Decorative Table Wall Mount Brackets

Decorative Table Wall Mount Brackets – A simple and modern DIY floating desk is the perfect solution for creating a home office or home school room in any corner of your home. This simple tutorial shows you how!

With the possibility of remote schooling approaching, it was about time I found a desk solution for my nursery. My office got a minor makeover a few years ago, but in the last few months it’s turned into a dump again. I knew the first thing I had to do was clear out all the extra stuff I no longer needed. The upside? I sold almost everything and covered the cost of this new change!

Decorative Table Wall Mount Brackets

Decorative Table Wall Mount Brackets

My vision for this space was that it had to have, first and foremost, a large workspace – a desk that ran along the wall so that not only me and my kindergartener could work together, but my 3-year-old could fit in and do it. coloring book or other activities with us. Finally, I need enough floor space so that the baby can also play in the same room and I don’t have to worry about him being “in” everything. This of course meant that everything had to be lifted off the ground and attached to the wall, and then the idea of ​​floating shelves also became part of the vision.

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I would consider myself a very novice DIYer. You might think this table is overkill, but trust me, it’s really easy! You may need some help at certain points just to physically hold the wood up and things like that, but other than that you can do it yourself.

Decorative Table Wall Mount Brackets

This tutorial will work for wall spaces 8 feet and under. My back wall is technically 93 inches, so just under 8 feet. Since this is a floating table, I’m not sure I’d use more than 8 feet without risking it being too heavy. Less is of course fine. My desk is very solid and secure.

All supplies are available from Home Depot. You can order them online and have them picked up at the front or have them delivered to your door. Just click the link and add it to your cart for quick and easy shopping!

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Decorative Table Wall Mount Brackets

Hand Carved Decorative Wooden Wall Mounted Shelf/bracket/shelves 27 X 5 X 5.5 In

We already have all of these tools, so I have not included them in the cost of making the table and shelves. If you plan on doing any DIY projects in the future, these are all tools you’ll be using time and time again.

Mark studs on the wall using a stud finder. Everything had to be screwed straight into the studs to keep the table and shelves secure.

Decorative Table Wall Mount Brackets

Build a frame to support the table top. These frame supports are very secure when attached directly to the posts, so you don’t need heavy brackets or anything like that.

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I started by cutting the back and front to size, then each smaller piece. Since the table top would be 2 feet deep, I made sure that the total depth of the back + small + front equaled exactly 24 inches.

Decorative Table Wall Mount Brackets

Since I’m using 2 x 2 boards, that means the back is 1.5 inches, the front is 1.5 inches, leaving me with 21 inches for the smaller boards in between. Each 21 inch piece of wood was cut to size and then drilled on both ends to accommodate the pocket holes with my Kreg Jig. You can also pre-drill a hole and screw it in straight away, but pocket holes are much more secure and provide a tighter connection.

Attach the back of the wood frame with screws long enough to penetrate the 2×2 lumber. I used 3 inch screws. Then start fitting each support piece, starting at the sides. We have no snaps on the side to fasten and the table is still secure. Finally, attach the front so you have a box (alternatively you can build a frame and then mount it to the wall. But if you’re dealing with a large space like mine, this will be a pain).

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Decorative Table Wall Mount Brackets

Best Wall Mounted Desks 2023

Measure the table top and cut to oak plywood. Place plywood over the floating frame. Fasten the top with brad nails.

Attach the 1 x 3 front with brad nails. Then fill in the nail holes or seams with wood putty (I used a “natural” color). Be sure to fill in the seam where the table top meets the 1×3.

Decorative Table Wall Mount Brackets

Drill holes in the tabletop for the cables. I used a 2 inch hole saw and then threaded in the white wire so it looked pretty.

Jygee Solid Steel Floating Shelf Bracket Rustproof Blind Shelf Drywall Brick Wall Mounting For Raw Wood Shelves

(You can also do this before installing the desktop, but I want to be able to put my computer on top and know everything first.)

Decorative Table Wall Mount Brackets

Sleep around the edge of the table where it met the wall. Coat the table top with Frogtape first so that the putty does not seep into the wood fibers.

Finely sand the 2 x 10 plate. To stain wood to match white oak, first apply a pre-stain conditioner according to the instructions on the tin. Then apply Minwax Golden Oak stain and wash off immediately. Finally, apply a coat of Minwax Simply White stain. When it’s dry, you can compare it to white oak plywood and determine if another coat is needed.

Decorative Table Wall Mount Brackets

Wall Shelves + Brackets — Mandaue Foam

Determine the height of the shelves and cut the wood to size. Do not assume that the two pieces will be cut to exactly the same length. There is a 1/8 inch difference in my wall width between the two shelves.

Starting with the top shelf, attach corner brackets to the wall where they will hit the studs, and one on each side (they probably won’t get the studs on the sides). The screws that came with the shelf are too small, so you’ll need to use 1.5-inch wood screws.

Decorative Table Wall Mount Brackets

Place the shelf over the brackets and screw the brackets into the shelf. You can use the screws that came with the bracket for this part.

Triangle Adjustable Stainless Steel L Angle Wall Mounting Shelf Metal Folding Table Bracket

Cover table tops and shelves with clear furniture wax or matt polycrylic. I chose a clear wax because I didn’t want the oak to darken. If this doesn’t bother you, or you choose a different wood or stain to begin with, polycrylic will work just fine.

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Decorative Table Wall Mount Brackets

The plan is to keep this room light, bright and tidy. Since we have a closet in this room that can hold many of the things we need, I chose to keep the shelves simple with just a few books, file folders, and baskets for miscellaneous supplies. I scan most of the documents we need into the computer to avoid paper clutter, which also helps a lot.

The chair I chose for this room turned out to be very comfortable, despite the metal frame and thin base. I have sat in it for hours and it fits my body and gives good support. I have a decent desk chair that I’m used to, so most kids will use this white chair on distance learning days.

Decorative Table Wall Mount Brackets

Bordeaux Hand Finished Fluted French Wall Bracket Ornamental Shelf

The new carpet is amazing. It’s a baby soft blue with off-white cross hatches woven in almost “honeycomb” details. It is very soft and gives a nice texture to the room.

The table length can be shortened to fit your personal wall. The only difference is the length you need to cut the boards and the number of corner brackets you need to support the shelf.

Decorative Table Wall Mount Brackets

Allow the stain on the shelf to dry overnight or at least 8 hours before installing or sealing. Clear furniture wax or polycrylic must also dry for 24 hours before placing items on tables or shelves.

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Decorative Table Wall Mount Brackets

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