Dollar Tree Table Decoration Ideas

Dollar Tree Table Decoration Ideas – To prove it, I created this fall table using ONLY items purchased at my local Dollar Tree store, all under $50! My kids always loved going to dollar stores when they were little. In fact, my teenage daughter still loves to go and is always amazed at what you can buy at a dollar store! So she was the inspiration for the fall/thanksgiving meal.

To make the table setting, start by assembling the table “accessories”, starting with the pillar candles. In the 9-inch glass cylinders and vows, I used red kidney beans for heat, but you can also use white kidney beans or corn kernels. All you have to do is place the candle in the vase first, then pour the beans into the vase and voila!! Same with the candle votives… add beans to the votives then fill with the candle.

Dollar Tree Table Decoration Ideas

Dollar Tree Table Decoration Ideas

Then start to join the middle part. First, fill cylindrical glass containers with white beans to help support the stems. the longer branches form in the center and outside of the vase. Be sure to “pump” each spray so that it is full as you go. After installing the taller pieces, I added the feather parts and finished with faux hydrangea. You will need to use wire cutters (click here for a suggestion) to cut individual stems from the clusters to make them easier to position.

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Finally, add coasters, plates, bowls, candle holders, and adorable letter plates. So sweet! I totally flipped out on the green glass wine glasses that were only $1! I went ahead and bought 4 more to use for my main Thanksgiving spread (blog post about that coming soon). We hope this inspires you to create a beautiful table under $50! You can’t beat that!

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Dollar Tree Table Decoration Ideas

My desire is to help my readers with ideas to reuse, recycle and reuse the items I use in my posts. In this case, vows and pots can be used in many ways in other applications, but beans have many uses too! Here are some suggestions for meals or snacks to make with them…

It’s a great time of year to make a big pot of chili! Try this unique recipe for an Easy White Bean Chicken Chili… Click Here!

Dollar Tree Table Decoration Ideas

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How about a bath? This is a great and easy to try dip with roasted red peppers. Vegan, gluten-free and low-carb! Click here!

We hope this post helped convince you that great place settings don’t have to be expensive! The table setup below is another great example of a table created only from products purchased at Dollar Tree (HWH has an affiliate marketing relationship with Dollar Tree). Check out this video for more ideas… Customer Favorite Video: 9 Inch Cylinder Glass Vases

Dollar Tree Table Decoration Ideas

Thanks for stopping by to see how I put together this Fall/Thanksgiving meal. It was super easy and cheap!

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Dollar Tree Table Decoration Ideas

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