Decorative Trays For Dining Table

Decorative Trays For Dining Table – This week I joined my friend CarrieAnn at Thistlewood Farm. We’re doing a spring refresh in five different rooms, with a favorite new item in each room. Today I freshened up the living room with wooden decorative trays.

I bought these decorative serving trays last week and I love them! I wore them all over our house and realized they could be used in almost every room. I decided to use the trays in the living room and I love how they add interest to my coffee table.

Decorative Trays For Dining Table

Decorative Trays For Dining Table

Serving trays come in all shapes, sizes and colors. I own some in metal, plastic, straw, jute and wood. I wanted some large trays and this set I found on Amazon Home is affordable.

Table Top Décor

These white decorative trays come in pairs. They measure 19″ square by 15 3/4″ square, which is the perfect size to decorate anywhere in your home.

Decorative Trays For Dining Table

These two vintage white large and medium square serving trays are perfect on a table or cupboard for breakfast or to hold drinks and food.

The best advice I have before you start decorating or styling your home is to start with what you already own. When I start styling, I grab a basket and go through our house looking for fun things. I usually return a lot of stuff, but the “search” always amazes me and I can always find so many wonderful things to include.

Decorative Trays For Dining Table

Three Posts™ Skelley Tray & Reviews

I am always careful not to overdo it when styling. I like the simple style. Odd numbered items are almost always used, whether I think so or not. Don’t ask me why, I like them that way!

Right now I like the monochromatic look of our living room so I decided not to use a lot of color. This is a simple, easy and fun way to decorate.

Decorative Trays For Dining Table

I love this table view. The trays are made from individual pieces of wood and I love the design.

A & B Home Ellington Brown, Silver Tray 3 Tier Serving 42496 Ds

My friend Carrie Ann also styled her living room with a tray. Here’s what I got in the living room in her blog post titled Beautiful Blue and White Tray. Be sure and head over to her blog to see what she’s been up to.

Decorative Trays For Dining Table

One of the things I love about trays is that you can easily style them in different ways whenever you want! (That means these trays will look different in a few days. I can guarantee that.)

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So many things work on a decorative tray! I love ceramic pots, apothecary jars, candles, books, vases, flowers and anything vintage.

Decorative Trays For Dining Table

Vintiquewise Decorative Natural Wooden Rectangular Tray Serving Board With Brown Leather Handles Qi004385

I like to mix vintage and new items and different sizes and heights. I always use odd numbered items and try not to overfill the tray.

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Decorative Trays For Dining Table

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Decorative Trays For Dining Table

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Decorative Trays For Dining Table

Bamboo Wicker Round Serving Trays With Handles

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Decorative Trays For Dining Table

Would you like to receive an email when I write a new blog post? Register here and you’ll get access to all my ebooks, tips and Christmas party menus. So, if you’ve been hanging around these parts for a while, you know I have a bit of an obsession with wooden trays. I use them literally everywhere in our house and they have appeared countless times here on the blog. You might get tired of it because I use them a lot, but I can’t help it. In my humble opinion this is one of the best home decor items a girl can own. Not only can you style them in countless ways, but they are also quite affordable. You can make a wooden tray yourself

Using Decorative Trays For Pretty Fall Vignettes

Anyway today I thought it would be fun to share 10 ways to style a wooden tray. You can literally use them anywhere in your home, so here are some ideas to get you started!

Decorative Trays For Dining Table

Wow! High fives to whoever went through those photos. It took a while to put all these different looks together, but I hope this has helped give you some ideas for styling a wooden tray in any room of your home. They are really very cute and definitely one of my favorite things!

Thanks so much for stopping by today. I am always grateful when you spend part of your day here with me. Hello my friends! I’m slowly bringing out the fall decor — the cozy atmosphere makes me so happy! Our house is already too hot.

Decorative Trays For Dining Table

Serving Trays With Insert Handles, Handwoven Round Serving Platter Tra

A few weeks ago I shared my friend Marty’s tray decorating post on Facebook and was inspired by her beautiful decoration. I started thinking about ways I could incorporate some trays into my fall decor.

I love using trays when decorating – they hold things down while keeping things neat. They are a great way to organize small items out of space on their own.

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Decorative Trays For Dining Table

Last year I put the most frequently accessed items in the kitchen in a tray on the counter:

Kingcraft 19 X 19 Inches Large Square Ottoman Table Tray Wooden Solid Serving Tray With Handle Black Walnut Platter Decorative Tray For Oversized Ottoman Home Breakfast In Bed Tea Coffee

I found a few trays I liked at Target and went to gather some fall decorations for the display. I placed this large wooden tray on the dining table:

Decorative Trays For Dining Table

Think outside the box when displaying flowers (real or fake) – I had this decorative wooden bowl, but I couldn’t put water in it. For the flowers I used a small vase inside, you can’t even see it. 😉

The amber glass was from Target last year and I put a battery operated candle inside (on a timer). Your fall displays must have some “glow”! It is absolutely necessary. 😂

Decorative Trays For Dining Table

Best Farmhouse Style Tray Decor Ideas And Designs For 2021

I also like to hide my glass candles in cute vases — I found this gray planter at Hobby Lobby and put a candle inside. (We put it on the counter when it lights up because of the branches.)

I’m trying to use some traditional fall colors this year, so those cute fake eucalyptus branches were perfect! The vibe of fall whispers rather than screams. 😉

Decorative Trays For Dining Table

2. Use different textures and colors – a wicker tray, a small rosemary plant and velvet pumpkins add some interest.

Ways To Style A Wooden Tray

3. Decorate with odd numbers — Items grouped in odd numbers are more appealing.

Decorative Trays For Dining Table

I also added my fall prints back to the frames for fall decor in the kitchen:

Do you use decorative trays in your decor? They are an easy way to decorate a space!

Decorative Trays For Dining Table

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