Decorative Tiles For Table Tops

Decorative Tiles For Table Tops – The rustic look and glossy shine of glazed tile isn’t just for walls or counters. Imagine a stunning dining room or terrace decorated with handmade colorful Mexican tiles. Talavera tiles add a cheerful mosaic atmosphere to summer outdoor dinners and gatherings in the living room. Transform your ordinary dining table into a fine example of old world art.

The vast majority of Talavera tabletop tiles are suitable for gardens, terraces and balconies. There is no doubt that these decorative tiles go well with other tile projects such as swimming pools, barbecue and pizza ovens and even around fountains. Offering endless design possibilities, choosing the right pattern and color palette for your new or reclaimed table will be an easy task and a real pleasure for the homeowner or their interior designer. Mexican handmade tiles were (and still are) a symbol of prosperity and high status. Since its introduction to North America in the sixteenth century, Talavera craftsmanship has adorned some of Mexico’s most important monuments, from cathedrals and royal residences to public spaces such as plazas, fountains, and main streets. You can create a similar atmosphere of stylish luxury in the privacy of your own home. You can easily cover tables and chairs with handmade Talavera tiles to create a stylish dining combination. If you want to fully embrace the Mexican trend, you can spice up your dining area with some functional tiles on the walls or in the open cabinets. Some dramatic high relief tiles would look great in this southern inspired setting. Our tiles are made from sustainable materials and colors and do not contain lead, which is harmful to health.

Decorative Tiles For Table Tops

Decorative Tiles For Table Tops

Talavera tile table tops use countless patterns and combinations of decorative Mexican tiles. You can use only one type of pattern, or each tile square can have a unique design but be hand painted in a similar tone and tone. Another fun idea is to decorate your table with broken Mexican tiles, which we also sell on our site. To complete the design, install some beautiful border tiles to add a wow factor to the final look. If you want to save time browsing through thousands of tile models, check out our tile selection. Create a rustic, cozy atmosphere with a Mexican accent. Cozy folk pillows and tablecloths will be a great addition to your family and friends at numerous parties and other gatherings.

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Handmade Tile Decorative Border Turquoise Mandala #4 [8cm/ 3.1”)

A collection of talavera tiles from Mexico for home improvement, including decorating kitchen backsplashes, bathroom walls, counters and stair treads. I’m trying to recreate the viral TikTok DIY trend again (check it out here if you missed the first one), and this time I’m tackling the very popular tile table! We love scrolling through TikTok for inspiration and found this DIY tile table that we thought would be fun to try out yourself – be sure to follow us on TikTok by clicking here and tag any fun DIYs you want to build again next time!

Decorative Tiles For Table Tops

To start this DIY I needed to make an actual table for the tiles to adhere to. I made this table very thin and a little short because mine is for a piano, but you can make it any size you want. For convenience, use a wood block that is at least 2 inches thick because it is the same size as the tile block. Another way to create this table is to save or upgrade an existing table and add tiles instead of creating a whole new table, which works just as well! But here are the dimensions we used to make them, you can adjust them according to the size chart you like:

First I measured my table using the dimensions above and cut my wood to size. I then drilled some pocket holes in the wood using wood glue and a Craig jig to hold the two pieces together so the screw heads wouldn’t go into the tile above. If you don’t have kregs, you can bury the screws deeper or use metal brackets on the underside to hold the pieces together.

Decorative Tiles For Table Tops

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Use the same wood as the table top for the legs. You want everything to be flush with the tile, so make the legs exactly where you want the tile, then add a half inch to compensate for the top edge of the top tile. It all takes a bit of math depending on how big your tiles are and how big you want the table to be, but the hard part is getting it to fit. Secure your legs to the top using kreg clamps and pocket holes, or by driving long screws from the table top into the legs. Use some 90 degree clamps to make sure your legs are at a 90 degree angle. Finally, to make sure the table stays level, I added 4 small adjustable furniture feet to the bottom, so even if the floor is uneven, you can still level the table.

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Start tiling now! Start by applying tile adhesive a little at a time to the surface and pressing the tile up. You’ll want to use a square slotted trowel to spread the glue, make sure you don’t overdo it so it doesn’t push through the joint. You can also use spacers, but since mine are on sheet metal, I don’t need them very often. Glue the tiles to the top and sides of the table, including the legs – you can also glue the bottom of the table top if you want, but I left mine blank and decided to paint it black! Allow the glue to dry for 24 hours.

Decorative Tiles For Table Tops

Once the glue dries, it’s time to join! I used classic black grout for this project (big thanks to our friends at Deco Tile for providing us with the tiles and grout for this DIY), but you can choose any color you like. Mix the grout with a little water to a peanut butter consistency, then use a tile float to push the grout into all the lines.

Tile Top Patio Table Makeover

After the grout has been spread evenly, use a sponge and water to wipe off the excess grout stuck to the tile, being careful not to carry it away from the grout line itself. It will take a while, but be patient and you’ll get there! Let it dry for another 24 hours and now you have a tiled table!

Decorative Tiles For Table Tops

I would say that this table is not easy to make and requires a lot of patience, but if you have the motivation, do it! It ended up working out so well and I love how the space feels. If you want to see a more detailed tutorial on how to use the kreg jig or see the whole process, be sure to check out the full video on the YouTube channel below.

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Decorative Tiles For Table Tops

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Decorative Tiles For Table Tops

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But after researching, we found that the listing and price tag might be just a little (or a lot) out of our budget. Safety Precautions: Always wear safety glasses and follow appropriate safety precautions when using power or air tools. Also, remember to wear goggles or other eye protection when breaking tiles.

Decorative Tiles For Table Tops

2. Since this table design requires welded metal frames along the edges, attach 1 x 3 inch strips of oak to the edge of the old table as a border.

3. Break up the tiles in the five-gallon bucket with a hammer and shake vigorously to remove any sharp edges.

Decorative Tiles For Table Tops

Handmade Tile Decorative Border Turquoise Mandala #5 [3cm/ 1.1”)

4. Decide on the design of the top. In the table shown, the 4-inch tiles are bordered on the outside by four-inch tiles, and the square of four tiles in the center is surrounded by a mosaic pattern.

5. Apply a layer of putty and start creating the layout. set square

Decorative Tiles For Table Tops

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