Decorative Table Tray Silver

Decorative Table Tray Silver – I joined my friend KariAnn at Thistlewood Farms this week. We are doing Spring Refresh in five different rooms with one favorite thing in each room. Today I decorated the living room with wooden decorative trays.

I bought these decorative trays last week and I love them! I brought them to our house and realized I could use them in every room. I decided to use the trays in the living room and I love how they add interest to my coffee table.

Decorative Table Tray Silver

Decorative Table Tray Silver

Trays come in many shapes, sizes and colors. I have one made of metal, plastic, straw, jute and wood. I needed large trays at an affordable price and I loved this set I found on Amazon Home.

Vintage Home Interior Decoration: White Rotary Phone, Silver Tray, Candles And Roses On A Table. Apartment Decoration Retro Style, Closeup. Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 45396478

These white decorative trays come in pairs. They measure 19 inches square by 15 3/4 inches square, which is the perfect size to decorate any space in your home.

Decorative Table Tray Silver

These two large and medium antique white plates are perfect for a table or cupboard, for breakfast in bed or for storing drinks and food.

The best advice I have before you start decorating or tiling your home is to start with what you have. When I start to create, I take a basket and walk around our house in search of interesting things. I usually return a lot of things, but it always amazes me when I “search” that I can always find so many amazing things to return.

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Decorative Table Tray Silver

Round Silver Mirror Candle Centrepiece Serving Tray Decorative Plate

I always make sure not to over embellish the design. I like the simple style. I always use an odd number of things, whether I think about it or not. Don’t ask me why, I like them better that way!

I decided not to use a lot of color because I like the monochromatic look of our living room right now. This is a simple, easy and fun way to decorate.

Decorative Table Tray Silver

I like this kind of table. The trays are made from pieces of wood and I love the design. Jewelry Accessories Mirror Tray, Perfume Vanity Silver Mirror Tray Dresser Tray Ornate Tray Mirror Decorative Tray Organizer Makeup Tray, Coffee Table Home Decor

My friend KariAnne decorated her living room with a tray as well. Here’s a beautiful blue and white tray that can be seen in her blog post, Check Out What I Just Found for the Living Room. Be sure to head over to his blog to see what he’s been up to.

Decorative Table Tray Silver

One of the things I love about trays is that you can easily style them in different ways if you want! (That means these trays will be different in a few days. I can promise.)

So many things work on a decorative tray! I love ceramic vases, apothecary jars, candles, books, vases, flowers and anything traditional.

Decorative Table Tray Silver

Wood Serving Tray With Silver Handles By Cozy Décor

I like to mix and match vintage and new pieces that vary in size and length. I always use an odd number of things, and I try to fill the tray without overdoing it.

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Decorative Table Tray Silver

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Silver Dublin Decorative Tray /3 Orbs

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Decorative Table Tray Silver

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Decorative Table Tray Silver

Art Deco Silver Mirrored Tray

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Decorative Table Tray Silver

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