Designer Decor Books For Coffee Table

Designer Decor Books For Coffee Table – The coffee table book is life! Seriously, I have a mini-series and it seems to be growing every minute. I always find a way to sneak a coffee table book in my diaper order because I deserve a little treat, right? !

Today I want to share some new coffee table books I bought and a new place I found to buy coffee table books at great prices.

Designer Decor Books For Coffee Table

Designer Decor Books For Coffee Table

Pink cardboard books are always my favorite. I love the pop of color they add to a coffee table or shelf. Here are some of my favorites: Shophia Amoruso, Christian Loubutain, Chanel and Her World, Nasty Galaxy by Chanel the Vocabulary of Style

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The Chanel coffee table book is a fashion girl’s best friend. My favorite is “Chanel, the Vocabulary of Style,” which has a pretty pastel pink cover. “Chanel – Collections and Creations” is another black and white cover that I love.

Designer Decor Books For Coffee Table

I’d love to get this cultural Chanel though, but for $250 I think I’ll wait, haha. Please enable your JavaScript to view the content

The book “Tom Ford” was my first book and is still my favorite. Elements of Style is cheap and classic. On my list: Terry O’Neil, Stoppers: Photos from my Vogue life. Check out the IKEA Karax hack here. Please enable your JavaScript to view the content Please enable your JavaScript to view the content

Designer Decor Books For Coffee Table

The Best Coffee Table Books For Your Living Room!

The best thing about Decor coffee table books is that they provide decor inspiration and tips! I recently received “House Beautiful – Style Secrets” and “Dream Design Live” and I love them!

Amazon is a great place to find stylish cardboard books at great prices (don’t be afraid to use them!). Lately I’ve been finding better deals at TJMaxx (they offer!). Also, if you’re at Homegoods, be sure to check out their books section, they always have great deals! Raise your hand if you are a collector? Art, vintage bags, blue and white porcelain, vinyl records? While I admit to being a hoarder of many things, coffee table books are my main inclination. I like words. I

Designer Decor Books For Coffee Table

Whenever I’m an interior designer, my goal is to incorporate books. I even wrote a blog post on coffee table book styling, which you can read here. While choosing a book based on its cover has never felt so right, I also love a good interior for some serious inspiration. Even humble cookbooks feel very design-conscious today, with some nifty options to covet a range of open shelving. They are also the perfect holiday gift!

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Designer Coffee Table Book

With so many options and new editions constantly being printed, how exactly do you choose where to invest?

Designer Decor Books For Coffee Table

I discussed this in a previous article, using size, design, and color as key goals when choosing a style for a coffee table book. However, I also enjoy the content occasionally(!) and often choose based on personal interests and engagement factors. Image quality is something to consider, especially if you’re looking for inspiration, and I’m a big fan of thick paper too!

In this post, a complete compilation of the entire Coffee Table Book, I’ve organized my favorite finds by category. This is by no means an exhaustive list, and there are always new recruits waiting, but we hope it provides some insight into the best discoveries available (as fast as you can say “Prime Now”).

Designer Decor Books For Coffee Table

The Best Coffee Table Books And How To Style Them

I find the work of other designers very inspiring and enjoy reading the insights and ideas behind their projects. Also, the pictures are usually stunning! From French farmhouses to sleek, minimalist projects, these books can create a wonderful echo or contrast in your interior space.

I loved every moment of my art history degree – such a joyful and inspiring subject! I also studied architecture, which sparked my passion for interior details: Corinthian columns, Art Nouveau sashes and decorative frieze beams. That hasn’t diminished, and I still enjoy curling up with a cup of tea and reading art.

Designer Decor Books For Coffee Table

Introducing an artist’s coffee table book into your interior design is a great and relatively inexpensive way to showcase art. Who says it has to be limited to walls? !

My Favourite Coffee Table Books

Banksy, you’re an acceptable threat level, if you’re not, you’ll know

Designer Decor Books For Coffee Table

I often cheat furniture with fashion. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I approached the second floor of Selfridges with the same enthusiasm at the London Design Festival. The genres intersect widely, with plenty of runway exposure in one form or another at home. The concepts and decisions of the tailoring can also be felt internally inspired.

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With so many wonderful fashion books to choose from, these are my true coffee table favorites. The perfect base for decorative bronze sculptures or Jo Malone candles.

Designer Decor Books For Coffee Table

Great Coffee Table Books About Minimalism And Design

I have a lot of stuff, but I’m not a cook. Taking all the wok, pots and pans out of the cupboards is too much of a hassle. The control is too horrible to just throw herbs and spices around Jamie Oliver. I’m not even worried about the food in a Michelin star restaurant (I’m really just for decoration)!

What I lacked in skills, I made up for in my recipe collection, amassing a lot. I love the content here: detailed recipes, great pictures, ideas. A great cover helps too! Here are some of my favorites;

Designer Decor Books For Coffee Table

When it’s raining outside, drift off to a sunny spot with a travel board book. There are many fine books to choose from, capturing the sights, sounds and smells of bustling cities, remote villages and tuk-tuk trails. Inspiration for your next trip or just a little escape – here are my top picks;

Blank Book Set Of 3

Can iPhone memory rescue multiple photos of the same vignette? Or do you just appreciate a good photo? If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, the Photography Coffee Table Book is calling your name. There are some absolute gems worth seeing;

Designer Decor Books For Coffee Table

I hope you enjoyed exploring some new discoveries and old favorites in my comprehensive guide. As I mentioned before, coffee table books are a great gift option that I turn to time and time again. With the holidays approaching, it seems like the perfect time to share.

I’d love to hear about a book (or books) of your choice. While Tom Ford is a real resource for me when it comes to style, I always enjoy discovering new things. Happy to keep using the design options!

Designer Decor Books For Coffee Table

The Best Coffee Table Books On Fashion, Design And Photography 2021

** If you’re looking for more interior ideas or inspiration, the following posts will help: Coffee Table Book Styles | How To Design A Kids’ Room | How To Choose The Perfect Paint Color | 3 Interior Design Mistakes And How To Avoid Them | How To Create a spa tub

Sarah is an interior designer and creative director at Sarah Mailer Design, an interior studio based in Hertfordshire, UK. Sarah works on residential projects in and around London where she brings a classic yet contemporary aesthetic to clients’ homes. Blog: Company: Their versatility and practicality make them a must-have in any designer’s wardrobe. They are simple, yet elegant in nature. With their beautiful covers and graphic backs, they bring color and character to almost any surface in your home.

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Designer Decor Books For Coffee Table

In short, coffee table books are MVP statement makers. While their sheer size and high production value may come with a hefty price tag, you can actually curate your own collection on the cheap (stick to the bottom of this post for economical shopping tips).

Reasons To Decorate With Coffee Table Books

Still not selling at its design value? Well, here are 10 reasons why coffee table books are an interior designer’s best friend, and why they can be yours too.

Designer Decor Books For Coffee Table

They can find work in every corner of the house, from the entry console to the dining room buffet, from the kitchen island to the bedside table in the bedroom, from the desk in the living room office to the bookshelf in the family room.

Stack several coffee table books inside a rimmed tray to lift items like decorative boxes or bowls above the edge of the tray.

Designer Decor Books For Coffee Table

Coffee Table Decorating Ideas

Interior designers love coffee table books because they can serve as a base for many decorative items. On the fireplace, dresser or desk, a stack of books becomes a stylish accessory for an heirloom, jewelry box or laptop.

Or take it a step further: Create a unique side table by stacking 20 similarly sized books next to your sofa or chair. Put a tray on it and you can easily place remotes or drinks.

Designer Decor Books For Coffee Table

Do you have more books than you know? Go bigger and put 30-50 on the wall in a neat pile. There are beautiful potted orchids on top. When you are sitting very close, the flowers will be eye level.

The Ultimate Coffee Table Book Edit

Designer tip: Use only heavy and heavy books to create the tallest stack

Designer Decor Books For Coffee Table

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