Dessert Table Rustic Theme Baby Shower Decor

Dessert Table Rustic Theme Baby Shower Decor – Gone are the days of “pink is for girls and blue is for boys”. Baby shower decorations for girls can be anything you want! Many moms are breaking tradition and throwing awesome, gender-neutral showers… or going with a typical baby shower theme. However, there is no shame

If you want to organize an ultra-feminine baby shower for a girl, you have no shortage of inspiration to feed your imagination and make your party unforgettable. From piles of flowers to pink glitter…plus all the glitter and metallics her heart desires, there are so many baby shower decoration ideas for girls that can help make a new mom’s day extra special while his future daughter is celebrating. .

Dessert Table Rustic Theme Baby Shower Decor

Dessert Table Rustic Theme Baby Shower Decor

Don’t skimp on the sphere or piece of lace; have fun creating a place with surprises and luxurious decorations for the mother-to-be who is celebrating. Here are some of our favorite baby shower decoration ideas for girls…

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Incorporating paper, silk, or foil butterflies into your baby shower decor will make mom-to-be’s heart flutter with delight. A simple sprinkle in the background and one on the side of the cake set the scene for a baby shower for a sweet little girl, as seen here.

Dessert Table Rustic Theme Baby Shower Decor

Balloon art and structures are so hot right now that they’re practically a must for any baby shower or party. Create an entire wall of pastels with gold or silver accents for a dreamy backdrop that will take any mom’s big day to the next level.

This baby shower idea looks almost like a wedding! Why not? A white tent with curtains and a chandelier, plus elegant blush and gold tables will make this luncheon shower an hour mother will never forget. The balloon arch doesn’t hurt either!

Dessert Table Rustic Theme Baby Shower Decor

Rustic Woodland Baby Shower Food And Decorations

It’s an activity/decoration/accessory/favor hybrid! Set up a wreath station that guests will see as soon as they enter the space: flowers in small vases or placed on plates with string, scissors and other accessories on the side in mason jars. Then, once everyone is settled, make the crowns together and wear them throughout the shower. Or, take the shortcut and make or buy them before the party and display them on a rustic chair or end table for guests to pick out and wear as they enter.

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The elegant chaise longue and bunches of white roses make this arrangement so elegant for a baby shower for girls. Add a gold room divider, as shown, or even a quilted curtain as a backdrop, and make the opening gorgeous.

Dessert Table Rustic Theme Baby Shower Decor

Disco balls are a surprising but totally cool choice. Choose a fantastic and wild range, like in this space. The themed backdrop is a disco ball inspired for a more 1970s feel, while cherry blossoms and a red and pink balloon burst are sweet and chic.

Rainbow Themed Baby Shower Party Ideas

Pre-enhance baby shower games by setting up your activity table with beautiful details. Write instructions or details in an ink marker on the glass and store the materials in attractive jars or holders, as seen here.

Dessert Table Rustic Theme Baby Shower Decor

Mason jars can fit any setting or theme! In addition to decorating rustic weddings and charming homes, they are also the perfect “it’s a girl” baby shower decoration. Pastel chalk painted jars are a super cute touch at a baby shower.

This baby shower is bursting with cute details! A bright, oceanic color scheme with mermaid tails and coral reefs creates an absolutely stunning setting for a mermaid themed baby shower.

Dessert Table Rustic Theme Baby Shower Decor

A Creative Woodland Themed Baby Shower

Artistic chair backs are such a subtle decor for a baby shower for girls. Use ribbon, tulle or other flexible material to create bows on the backs of all the chairs, or just decorate hers this way. Eucalyptus and paper cutouts are the perfect combination of boho and fantasy.

Pink might be the obvious choice for a baby shower…so why not consider purple? Fill the party venue with details in various shades of purple to create a royal paradise that the mother-to-be will love. This paper flower arch is a stunning baby shower decoration that is easy to make. Search Etsy for similar products or create your own!

Dessert Table Rustic Theme Baby Shower Decor

A heart-shaped wreath is a creative and meaningful way to decorate the space for a rustic or boho baby shower. Mom might even want to take it home to use in the nursery…and who can blame her?

Jackie’s Baby Shower —

The eco-conscious mom-to-be will appreciate the paper straws and other earthy details. Consider wildflowers instead of roses and reusable glass jars wrapped with twine (like these) instead of plastic cups.

Dessert Table Rustic Theme Baby Shower Decor

With thoughtful details. From a flower-filled bicycle to an intricately designed paper backdrop, this girl’s baby shower decor transports guests straight to Paris for the afternoon. of

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Every glam baby shower for girls should have these spread around the space: cake and cupcake table decorations, tied at the entrance and hanging from the guest of honor’s chair, for some ideas.

Dessert Table Rustic Theme Baby Shower Decor

Dessert Table Ideas To Make Your Wedding Reception Unforgettable

Girl mother having a daughter? She’ll probably want a double dose of pink. Paired with softer shades, nothing says ‘party’ like a hot pink punch all party long. Tastefully done, like with these balloons and flowers shown here, it’s a classic and fun way to celebrate the little girl on the way.

Paper, felt, wood or even flower petals can be used to create a mixed media rainbow that you can hang or prop at the party, and the mom-to-be can proudly display in the nursery later. These can also make a fun craft for guests to do together instead of or in addition to shower games.

Dessert Table Rustic Theme Baby Shower Decor

Get up and go for a lifetime of adventures for your little girl! This beautiful hot air balloon decoration is made with balloon twine and curly gift ribbon. Place a large one as a centerpiece or accent for the cake table, or place the smaller ones in the party room for a unique baby shower. Either way, it’s an incredibly quirky detail that’s easier to make than it looks and takes a standard balloon to new heights.

Best Baby Shower Decorations

Looking for more baby shower inspiration as you prepare for your little girl? Check out some of our other baby shower articles below:

Dessert Table Rustic Theme Baby Shower Decor

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Dessert Table Rustic Theme Baby Shower Decor

Designing Dessert Tables Best Tips & Advice (with Photos)

Disclaimer: The information on our website is NOT medical advice for any particular person or condition. It is intended as general information only. If you have medical questions and concerns about your child or you, please contact your health care provider. For those throwing a party to celebrate a newly arrived bundle of joy, we have some delicious inspiration to share with you today. One of the best parts of a holiday is the sweets, and lining a table with an assortment of those sweet morsels can be a lot of fun and a great way to enjoy the festivities. Below we’ve collected a variety of baby shower dessert tables that you can recreate at home for your event—and there are styles to suit a variety of visions!

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Catch My Party starts us off with a white inspiration. This setup works great for a nautical themed party or for those who like a minimal style. Use gold accents to add glam – such as with sprinkles or sugar filling on all sweets.

Dessert Table Rustic Theme Baby Shower Decor

How adorable is this little arrangement from Pretty My Party? We love the organic, vintage feel the style brings. But we love themed cakes even more, beautiful cakes and there are also sugary mooncakes to eat.

Honey Bee Themed Baby Shower Ideas For The Mommy To Bee

You can always just go with the donut theme. Not only does this make for some pretty cool decorating ideas, but when it comes to desserts – there’s only one way to do it. See more information on baby shower ideas.

Dessert Table Rustic Theme Baby Shower Decor

The Fabulous Moms Guide gives us a more traditional take on the baby shower dessert table. There are cookies in and on the glass, cupcakes, macarons and pink decorations on all the food. It’s a classic way to celebrate a baby on the way.

How adorable is this spread? If you’re thinking of having an airplane themed shower, or even if you decide to do trains, cars or boats, this is an amazing landscape to draw inspiration from. Thanks for the ideas The Quintessential Cake!

Dessert Table Rustic Theme Baby Shower Decor

First Birthday Dessert Table/full Month Dessert Table/baby Shower Dessert Table

Rustic style is in play, and that goes double for nursery transformations and the celebrations that come with them. Custom design Anders Ruff gives us beautiful inspiration to create a dessert table with little in mind. The cotton, the natural tones and even the way the cakes have a hint of that rusticity in their creation.

And Baby Showers Inc. gives us a whimsical and beautiful dessert table inspired by the sea. Cake, mini

Dessert Table Rustic Theme Baby Shower Decor

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