Diwali Table Decor

Diwali Table Decor – Diwali is just around the corner again and I’m trying to come up with some new Diwali decorating ideas for my home this year. Now I understand that ‘new’ doesn’t mean ‘never done before’. It usually means ‘to ride another way’. Isn’t that what we usually do? use the same

And I thought the best way to create a lot of different looks was to use a lot of heads to think about them. So I contacted my favorite decorators and asked for help. Festivals are a time to reach out to people and celebrate with them, so I can’t help but say that. You would think that since we are all doing the same thing in the same place, we would be ‘competing’ with each other and at each other’s throats, right? This is what I expected when I started blogging 2 years ago. I was very pleasantly surprised to find that I was completely wrong.

Diwali Table Decor

Diwali Table Decor

All these women are not just amazing decorators, but strong women and beautiful people. They are always enthusiastic and willing to help. And here they are today, with their favorite Diwali decor ideas that always work for them.

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I’ve never seen so many beautiful photos and so much inspiration in one place. This post will give you many Diwali decor ideas for your entire home. So, let’s cut to the chase… Here are my favorite decor bloggers, in alphabetical order, sharing with us their top Diwali decor ideas.

Diwali Table Decor

Diwali is the happiest time of the year. Festivals and celebrations go hand in hand in India. So when Ritika came up with this idea of ​​sharing Diwali decor ideas on her blog, I enthusiastically accepted the invitation.

Diwali is my favorite festival. I like to go the extra mile to make it memorable for my family and friends. The first thing is to decide the color palette. I sew some pillow covers and use other DIYs for accessories in similar colors. Rugs and drapes also reflect selected tones for a cohesive look.

Diwali Table Decor

Diwali Celebrations With Diy, Decor, Delights And More!

Flowers are great for calming an overactive mind and rejuvenating our spirits during the festive rush, so I keep them in every corner of my house.

Sometimes it’s brass and sometimes it’s silver for me that plays an important role in creating festive vignettes. This year I plan to bring my brass utensils as opposed to last year when I showed silver cutlery.

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Diwali Table Decor

My table will glow with a warm atmosphere. Candles and diyas will be used around the centerpiece which I will make using string and flower lights.

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Here’s what I plan to do this Diwali. I wish you all a very happy and prosperous Diwali.

Diwali Table Decor

Disha shares amazing DIYs, decorating tips and homemade tours on her blog, Design, Decor and Disha. You can connect with her on Instagram.

Traditionally used in southern India. Sorting them is quick and easy. All you need is some water, pretty flowers/petals and some floating candles.

Diwali Table Decor

It’s Lit! Dazzling Diwali Party Ideas Your Guests Will Love

Many homes use flower rangoli which is very easy to make. You can use different colored flowers and petals to make them.

Divya shares tons of amazing DIY and decorating ideas on ‘DesiDIY’. You can connect with her on Instagram.

Diwali Table Decor

This year for Diwali, I’m looking to wear jewel tones with hints of gold. Ruby and emerald tones with gold accents added by vintage brass I’ve collected or inherited over the years.

Diya Decoration Ideas For Home

One idea for Diwali that never fails me is to put my vintage bronze and silver items on a big thala (plate) with flowers, candles or fairy and viola lights! My intention is to create a subtle festive vibe.

Diwali Table Decor

Fabric the sofa for a hint of ruby ​​red. Emerald and blue pillows complete the picture for me. This is now my festive home screen and I will continue to add some elements as Diwali day approaches. Maybe more candles, incense burners and plants.

Hemal shares new product discoveries, design ideas and DIYs on his blog ‘Villa Marigold’. You can connect with her on Instagram.

Diwali Table Decor

Top Diwali Decor Ideas From The Best In The Business • One Brick At A Time

One decorating idea that always works for me during Diwali is rich fabrics with brass accents and flowers. This Diwali I also played with fairy lights – it brings magic and gives a whimsical feeling.

, a holy lamp. I usually like to keep a flower when I decorate it for Diwali. So last year I went with jasmine garland.

Diwali Table Decor

A Kerala lamp that most South Indian homes have. I usually use these two lamps during festivals.

Best Diwali Decorations

With floating flowers (floating candles are also an option). While I love traditional decor, I also like to freshen things up, so I added lanterns and candles to the mix when styling my coffee table.

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Diwali Table Decor

Nine shares design projects and decorating tips on her blog ‘House of 9 Design’. You can connect with her on Instagram.

For my mother-in-law and I, Diwali is yet another excuse to add something new to our decoration collection. As our home has a typical Indian flair, we use these few guidelines for our decor.

Diwali Table Decor

Diwali Decoration Ideas: Simple Yet Creative Ways For Decorations At Homehousing News

1. Fresh flowers like marigolds, marigolds, gladioli, gerbera etc. and brass are a match made in heaven. Not only can you keep them on the shore, they also look great floating in the water.

3. Fairy lights add an interesting dimension to this festival. You can put them in mason jars, old wine bottles, lanterns, flower pots… just about anything.

Diwali Table Decor

My favorite corner in our home is the living room where the intricately carved bronze Ganesha, Buddha and Tara idols happily co-exist with a huge brass urli. I work this corner every year with strands of marigolds and pitch/roses and floating LED candles.

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The beautiful Buddha statue on the sideboard is flanked by an antique tall lassi glass and a beautiful handcrafted ceramic vase/tray. MIL simply decorated with fresh leaves from her garden. I love this elegant space.

Diwali Table Decor

Lakshmi Puja is installed in the family room and again has indoor plants, fresh flower bouquets, fairy lights and lots of cutlery.

On Neha’s blog ‘Art by Armaya’ you can find new products, interesting DIYs and beautiful walks around the house. You can connect with her on Instagram.

Diwali Table Decor

Brunch Table Setting Ideas For Diwali

We can smell the air in the days leading up to Diwali. I love the excitement it brings and my favorite part of the festival is decorating our house with some bling, jazz, glitz and glam. My home decor style is globally desi, eclectic with boho touches in some corners, so you’ll find a mix of traditional and modern style adorning my coffee table or table.

Being out of India makes me miss marigolds right now, which somehow means Diwali. I remember my mom’s stairs, entryway, puja room – all decorated with bright yellow marigolds and that heady smell always with us. So to recreate scenes from my childhood here in Canada, I always try to add a touch of yellow marigold somehow. As you can see from the pictures, my daughter helped me make these DIY paper marigolds and they look great against the backdrop.

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Diwali Table Decor

Of course, my decor would never be complete without Buddha and Ganesha, so they go together when I create my vignettes. They definitely add a sense of calm and peace!

Best Diwali Decoration Ideas For Your Home

Nupur blogs about decor, travel and snippets of her personal life on ‘Life Across the Seven Seas’. You can connect with her on Instagram.

Diwali Table Decor

Brass is my everyday gold… I use it often and sometimes unnecessarily. Gorgeous golds and sparkles that highlight the glamorous side of the season are my surefire way to get into festival mode.

Not that our house needs any help in the department, but Diwali is definitely wonderful. With an assortment of charming brass pieces in our possession, I need no better excuse than Diwali to decorate my home with brass galore.

Diwali Table Decor

Awe Inspiring Office Decoration Ideas For Diwali

The impeccable and super stylish look of our brass reflects the season’s traditional tone. Without burning a hole in our pockets, what I do is update my options and palettes with the same pieces I’ve been wearing each season.

The most suitable pieces are combined with complementary accessories to enjoy the dress up game during the festive season.

Diwali Table Decor

You can explore many beautiful Indian homes with your own blog, Pinky’s Passion, ‘Pinky’s Passion’. You can connect with her on Instagram.

Handcrafted Pom Pom Pearl Rangoli Set Diwali Party

Diwali is the only time you can take completely crazy ideas and look creative instead of crazy. In keeping with my non-store-bought decorative rules this year, I wanted to create a great centerpiece for the coffee table. I found dried pods from this coconut tree by the side of the road.

Diwali Table Decor

It wasn’t very old, as there was hardly any dust in it. a quick clean

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