Easter Brunch Table Decor

Easter Brunch Table Decor – With Easter just around the corner, you’ll want to serve up impressive table scenery for your holiday dinner or brunch guests. The traditional route is to mix the pastels with a variety of egg and bunny designs, but the beauty of a great Easter table is entirely up to you and it’s the perfect way to show off your more artistic side to friends and family. Here, 35 design experts share their tips and tricks for colorful and unique spring tables.

“My favorite look this season is a splash of soft pastel colors to accentuate the beauty of lush flower arrangements. I like to use different shades of powder blue, pink ceramic figurines as focal points and soft lemon colored charger plates.”

Easter Brunch Table Decor

Easter Brunch Table Decor

“For flowers, you can buy potted pansies or other spring flowers from the grocery store and put them in your table cash pot. The produce aisle can be a source of inspiration in its own right, and I like to put cabbage or other vegetables in the center.”

Easter Table Decorations. Stylish Easter Brunch Table Setting With Egg In Easter Bunny Napkin Stock Image

“I’m known for designing very colorful table tops, but my recent Easter table was a white celebration of the innocence of spring and all things new. I laid the entire table around a lovely Oaxacan calla lily candle and started from there. Piece Incorpororing It helps keep the table unique, as is the mix of old and new in other countries around it.”

Easter Brunch Table Decor

“Beautiful flowers are an absolute must! They really create a gathering atmosphere and I really like flower arrangements. What you see here (along with plates and wine glasses) is from the cutest shop in Lake Forest, Illinois, called M on the Square. I usually plan the table a few days in advance. This gives the linens time to compact and the flowers to unfold a bit.”

Anemones are great for spring! They seem a bit rough and not overly organized. It can also be fun to have several smaller arrays rather than one large one, especially if you want to keep the center of the table clean.”

Easter Brunch Table Decor

Easter Table Centerpiece {candy Creation}

“The tablecloth is an important element because it creates the backdrop for the setting. If your goal is a bit more classic, choose one with a statement print for maximum impact, or something less bright. You can complement the tablecloth with a matching placemat to add texture and print.”

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“Color is always the way to go. I love recycling embroidered tablecloths and napkins and washing them in the washing machine a dark blue or green to match the colorful dishes served on the table. Use design – like chickens and rabbits, complete your dining table with art.”

Easter Brunch Table Decor

“My family would like to have a formal setting for Easter. We set restaurant style because we have a lot of family and friends gathering. We decorate each table with spring flowers and candle centerpieces and everyone gets a perfect seat.”

Tell: Diy Easter Brunch

“I love incorporating jewel tones into my Easter tablescapes. A more obvious option is pastels, but I think they’re too precious, so I’m trying to stay away from them. Instead, I gravitate towards colors and patterns that are not seasonal, so I can use them year-round and justify buying the pottery a bit more!”

Easter Brunch Table Decor

“I love that the Easter table allows you to go a little crazy with colors, fabrics, cutlery and glassware. I love the idea of ​​having a big beautiful vase in your home.

“I’m enjoying the season with a set of tall, narrow floral centerpieces, including soft dahlias, ranunculus and French tulips in classic pastel tones. Then I layer the table with antique French opal glasses my mother gifted me, paired with a coordinated set of vintage blue opal glasses I found at Les Pusses in Paris a few years ago.”

Easter Brunch Table Decor

Farmhouse Style Easter Decor Ideas

“Easter always means the beginning of spring for me, so I wanted to make the table as colorful and fun as possible to celebrate. I started with a custom cravat tablecloth for the base, between a floral print on the front and an animal print on the back. Dining table by Lilly Pulitzer Alternate layers of mats and napkins.”

“When I set the table for Easter, I like to play with various textures along with fresh spring color stories. From bright, fragrant lemons from my garden, green handmade ceramic candlesticks from Carolina Irving and Daughters, crisp white Max Lamb containers from Garde for casual prep, to festive splatterware plates in March, it’s all about creating eye candy for your guests. . “

Easter Brunch Table Decor

“Easter brunch can be fun and beautiful. And it can be relaxing. I love using Ginori Vaccio pottery because there are so many decadent options. Choose a room with morning sunlight and choose as many as you can. Add some color: The breakfast table shown here features three bright chintz flowers by Lee Joffa.

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Gorgeous Easter Table Decorating Ideas

“My favorite thing about setting the table for Easter is all the colors we can pour into the space. From linens to dyed eggs, I always enjoy plucking color from the beautiful flowers that mark the beginning of spring.”

Easter Brunch Table Decor

“In Sicily, Easter is celebrated with a traditional cassata cake in vibrant spring colours. Create gorgeous desserts that make your table special!”

“With the light vibes of spring, Easter is the perfect opportunity to create a layered tablescape with a classy, ​​ornate mix of gold, cream, cobalt blue, and textured metallic elements. I also incorporate whimsical conversation pieces like this delightful trainer napkin ring. I like to do that.”

Easter Brunch Table Decor

Fancy Easter Table Setting Ideas

“I’m a fan of monochromatic palettes, but for Easter and spring, I say push the envelope and add some glitter. This is definitely a fun and creative year. Accented with table settings, flatware and candles in various shades of rose gold. For a chic, emotional finale, weave fresh olive leaves around tables and centerpieces.”

“I start with a color palette and build from there. Green and blue leaves? Natural or pink? Be careful to choose a dusty tone so the table doesn’t tip towards saccharine. I always keep in mind the color of fresh seasonal flowers to use. Mix in some sparkles and natural textures to make your table extra-large.”

Easter Brunch Table Decor

“Spring is a time of renewal and rejuvenation, so adding pastel colors to table runners, fabrics or table decorative napkins makes it easy to mimic what’s happening in nature.”

Spring Centerpieces And Table Decorations

“Ditch the usual pastels in favor of bold, bright colors that celebrate spring. You can mix and match the stems of your florist, and you can even use interesting fruit to give your table a tropical vibe. We also love the colorful and eclectic look of glassware. Matching is overrated!”

Easter Brunch Table Decor

“I love incorporating quirky elements from my travels to create fun table settings. On a recent trip to India, I came across this gorgeous porcelain elephant and a nice vintage watch. I also saw these little bells, which we sprinkled all over the table to make it more festive.”

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“You don’t have to focus too much on bunnies and chicks when planning your Easter tabletop. You can choose bright colors and patterns and pair them with seasonal flowers only placed in similar colors. Then mix in some fun Chinese patterns. I like to think of spring – a new beginning, fresh, clean, bright, joy – a breath of fresh air.”

Easter Brunch Table Decor

Simple Easter Table Setting Ideas

“Easter brunch is a fun and festive event. The typical bunny and egg themed décor is great, but you can always add a touch of sophistication by incorporating luxurious (and colorful!) fabrics to your upholstered table. Manuel Canovas gives this traditional toilet an edge with a nice fuchsia/orange color combination.

“Add a little whimsy to your table with figure serving pieces and accessories. These silver-plated salt and pepper shakers belonged to my grandmother, but newer styles can be glamorous too.”

Easter Brunch Table Decor

“I recommend using flowers and branches from the garden to bring dimension and interest to the table. In spring, I love using different shades of green and pink and introducing fresh produce to add an unexpected element. Wrap it in a linen napkin and make a beautiful Easter table.”

Elle Decor Inspiration Ideas For Your Easter Brunch Table

“A vase isn’t technically required to decorate a table centerpiece for an Easter brunch. Just raid your kitchen cabinets to find your favorite pitchers, cake stands, bottles, creamers, and fruit containers to create multi-level still life displays for your Easter table. “The whole is much more than the simple sum of the parts. Individual containers may vary in shape and size, but the containers work beautifully as a unified ensemble with the same palette of colors and materials.”

Easter Brunch Table Decor

“Easter coincides with the arrival of spring. Take advantage of nature’s restored beauty by having an outdoor Easter feast in an intimate space. Using an outdoor backdrop keeps the tablescape simple. Add pillows and blankets to make your table cozy. and feel comfortable.”

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Easter Brunch Table Decor

Simple Spring & Easter Table Decor

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