Decorer Table Basse

Decorer Table Basse – In the living room, the coffee table is one of the central elements. The one that sets the tone, but also the one around which we sit down to drink an aperitif with friends or eat with family. We do not neglect its shape, its material, and even less its color, because it must perfectly comply with the atmosphere we want to bring into the room.

But you’ll notice that in all the decorating books and magazines, the emphasis is always on beautiful objects. Vases, beautiful books, candles, trays… Every occasion is good for decorating.

Decorer Table Basse

Decorer Table Basse

To complete the decoration of your living room, nothing more than the beautiful style of your coffee table. You must have understood: this is not an essential thing in everyday life, but an art of living, which allows you to feel good at home and to adjust your decoration to the smallest detail.

Table Basse En Verre

Whether you have a Scandinavian or modern style coffee table, square or round, the idea is to dress it up with things you love. This allows you to express your character, but also to add a personal touch to your interior.

Decorer Table Basse

Arrange, stack, overlap your objects to create a unique composition with your favorite objects. Vases, candlesticks, books, small treasures and even an extra lamp: have fun!

To decorate your coffee table, you can offer yourself one or two beautiful objects, but you can also choose from your most beautiful dishes, and your library, and even your garden!

Decorer Table Basse

Tables Basses Pour Finalement Compléter Votre Salon

Indeed, bouquets of flowers and branches will be your ideal allies to bring a touch of vegetation into your interior. This allows the diversification of pleasures according to the seasons.

This is the candle that accompanies me in all the rooms of the house. During the day in my office and in the evening in the living room. I love the smell of it!

Decorer Table Basse

I love this wooden bowl from AMPM. It’s perfect for displaying beautiful treasures like pine cones or a few branches.

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This ceramic knot is a very beautiful piece, perfect for decorating a coffee table. It is both graphic and timeless.

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Decorer Table Basse

With two kids at home, I prefer mini vases like these. I really like their minimalist design.

Think about your beautiful books too: apart from enjoying their aesthetics, keeping them close at hand will encourage you to open them more often.

Decorer Table Basse

Comment DÉcorer Son Salon? (en 5 étapes)

Get inspired by the different compositions that stand on the coffee tables in these interiors. You will see that it is easy to make a beautiful decoration for the coffee table in the living room!

It is so easy to decorate your interior with books. The truth is that some are so beautiful that…

Decorer Table Basse

Every year AMPM seduces us with its increasingly elegant collections. For living room decoration, discover our…

Une Grande Table Basse Pour Vos Apéros Et Soirées Foot

For a comfortable and successful interior decoration, it is important to have small random pieces of furniture here and there.…

Decorer Table Basse

Ideal for bringing character to the living room, the industrial coffee table finds its place in many…

As Scandinavian style is still wreaking havoc in the decor world, I tell you… BLACK FRIDAY DEALS: 3 + 1 FREE | BUY FOR 3 WE DELIVER 4 | FREE DELIVERY IN FRANCE, SWITZERLAND, LUXEMBOURG AND BELGIUM

Decorer Table Basse

Quelle Déco De Salon Avec Un Canapé Chocolat ?

Do you want to improve the interior decoration of your living room? Does your coffee table need a little makeover?

What a shame to leave a table empty when it can absolutely contribute to personalizing the atmosphere of your home!

Decorer Table Basse

Professionals in table decoration, we consult hundreds of people every year in the realization of their projects.

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If you need inspiration, follow our tips to make your coffee table the centerpiece of your living room.

Decorer Table Basse

Your coffee table will not lack style! So, without wasting any more time, here are our top tips for a successful coffee table decoration.

Protection before decorating! Even when painted or varnished, wood remains a material sensitive to knocks and scratches, so it’s often best to take precautions before placing anything on it. Therefore, protection is necessary. The latter will find its place even better if it fits into the decor. Match styles! To avoid spoiling the look of your furniture, match your decoration to the style of the wood you need to protect. Choose an old-fashioned embroidered placemat for a patinated antique table, a macrame confection for a relaxed decor with a bohemian atmosphere, or even a bamboo set on an exotic wood table. More modern clear lacquered wood goes well with all materials, including synthetic ones, such as decorative PVC substrates, for example.

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Decorer Table Basse

Les Plus Belles Idées De Décoration Pour La Table Basse Du Salon

Good plan: natural materials! Since wood itself is a natural fiber, it is more easily combined with species such as bamboo, woven paper or rattan. To protect your wooden table, natural fabrics such as linen or cotton also find their place. Take a step back! Once your coffee table is well protected, let your interior decorator guide you in choosing the most suitable accessory to create the centerpiece of your coffee table: a designer figurine for a modern decor, a metal candlestick for an industrial style or just a bouquet of dried flowers for a natural atmosphere. Let’s see, to begin with, a selection of ideas that should be well protected before making the decoration of your wooden coffee table.

Decoration is good, protection is better! So why not do both at the same time, using a special coffee table slider. To combine work with pleasure, this smart accessory adds extra storage space. It is equipped with side pockets that will allow you to keep remote controls or magazines close at hand. A complement to your interior decoration! Available in several sizes and different designs, it can easily be combined with any type of rectangular coffee table. It is ideal to choose a model that suits your home. You can choose a material that reminds you of the one used in your living room or choose a color that brings a little fantasy and contrast.

Decorer Table Basse

A smart decorative accessory! If you want to decorate your coffee table with a slightly heavy object that can scratch its surface, such as a vase or a figurine, it is better to put protection first to avoid unpleasant surprises. By turning a decorative rug to turn it into a protection, you will enrich the look of your living room without any risk.

Table Basse En Verre Crhis

You can choose a round table or a rectangular set to adapt your decorative accessory to the shape of your furniture. In the living room in a modern style, we prefer geometric shapes. For a truly original effect, use an oval or sophisticated pillow.

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Decorer Table Basse

Decoration all in one! Gather your trinkets, vases and other accessories on a decorative tray for efficiency. This layout allows the space to be clearly differentiated, to keep a special space intended for decoration, and the rest of the space for everyday use: drinking aperitifs, leaving the remote control or magazines, etc.

Vintage atmosphere! If you love classic style, this floral embroidered coaster is for you. It is generously sized and makes it easy to create a spacious sheltered space to house your decorations. Pair it with a centerpiece of flowers or houseplants to create a beautiful harmony with the red rose motifs.

Decorer Table Basse

Comment Décorer Avec Des Coussins

So that your decoration does not fall over too often, it is better to choose a container that matches your coffee table.

They are too easy to hang and also risk obstructing the view while watching TV or talking to guests.

Decorer Table Basse

Use any container as a soliflore by placing a fresh flower or cut inside depending on the time of year.

Liatorp Table Basse, Blanc, Verre, 93×93 Cm

Show your style! Whatever your inspiration, there’s sure to be a trinket that represents your interior decorating style. This reindeer coffee table figurine is a real centerpiece. With a modern design, it is suitable for most furniture. It fits perfectly with tables that combine exposed wood and black metal elements, with a Scandinavian or industrial influence. Thousands of possible variations! By the same principle, you can use a MankiNeko cat figurine for a Japanese living room, a santon for a Provençal atmosphere or even a miniature sailboat for a sailor atmosphere.

Decorer Table Basse

Prefer small quantities! As with using a vase full of flowers, it’s best not to obstruct the user’s view. For this reason, we will prefer a small plant or even several small plants, rather than one voluminous plant decoration. Which coffee table plant? Obviously, there are many possible compositions. Here are some examples: Bonsai for the living room. This beautiful little tree is perfect for creating a zen atmosphere. Accompany it with decorative items from

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