Decorative Table Bowls

Decorative Table Bowls – Once your decor is mostly done and the main furniture is in place, details like decorative bowls can often help pull everything together.

“They’re something we always use to add a finishing layer,” said Catherine Kwong, a San Francisco-based interior designer who looks for vintage and new bowls to accessorize rooms.

Decorative Table Bowls

Decorative Table Bowls

“It’s a great way to add a sculptural silhouette or another layer of texture or color, especially in a very limited space,” she said. Uziass Wooden Dough Bowls, 17” Hand Carved Large Wood Dough Bowl For Decor Rustic Decorative Wood Dough Bowl Long Wood Bowl For Dining Table Centerpiece Living Room Home Kitchen Accent Piece

In the kitchen they can serve as an interesting fruit bowl, while on an entry console or bedside table they can be used as a catch-all. However, Mrs. Kwong often leaves the bowl empty and places it on stacks of books or alone on coffee tables.

Decorative Table Bowls

• Can a bowl be more perfect? In a word, yes. Unlike ordinary composite bowls, decorative bowls are best when they have handmade imperfections, natural textures and free-form glazes, Ms Kwong said.

• Will it be a permanent addition to a room? “A bowl can be a good refresher to update a room,” Ms Kwong said, adding that it can easily be replaced with other accessories to keep things fresh.

Decorative Table Bowls

Decorative Bowls For Home Decor And Centerpieces

• Decorative bowls can serve multiple functions: Many are food safe, so in a pinch, they can function as serving pieces.

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