Do It Yourself Hot Air Balloon Table Decor

Do It Yourself Hot Air Balloon Table Decor – Have you ever been in a hot air balloon? What a wonderful feeling! Hot air balloons are a symbol of freedom, but they also stimulate our imagination and creativity. It is really a good source of inspiration when it comes to interior design. Hot air balloon decorations and decorations can take many forms, all revolving around a single symbol.

A bunch of hot air balloon stickers would look so cute on the walls of a kid’s room and who knows, they might even help your child become more creative and imaginative. As a child, I looked at the picture and came up with all kinds of references and stories.

Do It Yourself Hot Air Balloon Table Decor

Do It Yourself Hot Air Balloon Table Decor

The design, color and style of the stickers can be adapted to the overall decor in the room. Just look at how this cute balloon matches perfectly with the overall decor.

Awesome Diy Balloon Decor Ideas

A themed party can have all kinds of decorations inspired by these balloons. Try to use similar colors and match them to the occasion. Pastel colors will be good for baby shower.

Do It Yourself Hot Air Balloon Table Decor

If you want to make your own mobile balloon, you can use colored cardboard and some parchment. Use 7 sheets for each balloon and sew down the middle. Then shape them to make a balloon and make a small box and hang it with glue and string.

I think you can make these cute little hot air balloons yourself using beach balls, a small box and some plastic netting. You can even put small toys inside.

Do It Yourself Hot Air Balloon Table Decor

Up And Away Classroom Makeover

We usually look to hot air balloons to get the look, but that doesn’t mean you can break the rules when decorating. How about a cute nursery rug with this design?

You can also use regular balloons if you prefer. Fill them with helium and use them to create themed centerpieces for events like weddings, parties, and more.

Do It Yourself Hot Air Balloon Table Decor

These hot air balloon decorations are a really creative idea for an outdoor wedding and the colors are perfectly chosen to create a bohemian and playful atmosphere.

Diy Easter Hot Air Balloon Basket — The Creative Heart Studio

And if you’re planning on using the hot air balloons as table centerpieces, why not incorporate table numbers into their design?

Do It Yourself Hot Air Balloon Table Decor

Make your own balloons with big bouncy balls. You can find them in all possible colors and color combinations and you can always paint them yourself if you are not satisfied with the design.

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Make hot air balloons out of paper lanterns. They can have different colors and patterns just like the real thing. You can use them as decorations for an outdoor party.

Do It Yourself Hot Air Balloon Table Decor

How To Make A Balloon Bouquet & Put Vinyl On Balloons!

You can adapt that same idea for indoor entertaining. These balloons serve as baby shower decorations.

The sky’s the limit for hot air balloons, but your balloons need to be close to the ground if you want your guests to see them.

Do It Yourself Hot Air Balloon Table Decor

A bunch of little balloons together makes one big balloon, right? Not exactly, but you can still improvise enough to send the message you want.

Rainbow Tablescape & Diy String Of Pearls Balloon Garland

Make the dessert table a focal point with a large basket-shaped balloon. You can fill the basket with treats, flowers and whatever else you want.

Do It Yourself Hot Air Balloon Table Decor

Pendant lanterns make great hot air balloons. Hang the baskets from fishing wire and then attach the balloons to the ceiling. They will look so cool and funny and are great not only for parties but also as decorations in general.

In the mood for some strings? What about this project? Obviously this is a hot air balloon and you can use several different colors for each part of the balloon. Available on atc.

Do It Yourself Hot Air Balloon Table Decor

Inexpensive And Creative Hot Air Balloon Diysdiy Hot Air Balloons

How cute is this project? You can create a 3D art button and display it in a vintage shadow box. This is something you can put on the wall in your bedroom, in your kids’ room, and basically anywhere else.

Pair your cozy bed with a giant hot air balloon, or at least make it look like it. You can drift off into the night dreaming of all the great adventures you can enjoy. As promised, here’s a quick tutorial how to in about ten minutes from our Dr themed birthday party. Seuss made these simple balloon centerpieces! The longest part of this process is letting the hot glue dry so the sticks won’t move, but I promise it’s fast and cheap – it cost me less than $5 to make these centerpieces!

Do It Yourself Hot Air Balloon Table Decor

First, apply a thin line of hot glue around the edge of the Styrofoam hemisphere and push it firmly into the bottom of the bucket or base. This will help keep it from slipping when you insert skewers into it later (trust me, I learned the hard way).

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The Easiest Diy Balloon Centerpiece Tutorial

While the glue is drying, you will then use a small line of glue to attach each skewer to the paper lantern. Make sure the pointed end of the skewer is on the opposite end, as you want the sharp point to help press down into the Styrofoam when we attach it.

Do It Yourself Hot Air Balloon Table Decor

Hold each skewer in place for at least a good minute to allow the glue to completely cool and harden… I learned the hard way with the first one as I flipped the light onto the next one, the first skewer The side slipped and then hardened without me knowing, and when I tried to remove it to fix it, I tore a huge hole in the light. fail! Learn from my mistake and make sure it’s cool and safe before proceeding! (This is a great project to do while watching TV to kill the time chilling)

(Optional) To spice things up or spice up the skewers, you can wrap them in thread, twine or jute and secure them before attaching them to the lamp!

Do It Yourself Hot Air Balloon Table Decor

Adorable Hot Air Balloon Birthday Invitation Templates For Your Kid’s Upcoming Birthday

When all four skewers are aligned, glued and completely cooled, they should be at an angle to each other on the bottom. Now you are ready to put them in the Styrofoam ball in the bottom of the bucket.

This next part just requires a little patience and strategy. I start with two skewers facing each other and gently push them into the Styrofoam at a slight angle, just a little. When they reach about half a centimeter, I do the same with the other two skewers. You’ll be running into a little tension at the top of the skewer where it’s attached to the balloon, so ease it so you don’t tear it with the light.

Do It Yourself Hot Air Balloon Table Decor

I continue to alternate between the two sets of skewers, pushing them down into the Styrofoam until I feel they are secure and the balloon is level.

Easy Diy Birthday Decorations

You are now ready to attach the bunting! This adds some lovely pops of color and also helps hide the point where the slant attaches to the lamp. First I use a drop of hot glue on the tip of the skewer and push the end of the yarn into it. Then glue one of the cardboard triangles over the skewer and thread to hide it. (For triangle flags you can use a hole punch like this one to make sure they are all the same size and save time!)

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Do It Yourself Hot Air Balloon Table Decor

Then continue to wrap the thread around the balloon and add a little glue to each point of the skewer, then attach your triangle flag with hot glue all the way around.

You’re almost done! Now all you have to do is add your filler to hide the Styrofoam inside your bucket. For this tutorial I used some bright colors of crinkled paper to match (just a little), but you can use almost anything. My client actually repurposed her centerpiece a week after her Easter party by adding some cute Easter eggs on top of crumpled paper!

Do It Yourself Hot Air Balloon Table Decor

Diy Hot Air Balloon Ideas

And that’s it, you’re done! For a little extra “something” on your table, stuff some cotton wool around the bottom of the bucket to make your balloon look like it’s floating in the clouds. These centerpieces hang easily from just about anywhere with fishing wire, so the sky’s the limit for what you can do with them and your decor!

This post contains some affiliate links. This does not affect the price of the products you buy, but I do receive a small refund for each purchase I make. I only link to products I personally use and highly recommend! It’s such an easy balloon decorating tutorial that you’ll love it! You may remember another hot air balloon tutorial I shared a while back, but this one is easy.

Do It Yourself Hot Air Balloon Table Decor

Paper lanterns, scrapbook paper, bakers twine, mini metal tin buckets, scissors, hot glue gun, and hole punch.

Best Hot Air Balloon Festivals In The Us

I bought the light blue paper lanterns for one of my nieces for a baby shower that I hosted a few days back. With the light open, measure two long pieces of baking twine and attach them around the metal hook area at the top of the light so the twine hangs down.

Do It Yourself Hot Air Balloon Table Decor

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