Decorative Screws For Table Top

Decorative Screws For Table Top – I recently had a question from a customer about the cracking of his solid wood countertop. He built the table top out of smooth white oak and wanted to find out what caused the crack and hopefully how to fix it. Fortunately, the fix is ​​simple (just a bit of glue and clamps), but the root cause of the problem really had to be identified, otherwise the table top will likely break again.

When he sent me pictures of the crack, he also sent me pictures of how he attached it to the cabinets, which was very helpful. A vintage metal cabinet has a bracket at each corner with a hole large enough for a bolt, but not large enough to allow movement at the top. In this case, the wood was stuck in place and had no choice but to split as it contracted in width.

Decorative Screws For Table Top

Decorative Screws For Table Top

My recommendation was to simply enlarge the holes in the metal bracket and add a washer or use a large heel bolt to allow the top to move from side to side to hold it down. The secret is to tighten the screws just enough to hold the worktop in place, but loose enough to allow it to move when the wood starts to pull.

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This solution was pretty simple, but only because I had seen it many times before and knew what caused it. Without understanding how the tree moves, the diagnosis would not be so obvious. Although most people don’t care about wood movement as much as I do, I always try to get them to understand the basic premise that wood moves more widthwise than lengthwise, and that movement must be accounted for.

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Decorative Screws For Table Top

In woodworking in general, this disproportion of movement is called a “cross situation”, when two pieces of wood are joined together perpendicular to each other and then you want to pull in opposite directions. It happens all the time in furniture construction and needs to be addressed to avoid catastrophic damage. In the example above, the configuration was the same as the cross grain, since the metal case does not change in any way as the wood moves in width.

When attaching any type of wooden tabletop, whether it is a wooden cabinet tabletop or a tabletop to a base, allow the tabletop to move, otherwise it may come off. The good news is that there is more than one way to attach the top and still take this movement into account.

Decorative Screws For Table Top

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The first and most common way, as mentioned earlier, is to make an oversized or elongated hole and fill any gaps with a washer or large stock. Assuming all problems are due to excessive shrinkage, make sure your holes are large enough and that the screws are placed in the holes with room for shrinkage in the tabletop.

Blocks like this are easy to make for attaching countertops. The screw is firmly in place in the block, but the lip of the block can slip if the top pulls hard.

Decorative Screws For Table Top

Another technique I like to use on tables is to make dado matching cushions for the inside of the aprons. They don’t take too long to make and are easy to add as needed. The blocks should be made so that tightening the screws only tightens the top, like a perfectly matched pont and groove joint, and spaced with a small gap so nothing binds. They work well and I think they look great too.

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When fastening your shirt, which has a tendency to move, understand that not all fasteners need to be loose. For example, you can fasten the worktop firmly to the front of the cabinet, as long as you let the worktop swing at the back. Or with table tops, you can fasten the table firmly in the middle of the width and let the outer edges move. This is perfectly acceptable and keeps the top down.

Decorative Screws For Table Top

The most important thing to remember in all of this is to let the tree move. You can only cause a problem if you don’t let it move. And remember, if you find it’s moving too much for your liking, you can always step back and decide when you understand any potential issues.

From felling the trees to assembling the last piece, Scott Wunder, owner of WunderWoods in St. Charles, MO, shares his knowledge of working with wood to anyone who talks to him about wood. Whether you want to learn more about milling lumber or need help with a project, get your woodworking infotainment system at Scott writes about all aspects of woodworking and specializes in finishing (mainly because no one else likes sanding).

Decorative Screws For Table Top

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