Decorative Suitcase Table

Decorative Suitcase Table – Painting and cleaning furniture is fun, but sometimes I want to do a different project. One of the first upcycling projects I did when I started this blog my upcycling project was making a DIY Hubcap flower. I loved the idea of ​​taking something, or (many unnecessary things in that case) and turning it into something new.

I found a few different pieces that I liked, but none of them really fit. I found an old blue bag that I bought for a project (not sure what that project is) and while cleaning out the garage this week I found a new project table that my dad and I are getting for free bro. left yard sale. A mid-century side table with a small drop. One leg was amputated, and the height did not match the fracture. After a year of not getting around to fixing it, I used it to use in my bag project. (The table top is very quiet, but beyond the skill level of anyone in our house)

Decorative Suitcase Table

Decorative Suitcase Table

This is a simple project. What I used was a bag, 4 mid century legs (from the free table), 4 wood screws and 16 screws.

Decorative Suitcase Boxes On Wooden Table Stock Image

I started by using a drill to remove the knots and legs from the mid-century table. I then turned my bag upside down and arranged the legs as desired. I didn’t really measure it. Because these legs are not unique, but reliable, I have indicated each leg to the corner of each box (see the picture if you are trying to understand that). Each leg is hinged and attached to a wooden floor. Some of them were not as strong as others, so before they were put in the bag, my father helped by adding a wooden screw to each one to make it more secure. We need to first prepare and tighten the screws so that the base of each leg is directly under the box.

Decorative Suitcase Table

When we (my father is the helper of this project. I have ideas, he needs to help them to happen) the legs are placed where we want, we drill between the four holes and the bottom of the box. We mark where each leg goes so the holes go straight.

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The next section was just a group, so we moved inside to get out of the cold garage. One thing that is important to me is that the screws in the box are level. To clean them up, we went to our local True Value and bought some ¾ inch screws. It was more expensive than I thought I would spend, but if I sell or finish the part no one has to worry about it being scratched or anything.

Decorative Suitcase Table

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We release the inner edge, then attach the bottom cover of the box, the legs. The clear headboard is not enough, so there is a hole, but that’s what the inside of the bag looks like.

After all the legs were in place, it was time to test our little board. I don’t know if the legs are the same or if only 3 hit the ground at once. They all lined up perfectly! I looked at the top of the bag and we saw it.

Decorative Suitcase Table

I love how this episode turned out. It’s definitely one of my favorites, and it’s where I hang out. The best part is the storage, and it comes with a key so I can keep valuables in it… I don’t have one. I want to call it my salvation.

Luggage Coffee Table Vintage End Table Tables With Storage

Please click on this project! If you have any questions, comment below and I’ll answer as best I can. We are always looking for new ways to improve our home and give it a little unique update that will set it apart from the rest. Sometimes it’s the colors of the wall. Other times, it’s the floor, the ceiling or the shape of the room itself. But for those who do not want to take the challenge of a semi-big change every season, a simple change in the decorative elements or decorations. And today we want to present a part of the old beauty of the most popular box or television table – a device that stands where it belongs.

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Decorative Suitcase Table

A coffee table is an addition that fits in with different styles and themes and gives an air of style to any room you can. It can be used as a large side table and you can attach some bags to create a cool detail that cannot be missed. Some of the coffee tables are modern and draw inspiration from vintage designs while others are practical and given a modern and contemporary style. So, log in and check it out

A coffee table is often an addition because it is an old box or bag in the house that has gathered dust and needs to be replaced quickly. It’s fun and if it’s not a permanent coffee table, you can use it once and change it in different styles and seasons to give the living room a new look. Different living rooms call for different coffee tables, and you can turn that black box into a coffee table with a quick paint job or hardware. Put on the wheels and make it unique!

Decorative Suitcase Table

Make A Stylish Side Table With An Old Vintage Suitcase

Eclectic living room with corner sofas and a coffee table in the center [From: Rikki Snyder]

A vintage box is placed in a cool Lucite box to create a unique coffee table [from: Jordan Cappella]

Decorative Suitcase Table

The combination of wine bags in the corner can give the living room a side table where you can use the addition as a smart nightstand or a nightstand when needed. Those who want to use the old box as a decoration can add clever things to create beautiful details. As opposed to a simple bookcase or table, an old reclaimed box works in many ways.

Deco 79 Leather Nesting Upholstered Trunk With Vintage Accents And Studs, Set Of 3 18

Stacked bags are a great look in a small electric bedroom [From: Louise de Miranda]

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Decorative Suitcase Table

The white box in front of the heart of the living room is suitable for shabby chic or commercial areas and pastel colors can be suitable for modern styles, shabby chic and new trends. A leatherette rug is perfect for a traditional modern living room while small and small rugs on wheels will work beautifully in a modern living room. Be sure to decide on the type of room before making the final choice.

Sherry is a blogger who wants to live her life to the fullest. He enjoys everything related to design, decoration and modern trends. Born in California, Sherry grew up in open grasslands and wild environments, which defined her taste in design and fostered her interest in observing how things work. Beautiful houses and buildings […] . (If the bags are fabric or plastic, like ours, warm them first so the paint will adhere.) Let dry, then seal.

Decorative Suitcase Table

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Decorative Suitcase Table

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Decorative Suitcase Table

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Decorative Suitcase Table

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