Dessert Table Ideas Decorations Gold And Black

Dessert Table Ideas Decorations Gold And Black – The holidays are almost here; Are you having a party? Consider a creative and eye-catching dessert display for your next gathering. Instead of placing your dessert where your guests are seated, create a DIY dessert display – this is a popular trend for weddings and large parties, but it’s easier than you think, and your guests will love making it at home!

For a party I recently hosted, my client requested a black and silver color palette for her father’s 75th birthday. Color selection is important; set the mood for the event. Black and silver is modern yet classic and elegant. I chose a black damask pattern as the central graphic element and this became the ‘theme’. Your theme can be as simple or as creative as you want! Holidays are an obvious choice for inspiration. Pumpkins and harvest decor for a post-pumpkin gathering or hot cocoa bar in December!

Dessert Table Ideas Decorations Gold And Black

Dessert Table Ideas Decorations Gold And Black

Where you display your table is important. Look for an off the beaten path but central location. Facing a neutral wall is a good rule of thumb. Avoid busy backgrounds or cluttered areas. Consider an existing piece of furniture, such as a console or hutch, for your installation. Remove moldings and any clutter to create a clean-looking screen. I then used the console table as it was for my display, and even kept my wall art in place, but covered it with wrapping paper to match my Color Palette. Big impact, minimal cost/effort.

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If you visit often, you can buy some basic items that can be easily reused and recycled for each new theme you create.

Dessert Table Ideas Decorations Gold And Black

If you don’t have a console table, stand, or other area to set up, a Costco or Walmart office desk is a great investment. In addition to your dessert table, you’ll find many options: extra seating for large gatherings or a craft table for the kids. Throw on a beautiful tablecloth for instant drama!

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A quality cloth tablecloth is the way to go. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it looks a lot better than the plastic ones at your local party store. Basic colors like black, silver or gold can be used multiple times. Orange can be worn with black for Halloween, but it can also work with aqua or turquoise accents during the summer. Stick with a solid color to make your dessert ‘pop’.

Dessert Table Ideas Decorations Gold And Black

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These items are great because they add height to your table and create visual interest and drama. Containers work well because they are an instant source of color based on what you put inside (glass beads, balls, ornaments). You just need to change the content of each match. Silver, glittery decorations for the holidays or lemons and oranges in the summer. Cake stands can also be color coordinated by adding ribbon. Cake stands and glassware don’t have to cost a fortune either. Look for them at local stores like Costco, HomeGoods, or TJ Maxx.

A unique or decorative frame is a nice accent to a stylish dessert table. I have a favorite white decorative frame that I use for every party in style. I customize the 5×7 insert with a custom message, logo, photo or greeting.

Dessert Table Ideas Decorations Gold And Black

I like all my dessert trays to be the same color and material. White dishes or plates work with any color palette. Kohls’ line of Food Network Serveware is a perfect example.

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Remember, the most important thing when designing a dessert table: less is more! You don’t need a million different desserts, and you don’t need to make them all yourself. Decide what to buy or order and what to make from scratch. You can always start with a store-bought item like cupcakes and add unique touches like toppers or decorations. A trend in dessert displays is single-serving desserts like cake pops, marshmallow pops, and chocolate-covered Oreos. They are easy to grab and go to guests; No need to cut or cut. Candies are another great option for filling glass jars.

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Dessert Table Ideas Decorations Gold And Black

People often think that dessert tables cost a fortune. Yes, there are professional-style ones, but home-made DIY can be expensive and reasonable. I always look for holiday or decor items at my local Target (love their dollar aisle), dollar stores, Walmart, Christmas Tree Shoppe, or HomeGoods. For an inexpensive bouquet, especially roses, try Costco. Here are some online retailers that I use for inexpensive and moderately priced party style items:

Guests love to take things home. You may have leftovers from your dessert table, so I like to wrap some individually. Cake pops or marshmallow pops are good options for guests. Cupcake boxes from your local craft store are also cute. Giving your guests food to take home will save you all those extra calories later!

Dessert Table Ideas Decorations Gold And Black

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Consider flowers, balloons, candles, and other decorative accents. I like to place weighted balloons behind the table so they create a stylized backdrop at eye level. Placing them directly on the table may place the actual balls too high for good effect. For holiday displays, you can add seasonal accessories like pumpkins, gourds or scattered decorative leaves. I like to keep the flower arrangement very simple and cut low, eliminating most of the plants. Again, less is more. Connect with your color palette by wrapping decorative ribbon around your vases.

Printables are paper products that can be coordinated to match your theme and color palette, such as food labels, banners, cupcakes, or water bottle labels. If you are a DIY fan, is your best resource. You can buy, download and print designs yourself. Just search for your theme: “Halloween Printables” or “Princess Party Printables”. You will need special tools, such as a craft knife, an x-acto knife, and special matte paper. Or if that’s not up to you, Dolce Party Studio is here to help!

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Dessert Table Ideas Decorations Gold And Black

Think about all the details. Customize your finished cupcakes to match your theme. Use decorative ribbon around cake stands, containers or vases. My favorite presentation technique for cake pops and marshmallows is actually pretty easy. Purchase Styrofoam blocks for floral arrangements at your local craft store. Wrap them in paper that matches your colors and theme. Party stores are a great source of stylish and graphic wraps. Place the cakes on foam blocks so they are upright and easy for guests to handle. You can also wrap empty boxes in your color-coordinated wrapping paper and place dessert plates inside to add drama and visual interest.

Black X Gold Dessert Table

Whatever you do, don’t wait for the wedding day, put everything on your table wherever it falls! Use the day before the party to get ready, arrange the backdrop and flowers, and iron the table. Preparing the dishes and trays ahead of time will help you plan where everything will go. I love pairing things. Try to create a focal point like your cake and place your other desserts on either side or around it. For example, if you have cake pops, you can make two arrangements, one on each side. This works for cupcakes too. Dividing the portions into two groups makes for a balanced and neat presentation.

Dessert Table Ideas Decorations Gold And Black

And don’t forget that dessert is a feast for all the senses – a beautifully styled presentation can look as good as your savory dishes!

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