Diy Decorating A Cake Table

Diy Decorating A Cake Table – I can’t tell you how much time I’ve spent looking at beautiful dessert tables on pinterest. And I was like, wait a minute, how do we transport all of this? When will we have time to cook this dish? It’s an outdoor wedding, how do we avoid mistakes? And this dessert doesn’t charge overnight, so how do we do that?

You can find all kinds of information on how to create a color scheme or add height to your items, but I’m having a hard time finding answers to my less interesting questions. If you want to build your own dessert table, I hope this post explains everything!

Diy Decorating A Cake Table

Diy Decorating A Cake Table

I decided to keep it simple. There are some great dessert tables out there with 20 different options, but I knew I wanted to keep it under 5 types of dessert (not including our mini cake) for practicality. It is easier to make a lot of a few items than a small number of many items.

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Plus, tons of rice krispie snacks piled on your desk will make you look like a drug lord.

Diy Decorating A Cake Table

Evan and I picked a few favorites that we liked. For example, my mom’s homemade rice pudding is a must-have for me, and Evan’s must-haves are his mom’s chocolate/toffee/pecan candies (which they call “Hans Pecans”). We also brainstorm with our family to make other delicious dishes.

Since our desserts required a trip to another city, we tried to choose something strong enough. There’s nothing to break, or anything that’s too smooth to crumble. And if you’re having your wedding outside and the sun is hot, don’t let your stuff melt!

Diy Decorating A Cake Table

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Plus, we wanted something that would freeze well because we knew we had to make it first! It really helps. Some of the items we made on the weekend and froze, and with a 3 hour drive, we’ll have them thawed before summer. If you decide to do this, test your product beforehand to make sure it doesn’t freeze.

Get help!!! My mom made rice krispies and lemon bars, Evan’s mom made Hans Pecans and brown sugar poundcake bars, and my grandma made banana muffins. Don’t try to cook it yourself – one person’s ovens aren’t enough to run it! Don’t forget to get help wrapping anything that needs wrapping (you’ll see our cake is already wrapped). Throwing a scarf/dessert party is so much fun 🙂

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Diy Decorating A Cake Table

You’ll see several s’mores packages above – this is our favorite! When we make our knot, we wrap it.

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I really try to reduce decorating costs as much as possible. No, I didn’t rent a crystal dessert stand or go antique shopping to find the perfect mix of eclectic dishes. I borrow – A LOT. Most of the cake stands you see here are from our wonderful friends and family. We just had to buy a few things, which I don’t think are bad because we will use them in the future. We staged the dessert by mixing white and clear cake stands.

Diy Decorating A Cake Table

Struggling to add height to your look? Be creative! Our main cake stand sits on an upside-down stool I found at Homegoods, and the 2 cake stools on either side aren’t actually stands, but slabs attached to candle holders! Very cheap and easy.

If you’re having an outdoor wedding, keep in mind that bugs can be a problem. So we wrap our wet/sticky stuff separately and have a cake dome to cover things. Yes, we had a few unopened items, but they were “harder” (rice chips and mini muffins) and they held up well, no issues with bugs. It helps to have a pleasant breeze throughout the night, not in the summer.

Diy Decorating A Cake Table

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If you’re worried, you can of course wrap each type of dessert individually or cover the whole thing with a dome and then remove the dome at dessert time after dinner. Also, if you have fans in your place, you can place fans near the tables to help keep away insects. Again, this wasn’t a big deal for us since it wasn’t the middle of summer and there was a light breeze, so our “less wet/sticky” method of leaving it uncovered worked well.

That’s the fun part – all the little pinterest-y details that make a dessert table unique. Of course, a big part of it for us is that it’s all homemade, but even if you buy everything at the store, it’s totally yours, you can make it feel 100% you. For this, we used a table top that my mom made to match our runners, I made custom signs that said what the item was and who made it, and we had little Toki Doki cake toppers, which are fun because we’re such geeks. Have fun with it!

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Diy Decorating A Cake Table

A dessert table is also a great place to display bouquets after the ceremony! Because it’s so beautiful, but who wants to carry something that big? Placing it on the cake table makes all the pictures and looks really cool.

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Since we built the dessert tables ourselves, filling the desserts, keeping the tables clean, storing the forks, etc. For practical things like: Talk to vendors, family or friends who can take care of these items! We have hired additional servers through our catering company to help monitor the tables. This is definitely a small detail that you don’t want to forget.

Diy Decorating A Cake Table

Hope this post helped with the logistics of building your own dessert table! If you have any questions let me know and I’ll do my best 🙂

If you love crafting, enjoy tons of silliness and skill-oriented high fives, and you’ll want to check out the random stream of cool stuff we create in new content every week. Molly Allen was a former bakery owner with experience in wedding bookings and also a former event planner. She is now a freelance writer focusing on lifestyle, travel and food and drink.

Diy Decorating A Cake Table

Take A Look At This Gorgeous Rustic Wedding Dessert Table

You’ve chosen your theme and nailed down your color palette. Thus, most of the wedding decorations can be solved. But while you’re planning your beautiful table setting and flower arrangement, don’t forget to consider where your wedding cake will be displayed.

The decision may seem small, but your cake display is an important decorative detail. That’s why we consulted with experts Summer Newman and Tamara Stahlheber to offer tips and inspiration for your wedding cake look.

Diy Decorating A Cake Table

“A cake table is so important because it helps complete the room,” says Newman. “It’s part of the decor and creates an overall atmosphere that affects the guest experience.”

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Easy 21 Diy Cake Stand Ideas You Can Make — Sugar & Cloth

When you’re looking for the best way to show off your wedding sweetness, start over. Newman suggests using a linen-covered table and a simple cake stand to let the cake shine on its own. “If you want a minimalist cake, rent beautiful linens or a special table that doesn’t need linens. A lot of tenants have unique furniture and items that you can make into a cake,” she says.

Diy Decorating A Cake Table

Cake tables can come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors depending on what you want to see. According to Stalheber, using a vintage table offers a unique and beautiful option. “One of the most unique cake tables we’ve used is an antique brass swan head table that sits next to a beautiful pond at Grassini Family Vineyards,” she says.

Before adding decorations to the table? In fact, anything you want to add will do. Match your wedding aesthetic by adding candles or adding lots of flowers. “I love to see flowers around the cake table, on the cake table or on the cake table,” says Newman. “If you don’t know what to do, most florists will be more than happy to help you print flowers for your cake table.” But remember, dressing the cake table also means edible decorations. Your favorite desserts or items can also be easily grabbed by guests and brought back to the dance floor,” adds Stalheber.

Diy Decorating A Cake Table

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Ready to find some inspiration for your wedding cake table? Read on for 31 of our favorite ideas.

Talk about making a statement! Use a wooden base and surround your cake with lots of greenery for a beautiful natural look.

Diy Decorating A Cake Table

Planning on different flavored cakes? Find out what your guests will be serving for dessert! A little sign can make a cake table even more charming.

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Diy Decorating A Cake Table

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