Decorative Tiney Fabric Table Cloth

Decorative Tiney Fabric Table Cloth – Learn how to make a tablecloth for your favorite table. It can be a dining table, an outdoor roof or a small coffee table. Creating a simple hem requires only careful measurement and beginner’s sewing techniques. Make a special tablecloth or just for everyday use.

Fabric composition – cotton, cotton/polyester, linen, canvas – almost anything is used in tablecloths. If you are a beginner sewist, I recommend cotton because it is very easy to sew and washes well. Choose a fabric that is easy to machine wash and does not bleed because it is washed frequently. Natural fiber fabrics such as cotton and linen are more absorbent but tend to wrinkle more. Also consider lace fabrics for a vintage attitude.

Decorative Tiney Fabric Table Cloth

Decorative Tiney Fabric Table Cloth

Fabric Width – Most of the fabric is 44 inches (112 cm) wide, so it may not be large enough to make a large tablecloth without a seam in the middle. Decorative fabrics are as wide as sheets, many of which are 60 inches (150 cm) wide. The lace is usually very wide.

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Upcycle! Also consider old sheets. You can always put a runner on the table to add color or make it more elegant.

Decorative Tiney Fabric Table Cloth

Fabric patterns – Since store-bought ready-made tablecloths have such limited fabric options, make an interesting pattern choice. Be proud to say, “I did it myself.” Different colored tablecloths add color to the room without a long-term commitment. You can change the color of the table to your liking.

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Once you’ve chosen your fabric, it’s time to cut and sew. Choosing fabric can take more time than sewing.

Decorative Tiney Fabric Table Cloth

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The first thing you need to do is measure your table! Of course, your table can be round, square or rectangular.

The next thing is to figure out how much you want to dispose of. This is the amount that the tablecloth extends to the edge of the floor.

Decorative Tiney Fabric Table Cloth

Maybe you just want a small drop for everyday food or a full-length floor drop for a fancy dinner. Full-length tablecloths can be used to hide some storage drawers underneath. There is no right or wrong, it’s just your personal choice.

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For daily use, it is better if the drop runs out before sitting down. This makes sitting at the table easy. The drop does not necessarily have to be even throughout. For some reason, you might want the edges to be longer, like the orange tablecloth below.

Decorative Tiney Fabric Table Cloth

Specify the width of the tip to be used. A good size for squares and rectangles is to add about 1 inch (2.5 cm) seam allowance. This means you can make a ½ inch (12 mm) double folded hem.

Narrow edges in circles are easy to sew. Try a ½ inch (12 mm) seam allowance to create a double 6 mm hem.

Decorative Tiney Fabric Table Cloth

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I want a 30H x 40W rectangular table with a 10 inch drop on each side and I’m going to do two inches around the edge. This means my seam allowance is 1 inch (don’t forget that’s double the fold line)

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Hopefully you can buy enough fabric to cover your table, but if you can’t, here are some tips for mixing fabric.

Decorative Tiney Fabric Table Cloth

Once you’ve cut the tablecloth, all you have to do is sew a pretty skirt around it. When I sewed it I used a contrasting color thread, but it looks much cooler if you use a matching thread.

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Use the universal presser foot and a straight stitch. Try length 2.5. The sewing machine needle must match the type and weight of the fabric. Use a universal needle with the appropriate weight for cotton

Decorative Tiney Fabric Table Cloth

For a round tablecloth, a really narrow hem is better because there is less bending. Here I have a complete article on how to sew round beads with many methods.

If you only have a regular sewing machine but no serger, here’s the easiest way to sew circular tops.

Decorative Tiney Fabric Table Cloth

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If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can easily sew around the hem by hand. It’s a long way, so do it in front of the TV in the evening. Sewing by hand can be really relaxing. The best stitches to use in the hem are slip stitch or running stitch.

A running stitch is the simplest and easiest up and down motion. Since the tablecloth is often washed, use a strong double thread on the needle. Smaller running stitches strengthen the edge.

Decorative Tiney Fabric Table Cloth

Slip stitching takes a little longer, but the result is an almost invisible and neat hem, where the seam is not visible from the outside.

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By now the tablecloth may be a bit wrinkled from all your handling, so give it one last press. This way the ends stay well.

Decorative Tiney Fabric Table Cloth

Tablecloths don’t have to be plain! For special occasions and seasons, you can add embroidered letters or embroidered flowers. Pom poms, lace and rick-rack make great borders and edging and are easy to sew.

So now you know how to make a tablecloth for every occasion and you can make it for every table at home. have fun!

Decorative Tiney Fabric Table Cloth

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Sewing your own home interior can really create a personal home and above all save money! Here are some more great ideas.

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