

Decorative Plant Tables

This beautiful and modern looking planter is easy to make because it is spray painted and has a recycled tomato cage that can be placed on a plant.

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You can paint your own version of this unit in whatever color you think best suits your decor. You can find more details about this simple project if you need it.

Decorative Plant Tables

Tier Plant Stand Flower Pot Display Garden Balcony Rack, Furniture & Home Living, Home Decor, Vases & Decorative Bowls On Carousell

You can create a modern unit with a fan or solid wood to house different plants. If you have space, you can keep different plants for different plants. This theme design has a round base.

A natural, raw finish looks great, but there are other options. See how to make it.

Decorative Plant Tables

This planter looks like a stack of books because it’s made of books. Each book is wrapped in a different color. The books are glued together to form a pile.

Exclusive Plant Stand Ideas To Introduce Into Your Interior

This is a fun idea and a great way to repurpose a bunch of old books. If you want to show the cover, you can skip the photo part and leave the books as they are. Visit akailochiclife for more details.

Decorative Plant Tables

The planters featured on Shanty-2-chic are simple, they’re made of wood, and they look great in a hallway. If you have space, you can bring it indoors and display it in the corner, next to the sofa or in the hallway.

If there are specific types of plant pots you want to use, the bench can be adapted to them.

Decorative Plant Tables

Diy Plant Stand Tutorials: 3 Creative Hardware Hacks

Tiered planters are great because they can hold many different types of plants if you have a collection that you want to display. This design has two shelves and is made of wood.

It may include multiple shelves or have different proportions. However, we like the simplicity of this design. If you want to see how this is done, there is a tutorial on anikasdiylife that you can check out.

Decorative Plant Tables

There are different materials that can be used to make concrete, concrete is one of them. The biggest advantage is that you can shape it however you want.

Indoor Plant Decor: Plant Styling A Table

The planter has a thick concrete top and three slender wooden legs. A plastic bucket mold and very good

Decorative Plant Tables

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