Decorative Tables For Outside

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One of the best things about summer is how much more space you have. While you may be stuck with the square footage of your home in the winter, warm temperatures allow you to take advantage of the square footage outside of your home. Whether you have a small patio or a large garden, spending some time creating outdoor decor can make a lot more living space.

Decorative Tables For Outside

Decorative Tables For Outside

If you’re starting from scratch, we’ve got you covered. We spoke to a handful of designers to get their ideas on how to spruce up your outdoor decor and create an inviting, livable space that you can enjoy as long as Mother Nature allows.

Best Outdoor Furniture Ideas For Cozy Backyard Living

Sure, your indoor living room is probably cute, but imagine relaxing under the stars after a hard day’s work. Robbie Maynard, an interior designer at Robbie Interiors, says you should think of your patio “like another family room—the furniture should be durable enough to withstand the elements.”

Decorative Tables For Outside

Another tip from Maynard is to bring in as many living things as possible. “Colorful potted plants and a variety of flowering plants in different containers are sure to make a beautiful focal point,” she says.

Choose outdoor plants that can survive all summer long, or even bring indoor plants outside for the season.

Decorative Tables For Outside

Fabulous Outdoor Decorating Ideas To Host A Fall Party

One of the easiest ways to improve any outdoor space? A fire pit, says Maynard. “They can be built-in, but freestanding fire tables are another option,” she says. “Just be sure to choose one that hides the propane tank inside.”

While you can always build your own fireplace, you can also find a variety of options at your local hardware store.

Decorative Tables For Outside

If you have a beautiful natural environment, work with it, not compete with it. Keep your outdoor decor neutral and subtle to focus on the beautiful nature around you.

Ways To Set An Outdoor Table

If you are a city dweller, you may not have the space for a proper garden. To compensate, Kelly Martin, head of Kelly Martin Interiors, created a raised garden cabinet with wooden shelves.

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Decorative Tables For Outside

“I like the modern look of black earth cover, so we used lava rock on top of the soil, which also helps retain moisture in the warmer months,” she says.

A beautiful outdoor environment is only as good as its function. Be sure to focus on both the form and the

Decorative Tables For Outside

Easy Diy Outdoor Table

Function when furnishing an outdoor space. Choose furniture that is aesthetically pleasing, but also comfortable, so you can use your outdoor space as much as you want to look at it.

If you​​​​​​are lucky enough to have a large patio or deck, divide it into separate areas. Create a dining room, bar and lounge so you can dine alfresco before settling into a book without leaving the outdoors.

Decorative Tables For Outside

When it comes to choosing a color palette for your outdoor space, choose shades that make you happy. We love airy, cool blues and greens or bold and bright neon. Be sure to consider your yard’s landscaping and natural plants so you can incorporate these colors into your space.

Outdoor Decorating Ideas For Small Spaces

When considering outdoor real estate, think about how you will use your outdoor space the most and focus on that first. If you​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ think you´ll spend most of your summer evenings dining alfresco, treat yourself to a great dining table that will last for years. If you want to relax, focus on an open sofa or chairs.

Decorative Tables For Outside

Ariel Richardson, interior designer and founder of ASRDesignStudio, believes that outdoor faucets are the “key piece” when it comes to decorating your yard.

“Make sure your rug is neutral so you can have fun with accents,” she says. “We chose this beautiful, sleek geometric print rug that can easily be combined with a variety of decor styles.”

Decorative Tables For Outside

Eid Table Settings For Ramadan: Eid Decorating Ideas

Focus on comfort when creating the outdoor lounge of your dreams. Cushions will not only add softness to a chair or sofa, but can also instantly improve the look of the outdoors.

“Have fun mixing it up and throwing in some fun patterns and colors that can be easily changed for any occasion,” says Richardson. Cushions and blankets are an easy way to transform your patio without much effort.

Decorative Tables For Outside

If you want to extend the life of your outdoor space, consider building an outdoor fireplace. Fernando Wong of Fernando Wong Outdoor Living Design loves warmth, saying, “For our customers in markets in all four seasons, installing heat sources will help keep the space cozy when the cold weather hits.”

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Awesome Backyard Wedding Table Decor Ideas

“I love blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces, and advances in outdoor textiles and furniture make it easier than ever,” says Wong. “A simple detail like using the same textile inside and outside creates a visual connection and flow between the two spaces.”

Decorative Tables For Outside

If you don’t mind setting up a bar or bar cart outside, let that be your sign. Create the perfect place for cocktails by creating a patio corner or deck for your own personal tiki bar.

“Different plants, styles, sizes and shapes will add interest and depth to your space,” says Richardson. She recommends looking for low-maintenance outdoor plants that bloom all summer long.

Decorative Tables For Outside

How To Host An Outdoor Dinner Party

Consider outdoor blooms that you can bring indoors when the season ends, especially if you live in a cold climate.

“Enhance the mood with lighting. Adjust the lights and surround yourself with lanterns and candles,” advises Richardson. There is nothing better than the warm glow of a cafe light or citronella candle as the sun sets on a July night.

Decorative Tables For Outside

“Create multiple seating options and don’t skimp on comfort,” she says. “Make sure every corner is comfortable to relax in. Several seating areas also provide enough space for parties.”

Diy Outdoor Table Plans

Don’t forget to treat your exterior walls as you would your interior walls and give them some love. “A mirror above a garden table can suddenly make your garden comfortable and warm and expand the interior more,” says Eding. The right outdoor wall art can transform a small patio or large porch.

Decorative Tables For Outside

A beautifully decorated patio or deck can be instantly ruined by terrible landscaping. Spend some time landscaping your garden and garden beds to create a lush, vibrant space in which you want to hang out.

Don’t have a green thumb? Don’t be afraid to rent it out or look for low-maintenance shrubs and plants.

Decorative Tables For Outside

Stylish Outdoor Dining Area Ideas For Summer Living

Even if you choose a neutral outdoor space, don’t be afraid to play with color. Bold greens work great in an outdoor space because they connect the inside with the outside. Home Design may earn a commission on purchases made through links on our site. See our disclosure policy.

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Outdoor dining tables are an easy way to get some sun and some fresh air, and who wants to stay inside and eat when the weather is nice! Whether you need a large outdoor dining set for backyard barbecues, a toddler picnic bench for snacks, or a luxurious dining set for the wow factor, our curated collection of outdoor dining tables is just that. We’ve stripped down the low-end options for only the best, including a variety of styles that are both weather and UV resistant. We also made sure to include a variety of price points to fit any design budget. All you have to do is choose which one is perfect for your outdoor space!

Decorative Tables For Outside

Teak Finish Outdoor Dining Table and Bench Set: Perfect for everything from playtime to dining, this teak finish bench will keep your outdoor space looking its best – it’s easy to clean, water resistant and super slim. Available in turquoise, yellow and charcoal.

Tips For Buying Patio Furniture That Suits Your Outdoor Space

Extended Dining Table: If you crave simplicity and functionality, then this could be the dining table for you. The versatile wooden construction is easy on the eyes, while the extended extensions are ideal for larger crowds, making it a great solution for most yards and decks.

Decorative Tables For Outside

8 Person Rectangular Outdoor Dining Table: A table for 8 please! Whether you are gathering the family for a summer meal or serving a buffet for your guests, this table is up to the task. It is made of resin wood planks and an aluminum frame for extra strength, and has a natural pecan color that adds a little warmth to this design.

8 Seater Glass Top Outdoor Dining Table with Cushioned Chairs: Getting together has never been more stylish or comfortable! This dining table will add style to your backyard while keeping your guests comfortable with its cushioned chairs. Available in 14 cushion colours.

Decorative Tables For Outside

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Outdoor Dining Table for 10: Another option with a warm teak finish that you don’t want to miss. It is 11 pieces

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