Dressing Table Room Decor Ikea

Dressing Table Room Decor Ikea – We all know that IKEA makes robust and functional furniture, but what about their dressing tables? In this post we will look at IKEA dressing table ideas, showing real photos of people’s wardrobes. See what they bought and how they created their spaces.

This dressing table is a good solution for small spaces. Tucked away in a corner, it still offers all the features you need. With a vanity mirror and drawer, it has integrated storage while remaining stylish.

Dressing Table Room Decor Ikea

Dressing Table Room Decor Ikea

We know that IKEA furniture is robust and this dressing table from the IKEA Lack series is no exception. The separate wall mirror is a lovely touch, as are the accessories on the table.

Dressing Table Buying Guide

Another example of the IKEA Malm console table in the bedroom. Add a stylish mirror and some stylish pieces, and you have a great space. It’s also versatile, use it as a functional desk or work space. Perfect for the wardrobe.

Dressing Table Room Decor Ikea

Add a glass top to easily clean your IKEA furniture. This example of the Malm dressing table has a vanity mirror with brilliant lighting to help you perfect your make-up, while the table drawer offers plenty of storage space. Consider adding a magnifying glass for even better results.

There is great storage space available with this IKEA desk, which can double as a dressing table for the bedroom. Drawer and cabinet space provides versatile storage space. A comfortable chair also complements the desk and complements the classic style of the bedroom.

Dressing Table Room Decor Ikea

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The right furniture can really add character to a room. This velvety blue chair is a good example of that and matches the IKEA Alex table. It is a real table that doubles as a dressing table, with focused lighting. Consider upgrading yours to LED bulbs.

This velvet gray bench is lovely. It looks so cozy, but it goes perfectly with the gray floor and blinds. It also does not take up floor space. The shelf offers enough storage space for bottles, make-up and lip balm. The small dressing table is the perfect size and the mirror is illuminated.

Dressing Table Room Decor Ikea

This super compact toilet cabinet is simply an IKEA table that doubles its function. This is design simplicity at its best. Cheap and cheerful, it’s not quite solid wood, but it’s a functional piece of bedroom furniture.

Brimnes Dressing Table, White, 70×42 Cm

This example almost looks like a studio wardrobe. Great lighting and style, this is a great design. The shelf offers ample storage space and the proximity makes it easily accessible. It is also a very comfortable chair that matches a small dressing table.

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Dressing Table Room Decor Ikea

Something a little darker… and it works very well. Again, it’s not solid wood furniture, but the style is on point. Beautifully decorated with a lamp and a picture frame. This setting will fit in nicely in a classic style bedroom.

Why not make your own wardrobe! This great example was achieved with some basic and inexpensive IKEA furniture. It is perfectly functional, works very well, especially when using the missing shelves.

Dressing Table Room Decor Ikea

Ikea Dressing Table 70x42cm, Furniture & Home Living, Furniture, Other Home Furniture On Carousell

Bring out your inner princess with this beautiful outfit. The classic setting of the dressing table is perfectly complemented by this small reading nook.

It’s a more mature setup, but very functional. The dressing table is placed in a focused corner dedicated to the environment.

Dressing Table Room Decor Ikea

Pure minimalist design, IKEA furniture is perfectly prepared for it. Add an IKEA Honefoss mirror, a comfortable chair and some cute accessories, and you have a beautiful space.

Best Ikea Bedrooms That Look Chic

A functional dressing table idea that makes full use of the IKEA Alex and Malm series. This table-like setup creates a lot of surface area and can also function as a workspace.

Dressing Table Room Decor Ikea

Lots of IKEA shopping here, Alex storage units, Malm table and Rasko storage trolley. A very organized, yet multifunctional space.

We’ve seen this before…another person who recognized the benefits of IKEA dressing tables. Nice and simple bedroom space.

Dressing Table Room Decor Ikea

A Small And Elegant Living Room For Two

Gray and white seem to be the bedroom trend, especially when filled with IKEA furniture. This is a very beautiful example that creates soft textures and comforting colors.

Have you considered the IKEA hack? We all know that IKEA furniture is designed to be functional and minimalist, why not add your own touch through texture and color. The elegant IKEA chair is definitely a unique design style.

Dressing Table Room Decor Ikea

This setup makes the most of the IKEA Malm range. The dressing table is complemented by Malm bedside tables. Lots of storage space in the drawers.

Beautiful Vanity Chairs & Stools To Add Elegance To Your Dressing Space

These IKEA dressing table ideas should help you focus and realize what’s achievable, especially if you’re working on a budget. Most of these designs are very feasible and easy to fit within your capabilities. What is your favorite? Share the photo on your social networks and tag us!

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Dressing Table Room Decor Ikea

I love interior design and everything in style. As a contributor to , my role is to find you the best images to spark your creativity. With a design background and a career in interior design, I think I’m well placed to give excellent advice. Finding the perfect dressing table can be expensive and difficult if your bedroom is short on space.

But clever women are creating their dream make-up stations with a £41 set of drawers from IKEA.

Dressing Table Room Decor Ikea

Ikea Nordkisa Vanity Table, Furniture & Home Living, Furniture, Tables & Sets On Carousell

They shared footage on Instagram showing them putting ‘EKBY ALEX’ from the popular Swedish homeware store on their walls.

Once attached to a standing or sitting height—depending on how you want to get ready in the morning—DIY fans then transform the versatile unit into a dressing table using mirrors, floating chairs and plants.

Dressing Table Room Decor Ikea

The product description on the IKEA website reads: “EKBY ALEX enables you to keep your favorite items visible on an open shelf and hide the things you need close at hand in the drawers.

Dressing Table Ideas

“The thick back edge of the bracket creates a small space between the shelf and the wall to pass cables through.”

Dressing Table Room Decor Ikea

At 119cm wide and 31cm deep, the drawers are the perfect size for organized storage of all your products.

People are sharing photos of their custom dressing tables with an affordable IKEA drawer on Instagram – and the results are very stylish.

Dressing Table Room Decor Ikea

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Many decided to make the shelves with homemade flowers, special lighting and put beautiful perfume bottles and photo frames on top.

In other homewares news, we told you how a woman created a stunning bathroom on a budget – including using a second-hand toilet and a £20 sink from an old table.

Dressing Table Room Decor Ikea

We also discovered that a mum gave her dark and tired kitchen a new lease of life using £60 tiles from B&Q.

Vanity Table Ikea Hack

And another woman transformed her boring bedroom for just £100, including new paint, blinds and cushions from B&Q and Dunelm. We all want to spend our morning makeup like a queen, but it can be difficult when your dressing table looks like this:

Dressing Table Room Decor Ikea

To help you feel fabulous and start your morning off right, here are 10 dressing table ideas to incorporate into your vanity.

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Assembling a toilet does not have to mean installing a bulky wardrobe. A simple shelf with a mirror placed on top works just as well. It will even encourage you to Marie Kondo your makeup stash. For those who can’t yet KonMari their beauty collection, the  IKEA EKBY ALEX Shelf ($89) has drawers for extra storage.

Dressing Table Room Decor Ikea

Makeup Like A Vlogger! Dressing Table Essentials You Must Have! — Shop The Look

Your vanity is more than your dressing table. Think about what aesthetic you want for your entire vanity and use that as a guideline for decorating the entire space. The setting on the left is all about natural elements like wood and rattan contrasted with graphic black lines. A gilded mirror (as opposed to a plain, frameless mirror) adds textural contrast while complementing the overall color scheme.

The vanity on the right, on the other hand, is all about white linens complemented by pieces of elegant marble. Again, the mirror framed with LED lights is a natural extension of the look.

Dressing Table Room Decor Ikea

If you want a marble countertop for your vanity but don’t have the dough, make one instead. Marble backsplashes ($8.90 to $11.90) add a luxurious vibe, so you can feel fancy AF as you get ready each morning.

Buy Dressing Tables Online

Decorate a basic dressing table by spray painting the legs gold to make it appear taller than it really is. You can get metallic gold spray paint at any hardware store or order this Rust-Oleum spray paint ($19.90).

Dressing Table Room Decor Ikea

Because it does double duty, you can afford to put in a little time and effort to make it stand out. Add extra shine by gluing on store-bought mirror panels or using reflective wallpaper. Or go for a more subtle glow by following these instructions and adding gold contact paper to the top of your drawers.

If there’s no room on the dressing table itself, this LACK wall shelf from IKEA ($79) will keep your beauty organized. There won’t be too much makeup with these easy-to-install shelves.

Dressing Table Room Decor Ikea

My Vanity Table In My Beautyroom 💖 Ikea Alex

Acrylic containers allow you to organize your inventory while also knowing where everything is

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