Decorative Table Boxes

Decorative Table Boxes – Add a pop of color to your decor with these beautiful quatrefoil boxes. Use them to set up a coffee table or ottoman to hold your remote, or to organize your accessories. Buy a three-box set for 20% off – great value!

These boxes are completely handmade and beautifully crafted by local skilled artisans in India. The process begins with making a wooden base for the box. Ethically sourced as a by-product, bone chips are carefully cut into fine shapes by several artisans. These chips are glued into resin with various intricate patterns, all by hand. Finally the box is waxed and polished to reveal the detailed texture and beauty of the inlay work.

Decorative Table Boxes

Decorative Table Boxes

Due to the handmade nature, no two pieces will be the same and slight variations from the image will occur.

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This part is ordered. Please allow 10 days for order processing and prior to shipping. Shipping is usually via FedEx or DHL and once shipped, most orders take less than a week to ship.

Decorative Table Boxes

We accept product returns if the product you receive is faulty or damaged. For more details, see our returns policy. The coffee table is one of the most occupied places in the house due to its prominent position in the living room. Recently, the words “living room” have not been more accurate and true in reality, because a living room is a room to relax, work, rest, sit and think about what to do with yourself. So the coffee table may be an overhaul in the style department.

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If you’re looking for where to start filling out your coffee table or you just need to know the essentials that will work to maintain a timeless look and that you can create, then I’m glad you’re here. While there is no “right” or “wrong” piece, there are definitely some that never fail and can be worn regardless of your style (think wardrobe staple).

Decorative Table Boxes

Balmain Decorative Luxury Display Book Box Sets

Here are some of my favorite pieces that will work right now for spring and summer, when we often want to lighten and soften our home decor. Neutral tones are also great because you can use these basic pieces to start with and build it however you want – adding a pop of color, swapping out greens for flowers, etc. These parts are also the main parts that can work in a year. Round is really worth a home decor investment, am I right? Just like an outfit, invest in the essentials to create a look and build from there as needed!

I’ve rounded up my favorite finds with multiple options for each key ingredient listed below. Your coffee table is in front.

Decorative Table Boxes

A collection of hardware books can instantly help build your desk height. Use the above to display the object for the added style. Neutral books are great for work because they can go with any decor and never go out of style. (Of course, book sets would also be great to compliment your style if you love color.) I’ve linked some cute neutral options that can be styled with or without a book jacket.

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Ourwarm Diy Wedding Card Box With Lock Rustic Wood Card Box Gift Card Holder Card Box Perfect For Weddings, Baby Showers, Birthdays, Graduations Hold Up 225 Cards

A stone vase is always a classic piece to add style to your desk. I’ve linked some great options that work with any decor style and can be used throughout the home!

Decorative Table Boxes

Adding a little fun and interest is always a great idea, and a unique decorative object is an easy way to do that. From knotted sculptural pieces to wooden objects, adding one of these really makes the table stand out.

Some parts of the outdoors can easily be brought in with the stems of plants and flowers. No matter what type of greens you use, it instantly adds life to the table and you can make a big impact with just 2 or 3 stalks.

Decorative Table Boxes

Monochrome Tiled Bone Inlay Decorative Boxes (set Of 2)

(For a bigger statement look, you can use more stems and combine with a mix of greens for a focal look that will last all season)

A great decorative plate can help decorate the coffee table. You can find both round and square styles to compliment your table, but you can really use any shape on any shaped table and make it work. Choosing a neutral color is great to start with, but the style of the plate is entirely up to you and your style – dress it up or keep it grounded. I’ve linked some of my favorites that cover all styles and materials.

Decorative Table Boxes

The beauty of the decorative box is a little accent for any coffee table. You can find both large and small ones (I like to use the large one to hold fancy remotes and things taken off the stylish coffee table). They are also great for adding some color. Here are some of my favorites:

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Decorative Table Boxes

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