Diy Decorative Cable Reel Painted Table

Diy Decorative Cable Reel Painted Table – I managed to catch a big drum in a pretty good position and decided to try setting up a table outside.

Take your drum and decide which is best for the table top and bottom. Often one side will be better.

Diy Decorative Cable Reel Painted Table

Diy Decorative Cable Reel Painted Table

Dig out the ingrown nail, then wash it thoroughly with a wood cleaner or washing-up liquid.

Cable Reel/drum Table With Custom Design

The next step is to trim the excess material from the table legs. I just picked a smart spot where all the nails etc were placed and then measured how far it was from the edge of the drum. Then I just go around and mark that length all the way around to get my cut line.

Diy Decorative Cable Reel Painted Table

Once this is done, you can drill some pilot holes to get the jigsaw going. My blade wasn’t very long so I had to finish it off with a scroll saw

For the top, you can fill nail holes or wood cracks. I just used wood glue mixed with sand dust. Once dry, sandpaper again to remove excess glue

Diy Decorative Cable Reel Painted Table

Wooden Cable Spool Turned French Wall Script — The Other Side Of Neutral

When you’re happy with the table, apply primer to the table legs and posts, then paint. Apply 2-3 coats of good exterior paint.

For the top, I wanted to try the homemade paint I read about. The first step is to pour the 0000 steel wool into a container filled with vinegar and leave it for 2-3 days. If the steel has not started to rust, lift it up for about 5 minutes and put it back. Make sure the container is not completely sealed and is in a well-ventilated room, as this will generate hydrogen. space When you’re ready to paint, prepare another pot filled with two tea bags and let it cool.

Diy Decorative Cable Reel Painted Table

Spread the tea on the table and let it dry. Then apply the vinegar mixture (squeeze first). This mixture reacts with the tannins in the tea to age the wood. Allow a few hours for the process to complete.

Me, You And Magoo: Diy Project To Make You Fall In Love With Wooden Cable Reels

I then applied 5 coats of marine poly and finished off by sanding between each coat. It’s a polyethylene exterior, so it’s darker than I expected, but it doesn’t look too bad.

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Diy Decorative Cable Reel Painted Table

Now I have some extra wood to play with that I can use to make a proper bench.

Here is the final table. I also removed the bolt and sanded it down a bit. True story. Thirteen years ago, when I first started dating MMM, I remember my house being full of junk and thrift finds. I jokingly told him about it, testing the waters, or perhaps subconsciously trying to prepare him for a do-it-yourself approach. I am grateful that he “got me” and I love that he sees me in a different light. While many see it as a worthless, disposable item, I find it fun and a creative challenge.

Diy Decorative Cable Reel Painted Table

Upcycled Furniture For Sale

As I shared with you recently, I haven’t decorated much here in the past few years. But I guess some things never change. I learned about this cable when I saw it in front of a local business

Where were you going? Another “garbage artifact” found my house.

Diy Decorative Cable Reel Painted Table

Barn wood is all the rage right now with Fixer Upper and other popular decorating shows showcasing the modern farmhouse look. Trendy or not, I can’t resist the sloppy warmth and texture it brings to a space. If you’re like me and wondering how to rock this trend, this post is for you.

Diy Coffee Table Ideas

I found it on the side of the road. Inexpensive rough wood will work to create that rough weathered grain look. Cable reels, pallet boards or old fence boards can look great and authentic with this technique.

Diy Decorative Cable Reel Painted Table

After cleaning the cable reel with TSP and hot water, let it dry 100%. The MMM pulley holes were then filled with wood screws. I used Bondo to fill the gaps around the studs and then sanded to even it out. I wanted my base color to be white, so I painted it with White BIN Shellac Primer. Your base color is the color you will see after sanding and distressing the piece. It doesn’t have to be a primer and you can choose any color.

The key to creating this barn wood look is layering. I did General Finishes in Cardamom Brown. I then applied the glitter mixed with the darker Burnt Umber craft paint. In the end I settled on a generic black lamp. Tip – Any color from light to dark can be used. For example, apply medium gray, dark gray, then black to light gray. Since it is fake, any color can be used to match your decor. The goal is to cover the spool with paint while layering the colors.

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Diy Decorative Cable Reel Painted Table

Stencil A Rustic Side Table

This is where the magic happens. After the paint dried, I used 180 grit sandpaper to create a wood finish on the textured barn. The less sand, the less dirty it will look. The more sand it gets, the more weathered it looks.

To create a more authentic barn wood look, I used heart and wood planks to paint the boards. I could have stopped there, but I decided to use a 1/8″ circular saw to create a real looking fake board.

Diy Decorative Cable Reel Painted Table

The table was waxed, but if I were to do this project again, I would choose flat polyethylene. Even though I didn’t paint the wax, it’s still a bit more shiny than I’d like. A flat poly like General Finishes Flaton Flat would be my first choice next time.

Beautiful And Adaptable Spool Table Designs

The base for this table is made from a table base I traded in a few years ago. It’s been in my inventory for a few years and I’m glad I finally found the perfect match for it. It was painted with bone marrow white chalk style paint for an overall finish and protected with Annie Sloan clear wax. To attach the top of the coil to the base, I simply attach it from the bottom.

Diy Decorative Cable Reel Painted Table

Here is my finished side table. It fits perfectly in the corner of my living room between my love seat and the sofa. I love how this side table adds interest and color to my living room.

What do you think of this faux barn wood pulley makeover? Notice the new watermark on some of the photos? I’ve been playing around with the new watermark/logo and would love to hear your thoughts. Hey…thanks for “having me” if I haven’t already. 🙂 Happy photography friends!

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Diy Decorative Cable Reel Painted Table

Diy Wire Spool Coffee Table

WHAT DOES IT SEE? SUBSCRIBE TO ALL SALVATION INSPIRATION SO YOU DON’T MISS IT! FOLLOW PINTEREST, GOOGLE+ & FACEBOOK FOR MORE INSPIRATION! I’m a big fan of skips and the value they can hold. I’m always amazed at the things people throw away.

If it’s a real piece of junk, beyond repair or too far gone to save, but some things still work or need a little TLC or are crying out for recycling, I’m all for it.

Diy Decorative Cable Reel Painted Table

I also understand that people don’t realize the potential of some things. My skipping habit has also affected my friends, I’m sure they all think I’m crazy, but I’m constantly calling, texting, even knocking on their doors telling them about my missed finds. So far I’ve salvaged chairs, old sideboards, 1930s doors, shelves and cable trays. My wonderful friend Joe rescued this spool of cable for me last year and I’ve been waiting to put it to good use ever since.

Diy Faux Barn Wood

When I got the chance to work again at The Nest Cafe, near my home in Gateshead, I was a bit giddy at the prospect. I’ll be posting about the whole project soon, but just to whet your appetite I wanted to show you one of my favorite creations.

Diy Decorative Cable Reel Painted Table

A fairly standard cable reel, it has a solid wood core, some are just cardboard, so check the condition carefully before trying to salvage.

I sanded it and removed the rough edges because I was going to use it in the kids play area.

Diy Decorative Cable Reel Painted Table

Make A Fabulous Outdoor Table From A Wooden Cable Spool

I then painted it black with RustOleum chalkboard paint for an easy urban look and extra play space for the kids.

The playground has a fake grass floor, so I used a cutout for the top. I used regular PVA glue, but you can use floor glue or spray glue.

Diy Decorative Cable Reel Painted Table

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