Dutch Christmas Table Decorations

Dutch Christmas Table Decorations – Every now and then I come across another Instagram account with a Christmas lover like me. Tamara from the Netherlands has one such account. I fell in love with his photos as soon as I found them. His house looks beautiful and attractive in the season. Tamara was kind enough to share how she was spending Christmas with her family.

Tamara: I live in the Netherlands. It is a small country in Europe. We live in the province of North Holland in the city of Alkmaar, famous for its cheese market.

Dutch Christmas Table Decorations

Dutch Christmas Table Decorations

CM: You obviously love Christmas. Did this passion start in your childhood or later in life?

Subtle Christmas Decorations In A Bright Dutch Cottage

Tamara: I love Christmas. It started when I was young. My mother decorated the house with pine branches and put up a real big Christmas tree in the living room with lots of decorations. He also collected Christmas candles. He had over 300 different candles, from Santas to Christmas houses. I bought my first Christmas tree when I was sixteen. Since I was still living with my parents, I put it in the bedroom. In the years that followed, my enthusiasm for Christmas grew every year. In the month of September, I watch a Christmas movie almost every day. And in October, our garden turns into a Christmas garden. So when the first garden center opens its Christmas display, I visit differently every weekend.

Dutch Christmas Table Decorations

Tamara: I love many parts of the Christmas season. But every year I look forward to decorating my house with Christmas decorations. When my husband brings all the Christmas boxes from the attic into the living room, I get a big smile on my face. First I put up the Christmas tree, then I arrange the Christmas lights around my tree. This will take a few hours because I’m a perfectionist when it comes to Christmas lights. After I’m done with the lights, I put all my Christmas decorations on the coffee table and hang them on the Christmas tree. I dedicate the whole day to the Christmas tree and all the decorations.

Tamara: Ever since my daughter was born, 20 years ago, I have had different advent calendars. The first were chocolate advent calendars. Now my advent calendar has 24 little gifts under the Christmas tree for my daughter. I love the tradition of advent calendars.

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Dutch Christmas Table Decorations

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CM: Your designs are intricate and elegant. So does your whole family. Do you have experience in content design?

Tamara: That’s what you say. I have always been interested in interior design. I had wanted to study interior design since I was a teenager, but to graduate I needed physics, which I didn’t have. Last year, I started an online interior design course. A dream come true.

Dutch Christmas Table Decorations

CM: What Christmas decorations do you still buy even though you already have a lot?

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Tamara: I can’t resist buying a walnut brush every year. To me, the nutcracker represents Christmas. But I can’t resist buying a nice tartan ornament.

Dutch Christmas Table Decorations

Tamara: I have eleven small fir trees and two big fir trees in the house. Both are false. A large Christmas tree sits in my fully decorated living room and a large one sits in my daughter’s bedroom. And small trees scattered around the house. Every room in my house has its own tree.

Tamara: Two years ago, my jewelry remained the same. Yes, I buy new ornaments every year. Some old decorations make the room new. I tried different types of Christmas styles, like natural colors and natural decorations. But I love traditional Christmas colors; red and gold. I love the English Christmas style with tartan and grouse feathers.

Dutch Christmas Table Decorations

Welcome Home Saturday

Tamara: Yes, I like to cook all year round, but especially at Christmas time. I love to bake gingerbread, Dutch apple pie for Christmas, chocolate chip cookies and pumpkin pie. The smell of this delicious dish gives me a warm feeling.

Tamara: For years, my husband, daughter and I have been celebrating Christmas Eve with a Dutch “gourmand”, a kind of indoor barbecue, watching the Santa trilogy.

Dutch Christmas Table Decorations

In the Netherlands, Christmas is celebrated for two days. We spend Christmas with our family every day. On Christmas morning we will open presents from under the tree, and in the afternoon we will spend Christmas day and night with my family. We give each other gifts and eat Christmas together. On the second day of Christmas we have brunch at my parents’ house.

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Tamara: My favorite Christmas movie is The Grinch. Every year we watch the Grinch while decorating the Christmas tree. This is our family’s Christmas tradition. And when Cindy Lou sings “Where Are You Christmas,” my daughter and I sing along with the joy of the holidays.

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Dutch Christmas Table Decorations

Adrian Gibb Advent Calendar Advent Calendar 2021 Letters Bottles Carnations Charles Dickens Kids Christmas Christmas Cards Reading Christmas Christmas Decorations Christmas Gift Wrapping Christmas Fair Christmas Music Christmas Poetry Christmas Story Decorated Christmas Tree Dinner DIY Drinks Emily Dickinson Etsy Flowers Gift Tags Gift Wrapping Hans Christian Andersen Poems New Yearly Precepts Eve Paper PDF pine cones poem image Santa snow table setting Vancouver white winte Celebrating Christmas in the Netherlands may not be as boring as some foreigners may think. In fact, the blending of Dutch Christmas traditions makes the Christmas experience richer and more joyful than you might expect. Dutch Christmas is not as extravagant as any other Christmas in the world, for example in the United States or Asia. The reasons may stem from the Calvinistic way of life of the Dutch, which includes humility and down-to-earthness, and the individualistic values ​​of the Nordic countries. I have been living in the Netherlands for 10 years and I only started spending Christmas in the Netherlands 4 years ago. During the month of December during Christmas, I spent my first six years in different countries and back to my country to escape the Dutch Christmas. Now that I’ve spent Christmas in the Netherlands, I’ve realized that it’s really fun and offers a completely different experience than spending Christmas anywhere else in the world. It is very relaxing and much more comfortable especially when you are with family.

Gezelligheid, which means comfort and joy in English, is a popular Dutch word that represents the Christmas season. Comfort is spending time with family and loved ones, whether it’s eating together, playing board games, watching movies, reading books under the Christmas tree or cuddling in bed. It is usually cold in the Netherlands in December and if you are lucky it might snow. Because of this, people stay inside more than outside to show and celebrate the coming of light in this dark time. This inner feeling and light is shared within the house from family to other people.

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Dutch Christmas Table Decorations

Christmas Decorations & Tree Ornaments

Giving gifts during Christmas is not a Dutch tradition, as small children already receive gifts during Sinterklaas, which is celebrated on December 5. Sinterklaas is the Dutch equivalent of Santa at Christmas. Another tradition says that Sinterklaas comes from Spain and sails to the Netherlands to reward “good children” and bring “naughty children” back to Spain. Since we have two different traditions in our family, I still treat my children to Christmas with gifts. 🙂

Some countries celebrate Christmas on the evening of December 24 with a family gathering or going out to a party, followed by a

Dutch Christmas Table Decorations

(Christmas dinner at 12:00). For Christians in the Netherlands, it is possible to spend the evening before Christmas and during Christmas, and then enjoy Christmas bread (or kerstol) together with the church community. For most, Christmas is celebrated on two days in a row, on the 25th

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In December with a Christmas dinner with the extended family of each loved one. For a multicultural family like ours, we are following the Christmas reception on December 24th as part of my Filipino history and celebrating with extended family in the Netherlands on December 26th. On December 25, we attend mass to celebrate with the church.

Dutch Christmas Table Decorations

The Dutch are also very thoughtful when it comes to sending Christmas cards to family, friends and colleagues. It may be an old practice, but it still works when sending friendship wishes to other people.

Christmas markets in the Netherlands do exist, although they are not as large as those in Germany and France. You will still enjoy singing choirs, be enchanted by Christmas lights and decorations, and enjoy Christmas gluhwein and other Christmas delicacies. If you want to see a wonderful Christmas market (and a unique Christmas at all), then I suggest you visit Valkenburg, which is called

Dutch Christmas Table Decorations

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