Diy Gold Star Table Decor

Diy Gold Star Table Decor – All I really want for the holidays is more sparkle. Metallic, glitter, iridescent – I’ll take them all! So when Fiskers asked me what I could do with their Star Thick Material Shapepunch, I knew it had to have lots of glitter and glitter. Stars are also a perfect way to decorate the table for Christmas or New Year’s Eve. So I combined colored paper with lots of glitter to make DIY metallic and glitter table star confetti! Use them as an informal table runner or to decorate a bar or buffet!

They are one of my favorite things year round, but especially when the holidays come around. They echo the clear and crisp winter night skies, the twinkling lights of Christmas trees and add a sense of warmth to the cold winter months. Star punches come in three sizes – small (1″), medium (1.5″), and large (2″) – and create a great effect when scattered across the table. And these Fisker layers are perfect for working with all my favorite craft materials, like cardboard, card stock, canvas, cork board, and more! I went with a non-traditional color palette of white, pale pink, hot pink, and blue cardstock mixed with metallics, but you could make lots of stars in different colors of the same color for an ombre effect – or make a rainbow table of all. Make the runner with lots of stars to color! Well, chances are!

Diy Gold Star Table Decor

Diy Gold Star Table Decor

Did you see the beautiful gold leaf rainbow above? It has exotic red gold leaves and is ridiculously beautiful. It actually looks like copper leaf, which is perfect for me, and looks amazing against the pale navy paper. In addition to variegated leaves, I used traditional gold, silver and copper leaves as well as similar metals in the form of liquid leaves. With liquid leaves, I wanted to try stars in an abstract brushstroke pattern with three metals: gold, silver and copper. Alloy wins!

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And of course I couldn’t resist adding glitter stars made by layering iridescent cellophane over card stock. I also threw some star shapes on this bright white mylar, which looks even more shiny and sparkly in real life than in the picture! I might have gone

Diy Gold Star Table Decor

Lots of stuff in this project – I couldn’t help myself! The good news is that you can simplify things and get the same great results! A table covered in sparkling white stars would be great for New Years, or if time is tight use easy-to-apply liquid gilding! When it comes to metallic glitter, you can’t go wrong.

Card stock in your favorite color palette (I used white, pale pink, hot pink and dark blue)

Diy Gold Star Table Decor

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Place 2″ strips of metallic leaf on a sheet of card stock, following package directions for using gold and copper leaf, and leaving about 1-2 inches of space between each piece of metallic leaf. Application of metallic leaf usually involves applying a thin layer of gilding glue with a paintbrush, allowing it to dry until clear and hard, applying a thin sheet of metallic leaf, and then brushing off excess metallic leaf with a clean paintbrush.

I used my Fiskers Original-handled scissors before applying to the paper to minimize waste and get maximum coverage from each metal leaf sheet. Each 2″ strip of steel uses about half a sheet of steel leaf. I wanted an invisible paint pattern, so I gave the system a free adhesive, but if you want a cleaner look, you can use washi tape to stick straight lines.

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Diy Gold Star Table Decor

Fiskars Original-Handled Scissors are my all-time favorite scissors to use for crafting! They are known for their quality and accuracy and I have been using them for as long as I can remember. Can you believe these famous scissors are celebrating their 50th anniversary next year!?

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Using a 1″ paint brush, apply liquid gilding to a sheet of card stock in an abstract pattern. I mixed long brush strokes on thin paper and short brush strokes on other papers. I also layered small brushes of liquid silver rolled over the gold and copper shimmer for added dimension. The whole thing is meant to be opaque and paintable, so have fun with whatever pattern you choose!

Diy Gold Star Table Decor

Use Fiskars original-handled scissors to cut 2″ strips of glitter cellophane. Apply a thin layer of PVA glue to one side of the iridescent cellophane and apply the cellophane to a sheet of card stock. Allow the glue to dry completely.

Step 1. Using a paper trimmer or Fisker’s Original-Handled Scissors, cut each letter-sized piece of card stock into thirds, so that each piece of paper measures approximately 3.6″ x 8.5″. I used the ProCision Rotary Bypass Trimmer to cut three sheets of card stock at once, which really helped save time!

Diy Gold Star Table Decor

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Step 2. Use the Star Thick Shape Punch to cut out the star shape on the paper. I made sure to punch the paper so that some of the star shapes were about half metallic or iridescent, as well as uncoated cardstock. You will usually have enough space between the main star shapes to make multiple stars from the same sheet of paper.

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Step 3. Sprinkle stars in the middle of your table or next to any pitchers or punch bowls at your bar. Add some flowers and votive candles – and have a great party!

Diy Gold Star Table Decor

These metallic and glittery star shapes are a great way to decorate your holiday table, don’t you think? And such an easy way to add a fun sparkle to your holiday or New Year’s Eve party!

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Diy Gold Star Table Decor

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