Diy Christmas Table Decoration

Diy Christmas Table Decoration – Looking for an eco-friendly, low-waste DIY Christmas table? Check out these awesome yet achievable Christmas table decorations that you can recreate with things you probably already have around the house. It’s simple but beautiful and perfect for an eco-friendly, stress-free vacation.

Raise your hand if you’re always short on time and wage a war against clutter. Hello, it’s me, your favorite hot espresso.

Diy Christmas Table Decoration

Diy Christmas Table Decoration

As I write this, I’m looking at a lot of Halloween decorations that are now actively stalking our home and somehow haven’t made it back into the attic even though we’re well into November.

Quick Christmas Table Decorations That You Can Easily Diy

I absolutely love the holidays and I obsessively and enthusiastically decorate for them all. I love to entertain the family, create a little magic for the kids and generally spread joy. But I hate how long it takes to take it all out and pile it back into whatever pile of decent clutter it came from.

Diy Christmas Table Decoration

I set out to create DIY Christmas table decorations that would tick several key boxes for me:

Inspiration struck me almost immediately while I was carrying groceries home. We live in Charleston, South Carolina and have a magnolia tree in our front yard. Magnolia trees have broad, glossy green leaves with a velvety rust-colored underside that make them a favorite Southern decorative material for Lowcountry weddings and holiday wreaths. Why not incorporate something from the front yard into a show-stopping garland?

Diy Christmas Table Decoration

Get Holiday Ready With 3 Easy Diy Dollar Tree Christmas Centerpieces!

I love foraging and using materials that are local to my area, but you can absolutely recreate these DIY Christmas table decorations with different plants that thrive where you live. Medlar leaves are the same size and would also work well for place cards. Boxwood and pine would make equally beautiful garlands. And a variegated pittosporum (a popular hedge choice) would be great.

If you need to supplement your garland material (don’t harvest so much that you kill your magnolia tree), try to choose something that can be easily recycled or dried, like baby’s breath or eucalyptus.

Diy Christmas Table Decoration

I’ve also noticed how many books are thrown away every year and pile up in thrift stores, so I’ve been keen to use some unwanted novels as material for creative crafts. For this Christmas tablescape, I used vintage books to create individual, in-depth book pages as a DIY table runner.

Diy Christmas Decorations: 12 Tabletop Christmas Trees Free Ebook

I highly recommend that you make sure that the pages of your table runner book do not contain raunchy love scenes. The first book I chose for this DIY would have been a pretty outrageous and awkward conversation starter.

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Diy Christmas Table Decoration

There are so many options for making DIY Christmas table decorations. Here are some of my favorites and the ones I used for this DIY Christmas table.

I have outlined the steps I took to prepare this DIY Christmas table. Use it as a guide if you want, but always make it your own with things you already have on hand.

Diy Christmas Table Decoration

How To Make A Simple Holiday Dining Room Table Centerpiece • Our House Now A Home

Remove labels from your yogurt jars or jars with Goo Gone. Then wash and dry, or use a blow dryer to speed up this part.

When the glasses are dry, you can decorate them as you like with your gold pen. You can also tie them with ribbon, spray paint or etch the glass if you like. When the paint is dry, place a votive candle in each jar and set aside.

Diy Christmas Table Decoration

Remove a few pages from the book you designated for the table path. Place the sides in the center of the table to determine the best setting for their width, and remember to also consider the plates and settings for the site.

Diy Christmas Decorations

Mine was a farmhouse table, so two sides placed side by side lengthwise was the ideal width. I chose to arrange them with the broken edges outwards for a smoother look. Then you need to decide if you want your table runner to run along the sides of the table or fit the length of the table.

Diy Christmas Table Decoration

Glue the pages of your book together to make your table runner, remember you want to flip it over so the tape side isn’t showing. (If your table runner doesn’t stick to the sides, you may not need much, if any, tape.) This should only take a few minutes.

Use a damp cloth to clean the sheets you will use for your place cards. Let it dry for a while and then use the paint pen to write the names of your guests.

Diy Christmas Table Decoration

Beautiful Diy Festive Ideas To Decorate Your Main Table This Christmas

Time to make your wreath! This will be the most intense part of this DIY. Measure your string or twine to the desired length of your garland. If you’re short on time, remember that you can make shorter pieces of garland to fit between artfully arranged old books instead of one that covers the entire table.

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Gather small sections of vegetation next to the stems and secure them by twisting the wire around the stems and then wrapping it around the wire. Place each section on top of the section before it to hide any exposed wires or cords. Repeat this process until you have made your garland to the desired length, remembering that you can always camouflage any bare spots once the tablescape is complete. (Don’t obsess over this step.)

Diy Christmas Table Decoration

Add your old books or books rescued from your private library in artistic stacks along your table, remembering that people will likely be able to easily see your centerpieces and talk.

Diy Christmas Table Setting And Centerpiece • Ugly Duckling House

Place your glass holders in your books and fill in any bare or weak spots in your garland by tucking in extra leaves.

Diy Christmas Table Decoration

Glue the coloring book pages to the children’s individual utensils and add the crayons to a bundle of string or an extra glass yogurt pot.

Last but not least, you need to set your table. Add the place cards, light your candles and pour yourself a glass of wine. You did it!

Diy Christmas Table Decoration

Easy Christmas Centerpiece Ideas

After your festive night, it’s time to responsibly dispose of your DIY Christmas table decorations (or save what you can use again in the future).

Blow out the candles and set them aside for another use. Add the book pages to your recycling bin or compost pile. As long as you haven’t taken any pages out of vintage books, you can use them for decorations elsewhere or donate them to a thrift store that another collector or DIYer might appreciate.

Diy Christmas Table Decoration

Save the silverware for another party or lend it to a neighbor who can use it for their gathering. You can also re-donate them to a thrift store or even offer them in a Buy Nothing group. I bet they would catch on quickly, especially if you showed them the pictures of the tablescape you made with them.

How To Make A Stunning Mercury Glass Centerpiece

Recycle the jars for your next party, throw them in the recycling or use them to organize office supplies. Alternatively, fill the glasses with water and add some of the vegetable sprigs and ribbons from your garland. Drop by your neighbor’s door for a random act of kindness.

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Diy Christmas Table Decoration

Take your garland apart and toss it in the compost, or enjoy it for a while by moving it to your mantle or front entry. If you used eucalyptus as filler like I did, you can also make a eucalyptus flax spray or compostable dried eucalyptus wreath.

Remove the tape from your table runner and dispose of it in the recycling station. Put your vintage books back on the shelves or donate them, toss the napkins in the laundry and add the place cards to the compost pile. Add the coloring pages to your fridge or reuse them as wrapping paper for grandma’s gift. It’s that easy!

Diy Christmas Table Decoration

How To Make 5 Easy Christmas Table Decor Diy Ideas

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Diy Christmas Table Decoration

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Best Diy Christmas Centerpieces

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Diy Christmas Table Decoration

If you’re like me, I love decorating my table for the Christmas holidays. In return, you can buy new centrepieces, card holders etc

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