Decorative Table Runner Trivet

Decorative Table Runner Trivet – When I decorate any space, I think in terms of coordinating and contrasting layers. Whether it’s color, texture, or size, three elements can make a room feel less basic. My fourth tip is flexibility! This macrame table runner checks all the boxes and makes this compact breakfast extra special with a simple yet interesting design.

All you need to know is three simple knots and you get a glamorous layer that works in any season. Once you learn about the knots shared here, you can customize your own table runner to match the length of your own table. Or change it completely and create a macrame wall hanging!

Decorative Table Runner Trivet

Decorative Table Runner Trivet

Step One: Tie a cotton string to the end of each of your dowels and hang them from your door hinge. . Fold your first 16′ of rope in half and form a lamb’s head knot on your fabric. See this post for more detailed steps.

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Step two: Continue adding every 16′ of rope using a lark’s head knot until you have 22 total. . This gives you 44 strands to work with.

Decorative Table Runner Trivet

Step three: pull the outer right rope in front of all the other ropes (to the left) and loop the end to hook your door. This forms the basis for the next row of knots, called a half hitch, which creates a horizontal row. Use the second rope from the right to tie a single rope around the rope you just wrapped so that it is 6″ below the dowel.

Step four: Use the same line to tie a second knot on the base line. This is called a half knot.

Decorative Table Runner Trivet

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Step Six: Repeat with the second, third and fourth ropes from the outside and tie the other half. of contact to make it fun, etc. You start to see a pattern. It is cut in half horizontally.

The seventh step: continue the connection of the rope in a single knot throughout. You don’t want it to be too tight as it pulls the width at the edge.

Decorative Table Runner Trivet

Step eight: starting from the right side again, use the four outer strands and create a square knot 1.5″ below the line Your sleep. For more details on the square knot, check out this macrame stocking post.

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Skip the next four lines (five through eight) and tie another square using lines nine through 12. Continue crossing four until you’ve crossed.

Decorative Table Runner Trivet

Step 9: Start on the right side again, using the four strands (five to eight) that you crossed and tied into Square knot 3″ under the dowel.

Step eleven: pull out two strands on the right side. Then, using three to six strands make a square knot 11″ below the horizontal row of knots in The seventh step. Using the next four strands make another square knot about 1.5″ above the last square knot.

Decorative Table Runner Trivet

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Step Thirteen: Again starting from the right side, create another row of semi-parallel knots by Repeat steps three to seven.

Step Fourteen: Starting from the left side, use the same base of rope and create another row. The scales lie half of the knots 2.5″ below the last one. You work this from left to right.

Decorative Table Runner Trivet

Step fifteen: starting from the left side, make a row of square knots without crossing any line, About 1″ below the horizontal knots. Then create a second row of square knots by crossing the first two strands on the left side before tying a full row of square knots. This is called an alternating quadrilateral wart. You don’t want a lot of space between these rows, so you can pull them tight as you add each square knot.

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Step Sixteen: Continue until you have a total of 13 rows of alternating square knots. each other This section is the center of your table runner, so everything else from this point on will reflect what you’ve knitted above.

Decorative Table Runner Trivet

Step Seventeen: Add another row of half-horizontal knots, starting from the outer left side and working on the right

Step Eighteen: Move down about 2.5″ and using the same base rope to create a half row The bed of knots move from right to left.

Decorative Table Runner Trivet

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Step Nineteen: For this section, cross the two outer strands on the right side, then tie a square knot using three to six strands. Skip strands seven to 10 and use strands 11 to 14 to tie another square knot. Repeat so you cross every four lines. You will be left with six lines on the left.

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Skip rows one and two on the left side and tie rows three through six in the 1.5″ square border in that last row square. Then cross the four strands and complete the second row of square knots pattern. This gives you six more strands on the right.

Decorative Table Runner Trivet

Step Twenty: Measure down 11″ from the last row of horizontal knots and tie a square knot using Four strands outside on the right side. Tie the next four into a square about 1.5 inches above the last knot.

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Step twenty-two: Finally, tie the last row of horizontal half knots 1.5″ below the row of square knots Alternately. Cut the ends to the length you want, noting how long they are on the opposite side. Remove the cotton thread from your towel and gently slide it over the head of the entire drag head. Then cut through the center of the lark’s head knot and cut the tip.

Decorative Table Runner Trivet

The middle of your table runner is the perfect place for a centerpiece, so layer up the trivet and find some fresh flowers that will catch your eye. You can even use it as its own large stand on the breakfast bar to make sure your kitchen looks its best! The 3 simple knots you’ve learned, the Lark’s Head Knot, the Half-Hitch Knot, and the Square Knot, can also be used to create a variety of textured wall hanging designs! – Lance

Love macrame? Check out our easy Macrame rope tutorial! Credit // Author and Photography: Rachel Denbo. Image edited with Color Story Desktop. International products have special regulations, are sold from abroad, and may differ from local products, including suitability, age rating, and product language, labeling or instructions.

Decorative Table Runner Trivet

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Decorative Table Runner Trivet

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Decorative Table Runner Trivet

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Decorative Table Runner Trivet

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Decorative Table Runner Trivet

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