Diy Harry Potter Table Decor

Diy Harry Potter Table Decor – Grab your wands because we’re going to Hogwarts! Hop on the Hogwarts Express and get ready to choose your house! Are you a loyal Hufflepuff, a creative Ravenclaw, an ambitious Slytherin or a brave Gryffindor? Put on your sorting hat and find out!

Turn your child and your guests from muggles to wizards with our Harry Potter party ideas! We have suggestions for everything from invitations to activities that will ensure a mystical birthday party that no one will forget!

Diy Harry Potter Table Decor

Diy Harry Potter Table Decor

Unless you have access to a postal delivery owl, you’ll probably have to send your invitations as a muggle. Use this personalized invitation and seal the envelope with a personalized sticker inviting all “Witches and Wizards”.

Harry Potter Table Decor Ideas

If you want to add a little something extra to your invitations, you can include a Hogwarts Express ticket and seal it with a red wax seal like the one Harry received.

Diy Harry Potter Table Decor

Decorating a Harry Potter themed party is easy! No need for house elves, just use the house colors to create a magical food table that would make a wizard proud.

Start with black plastic tablecloths to create a curtain behind the table. Add red (Gryffindor), yellow (Hufflepuff), blue (Ravenclaw), and green (Slytherin) plastic tablecloths and tie them in the middle to look like house signs. You can find images of the house coat of arms online and add them to the posters, or you can download and print the ones you see in the photos.

Diy Harry Potter Table Decor

How To Make Harry Potter Stockings Out Of Paper!

A sorting hat makes a great table accessory when it’s not being used to sort guests into their homes. Vintage-looking suitcases can serve as a centerpiece, but also as a place to place a tray of food or treats.

Using Harry Potter tableware to create a Hogwarts-themed tablescape with house crests printed on plates and napkins. Display some of the gifts in a mug that shimmers with gold washi tape and make sure everyone gets a pair of Harry’s glasses to wear during the party.

Diy Harry Potter Table Decor

Bring a bit of Daigon Alley to your party by setting up Gringotts Bank and Honeydukes booths complete with Gringotts coins and Sherbet lemons (Professor Dumbledore’s favourite!). With a little magic of your own, you can transform lemonade stands into these iconic buildings from history.

Best Ever Harry Potter Party Ideas • Sarah Blooms

If you really want your guests to feel like they’re dining in the Great Hall, cover your walls with medieval stone wallpaper. This wallpaper instantly transforms any space to look like a castle.

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Diy Harry Potter Table Decor

Food plays an important role in the Harry Potter stories. Young wizards enjoy sausage and porridge at Leaky Cauldron, Butterbeer at Three Broomsticks and ice cream at Fortescue’s. While your guests may not like the bangers and mash, they will love some of the other treats featured in the books and movies. Here are some to consider:

When it comes to food, chances are your guests will be perfectly happy with pizza or hotdogs. But to keep with the Harry Potter theme, you can try these ideas:

Diy Harry Potter Table Decor

Diy Harry Potter Crafts

Just like they do in Harry Potter, start your guests off with a trip to Gringotts Bank. Each child receives a savings book and Gringotts Coins that can be used to buy wands at Ollivander’s and treats at Honeydukes.

Potions Class: Host a potions class, preferably outdoors, and have your little wizards make a magical, foamy potion. Pour fruit juice into a glass and add some baking soda and glitter. Add some vinegar and watch the mixture fizz and foam! If you want to make different colors, use water instead of fruit juice and food coloring in your desired colors.

Diy Harry Potter Table Decor

Herbology Class: Give each guest a small container, some potting soil, and seeds. After you put the soil and seeds in the pot, put them in a small cellophane bag to take home as party favors. If you really want to up the creep factor, you can use mini doll heads from thrift stores and pot them up to look like little mandrakes.

Harry Potter Party Ideas

Send each guest home with a box of goodies they collected during the party: potted plants, Gringotts coins, Honeydukes candy, Harry Potter cups, pens, and mini journals.

Diy Harry Potter Table Decor

The party was styled and styled by Kylie from Made by a Princess. Visit her blog for more fun tips, recipes, and free printables.

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Diy Harry Potter Table Decor

Harry Potter Christmas Ideas

And what better way to start than to share in one of the most magical parties we have ever designed! Yes, it had to be a Harry Potter inspired birthday party, made special and totally awesome by our partner, Smita!

We were so excited to be a part of creating the printables (which you can now download here!). Take a look at the amazing details shared by Smita below!

Diy Harry Potter Table Decor

Harry Potter Inspired Birthday Party – Design & Decor This party was truly magical! Although this party was a birthday party, you can easily incorporate these ideas into a Harry Potter-themed Halloween party… or even a movie theater party. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them opens this November!

How To Host A Harry Potter Puppy Party

The invitations to this party were Hogwarts acceptance letters, sent by “owl post”, along with “H” wax seals and Hogwarts Express train tickets. The students were delighted to receive them; some thought they were acceptance rights. LOL!

Diy Harry Potter Table Decor

Arriving at the party, the “students” entered Diagon Alley. The first stop in Diagon Alley was Gringotts Wizarding Bank to pick up his gold so he could buy his school supplies. At Ollivander, they chose four of their favorite wands and then used the patented “Wand Selector”®™ to find out which wand would choose them.

Each student then visited Madam Malkins’s Robes to purchase their Hogwarts robes, Quality Quidditch Supplies to purchase a broom, and Flourish and Blotts to purchase a quill. Guests also left messages for the birthday boy in the Monster Book of Monster guestbook. We made the guest book from an old album and leather fabric that we bought at a craft store. Each student received a Marauder’s Map, which was personalized to show the layout of our house and marked with various locations from the world of Harry Potter. (The map was later used in a lesson on spells and treasure hunts; see below.) Before leaving Diagon Alley, students took photos at the Platform 9 ¾ photo booth and the Prisoner of Azkaban photo booth.

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Diy Harry Potter Table Decor

Magical Harry Potter Party Ideas

They then exited Diagon Alley through a hidden “brick wall” entrance on platform 9 ¾. After riding the Hogwarts Express using the train ticket they received with their acceptance letter, they arrived at Hogwarts.

Arriving at Hogwarts, the student entered the Great Hall and participated in the selection ceremony. We use our cell phones and our Bluetooth AV system and speaker to project the “voice” of the Sorting Hat into the room. The children loved interacting with the hat in this way and many begged and prayed that the hat would be placed in one house or another.

Diy Harry Potter Table Decor

After sorting, each student received a house color tie from her and I explained the house scoring system: good behavior earns points and bad behavior loses points for her house. We used glass beads for the dots, and the teachers passed out and removed the beads during the party. At the end of the party, the students from the house with the most points received house cups.

Harry Potter Christmas Party Ideas

After class, students can travel to Hogsmeade. The dessert table is always very popular, but this time Honey Dukes was the crowd favorite.

Diy Harry Potter Table Decor

I took a shelf I had and filled it with homemade chocolate frogs, Party City gummies repackaged as All Flavor Gummy Bears, and various other Party City candies labeled Pepper Imps, Acid Pops, Droobles Best Blowing Bubble Gum, and Fizzing Whizzbees.

The dessert table was themed around the four houses of Hogwarts: Gryfinndor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin, with house signs representing each house and decorated with magical textbooks and cauldrons filled with dry ice. The birthday cake was covered with the words “Happee Birthdae Sohan”, similar to the birthday cake Hagrid makes for Harry’s 11th birthday in the first book.

Diy Harry Potter Table Decor

Magical Ideas For The Perfect

I made Sugar Quills with Jolly Rancher candy melts and Golden Snitches with Ferrero Roche chocolates. I also layered several store-bought chocolates and truffles as follows: Pop Rocks covered salted caramel truffles turned exploding

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