Dining Table Decor For Fall

Dining Table Decor For Fall – Take a Fall Dining Room Tour for tons of fall inspiration and easy seasonal decorating tips you can use in your own home. Simple ideas to help you add some warmth and coziness to your home this fall.

Welcome to the start of the fall journey home! Over the next few weeks I’ll be taking you on a tour of our entire home, all cozy for fall! Today I’m joining Marty from A Stroll Thru Life on his annual fall tour. This week, 6 homes will be featured each day full of beautiful fall decorating and design ideas. I always love the wide variety of design styles and homes that are shown, so there is definitely something for everyone. You can find the full schedule at the end of the post and I’ll be updating the links as the week progresses. I hope you get a chance to tour a bit!

Dining Table Decor For Fall

Dining Table Decor For Fall

If you come from Pink Peppermint Design, welcome! I’m so glad you’re here! I always love Tammy’s decorating style and look forward to seeing how she updates her home for the different seasons.

Natural Fall Tablescape

I’m sure you’ve already figured it out, but if not, today I’ll show you our dining room! Our dining room is the first room you see when you walk in the front door, so it’s usually the first room I start decorating with the seasons. The last couple of years I’ve been doing a more neutral fall color here, but this year I decided to stick with more traditional fall colors.

Dining Table Decor For Fall

I love all the rich, warm tones of fall, so it was fun to bring some of those colors back. Burnt orange, various shades of brown, and some deep golds and yellows fill the room and definitely create that fall feeling. As we tour our dining room, I thought I’d share some of my fall decorating tips and design processes with you. These tips can really be applied

Space in your home, so don’t just limit yourself to the dining room. A few small fall touches throughout the home can really add to the warmth and coziness that fall is known for. 🙂

Dining Table Decor For Fall

Easy Fall Centerpiece Ideas

If you’re looking to add some simple fall touches to your home, but aren’t sure where to start, I’ve put together some of my favorite fall decorating tips for you. Whether you’re decorating an entire room or a small corner or table, I hope these simple fall decorations will help inspire you to create something new.

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When decorating a room, I always like to start with some sort of inspiration piece to draw colors and ideas from. It can be a piece of art, a cushion, a pattern, tableware, anything really! For this year’s dining room, I found this table runner at HomeSense and loved the burnt orange color and nature-inspired pattern.

Dining Table Decor For Fall

If you love decorating with natural elements, fall is definitely the season for you! Take advantage of all the inspiration that nature has to offer and pull from the natural materials that bloom in autumn. Beautiful autumn leaves and foliage, golden wheat, acorns and pine cones, corn husks, pumpkins and squash – the possibilities are endless! Whatever your color scheme, you can always find an abundance of nature-inspired decor to match it.

New Family Room Fall Decor

This small centerpiece has a variety of natural elements and textures. I actually made a very similar centerpiece last year, but I loved it so much I had to do it again! The squirrels are one of my favorite bits and I love the sparkle of the amber glass bottles with the wheat. Metal acorns used to be part of some string lights I had, but unfortunately many of them broke. I really loved them so I removed the rest to use as accent pieces.

Dining Table Decor For Fall

Adding texture can really help create that warm and inviting feel while adding a lot of visual interest to your space. When we talk about adding texture, it simply means layering different fabrics, materials, colors and metals in a room. It’s easy to think about adding texture to a living room with rugs, pillows, or layered rugs, but you might not always think about it in the dining room.

I love using different napkins, rolled up tea towels, wooden elements, different fake stems and leaves and some fall specific decorations to give these elements texture. Add them to rooms that look bare or need a little extra detail. You can even add your own DIY touches, like these air dry clay sheets I added to a string of twinkle lights.

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Dining Table Decor For Fall

Easy Fall Decor Tips: Gorgeous & Simple Fall Inspiration For Your Home

I know I say it all the time, but printables are one of the easiest and most affordable ways to change up your holiday decor. You can find them online or on Etsy in almost any color scheme or style you like. I love making printables and have lots of free fall printables which you can find HERE. The pumpkin season printable I have in our cafeteria is from a couple of years ago, as are the fresh pumpkins on display with the owl cups. O

Printable is a new one I made this year that will be on the blog later this week.

Dining Table Decor For Fall

It’s a little hard to photograph well, so here’s a better look at the cafe.

Simple Fall Table Decor • Mindfully Gray

If you like to decorate your home for the different seasons, but don’t have room to buy a lot of seasonal items, look for pieces that can be used for several seasons and only change a little. I use a lot of basic neutral pieces throughout our home that are worn year-round and just add seasonal touches or pops of color. I have mostly white and wooden plates, bowls, serving plates, etc. in the kitchen and dining room and only change a few pieces according to the season.

Dining Table Decor For Fall

For this fall cafe, I added some fall leaves to our lighted Christmas trees by pulling leaves from a couple of fake stems I had and pushing them into the tips. I think I love it even more with the leaves as the lights give them such a pretty glow.

If you look back at past fall outings, you’ll see that I use a lot of the same pieces, but I just move them around the house to different rooms or use them in different ways. This keeps things fresh and “new” without buying seasonal decor pieces. The only new things I bought for the dining room this year were the table runner for our dining room table and the bowls you see in the cafeteria.

Dining Table Decor For Fall

Dining Room Ideas

If you tend to feel overwhelmed with decorating or just want to change up a space or two in your home, creating vignettes is a great way to stay on track. A vignette is simply a group of objects that you put together to create a selected exposure. They can be made on a shelf, on a table, on a tray, in any small space that you want to add a seasonal touch to. I always use our dining room sideboard as well as the small tray table in the corner to make a sort of seasonal vignette.

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This year I set up a little “coffee bar” on our dresser. I have a coffee bar in quotes because it’s actually more of a hot chocolate or steamed milk bar since I don’t actually drink coffee. The coffee shop just sounds better and we have coffee syrup. lol! I bought a new milk steamer this year that we use ALL the time so I needed a good place to go. I’ll post more about this, and some cute DIY coffee syrup labels, in another post, so I’ll go into a little more detail then.

Dining Table Decor For Fall

In the opposite corner of the room is this little table that I usually have a drinks bar of sorts set up with our ladder. I bought this owl tea set a few years ago now from our local supermarket and I still love it. It was one of those random, inexpensive finds that just makes me happy!

How To Decorate A Dining Table For Fall

This year the space is more for extra storage as we have the cafeteria installed in the sideboard, but it’s a good place for extra cups and supplies.

Dining Table Decor For Fall

One of the best things about having shorter days in the fall is that there is more time for twinkling lights! Adding candles or candles to your dining room is the perfect way to create a warm and cozy atmosphere.

I personally like to mix and match eyeshadows whenever I can, for all seasons! I used some in our centerpiece, our coffee shop

Dining Table Decor For Fall

A Simple Beautiful Way To Decorate Your Dining Table For Fall — 2 Ladies & A Chair

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