Diy Rubber Duck Table Decor

Diy Rubber Duck Table Decor – Ethan the Duck’s 2nd Birthday Party (colloquially called “Quack-y’s Birthday)” is a lot of fun and one of my favorites. It’s exactly 2 years old. have full interest in everything I had to dig deep into my creative sources to find a birthday party theme that he would love. Take care to keep notes about everything that will make my 2-year-old happy soon. and finally reached him Favorite part of the day – bath time!

Nothing beats soap bubbles. water fun and a rubber duck in the eyes of a 2 year old. I hope to bring all those elements to his rubber duck birthday party. Highlights include nearly 5 million miniature rubber ducks placed in each position, a bubble station and a wall of glittering balloons. My favorite details include the duck blowing cooler. (Bought from a baby bath!) And since it was a hot and humid August day. So we added a baby pool and water balloons for the kids to relax in our backyard. A giant rubber duck floating in the children’s pool becomes the fun of the duck party at the end of the party!

Diy Rubber Duck Table Decor

Diy Rubber Duck Table Decor

First, I’d like to share my rubber duck party supply list. Then scroll through for more rubber duck party ideas and pictures!

Rubber Duck Baby Shower

Check out my selection of rubber duck party supplies! My palette is shades of blue and yellow. Below you’ll find an easy-to-buy collection of table settings, decorations, and rubber duckies to plan your birthday party!

Diy Rubber Duck Table Decor

The balloon wall is really the highlight of our decor. It makes a perfect backdrop for a fun, bad and boring birthday party! Putting it together was a lot easier than I thought. Thanks to the spare balloon kit I found at a party supply store, it was as easy as stringing balloons through the holes in the plastic wrap (which is an easy DIY with plastic and a hole punch!), attaching the big balloons first. Then use glue dots to neatly attach the small balloon to the large one. Fill in the gaps and arrange them to get the look you want.

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Because my son is allergic to food So I often make birthday cakes for him. Although I’m not an expert. But I’m trying to follow our theme and make him a delicious cake! For this party, I focused on lots of bubbles and ducks. The cake is covered with light blue vegan frosting. Stack three types of marshmallows up and down. try to make bubbles I added my beloved rubber bath toy as a topper.

Diy Rubber Duck Table Decor

The Party Wall: Rubber Ducky Inspired First Birthday Party

Punch bowls are another fun and quirky bath time accessory! I added Kool-aid raspberry lemonade to the bowl, added a few rubber duckies to float on top! If there is no allergy problem Add a few tablespoons of sorbet to create delicious, inspired bubbles! For children everywhere!

Put fill-in-the-blank invitations to good use in the party shop. Boring and everyone has seen them!

Diy Rubber Duck Table Decor

With a world of diversity at our fingertips It’s no surprise then that you can order invitations online from a wide selection and customize them to suit the occasion. All for the same price or less!

Rubber Duckie Pond Baby Shower Cupcakes

Zazzle is one of the easiest places to order party invitations or baby showers online. This invitation is one of my favorites. And I use it for my rubber-loving shower theme!

Diy Rubber Duck Table Decor

For a Rubber Ducky baby shower, the primary colors are yellow and blue: Yellow for Ducks. and blue for water From tables and flags to balloons and chandeliers. Turning that space into a bathroom will be easy and fun!

Laura is a single mother of four active boys. When she’s not playing with them or cleaning their Legos. (Or, worse yet, stepping on it.) You’ll find her watching Pixar movies with her family, or writing here at Pink Ducky. I helped Mom shower a few months ago. I had completely forgotten about it until I saw the design I wrote back in May. It was a surprise, especially since I was missing material today.

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Diy Rubber Duck Table Decor

Duck Baby Shower Ideas With A Cricut Machine

My mom is really the brains behind this bath. We often hire each other to help each other when we have a party that needs to be planned. We make a big team I’ll show pictures and give details below. She came in a rubber duck theme at her mother-in-law’s request. I live in the land of princesses and glitter. So it was a good change for me.

You’ll see rubber ducks everywhere along with blue gems to create the illusion of water. This beautiful banner hangs above the fireplace.

Diy Rubber Duck Table Decor

The dining table has grab-and-go dishes and chevron placemats. If you have a serger You can quickly make a tablecloth by walking around the edge of the fabric. It’s an inexpensive way to add texture and color to a table. You can also buy a few yards of fabric and fold them to create the illusion of a finished edge. Then place the cloth on the floor in the middle of the table.

Rubber Ducky Debugging!

You can connect the glass pieces you already have by adding ribbon. We put rubber ducks in this container. Next, with color schemes, we added yellow flowers to sit around. and brighten the space Fresh flowers are a great way to tie everything together.

Diy Rubber Duck Table Decor

I think this is a fun and cute shower for a new addition. It would be fun to use yellow and pink for girls.

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