Easter Console Table Decor

Easter Console Table Decor – Whether you have a console in the entrance or in the living room, dress it up for different seasons and maybe holidays to make your decor more personalized and cooler. First of all, consider the style of your room to choose the right decor. Second, decide on the elements you like: bunnies, birds, nests, eggs, bird cages and greenery and flowers – faux or real, it depends on whether you want more durable decor or not. Now let’s see some ideas to dress up your console table for Easter.

Flowers, greenery and moss are really a spring and easter thing, they are ideal to style your console for spring and easter. You can put some flowering branches in a vase, grow some spring bulbs in pots, make green reeds and moss balls. You can use them all at once, add some eggs and bunnies and voila!

Easter Console Table Decor

Easter Console Table Decor

A cute little console with bunnies, cotton branches, a vine wreath with eggs and faux flowers plus baskets

Easter Dining Table Decor

Eggs are symbolic of Easter, and they can be used not only as treats, but also for decoration. You can go for plain painted eggs, clay or even mercury glass. Put them on stands, in pots, baskets, nests, make garlands, wreaths and banners. Make an Easter tree from branches and hang some egg ornaments on it, make different displays with bunnies, moss and flowers.

Easter Console Table Decor

A chalkboard, pastel eggs in the tray and a large glass jar with moss, pastel eggs and white tulips

A mirror console with an egg wreath, an Easter tree with egg ornaments and moss balls and a nest

Easter Console Table Decor

How To Decorate An Entryway Table Seasonally

A rustic console with a green and egg wreath, a pastel egg in the tray and greenery in the vase

Style your console with faux cherry blossom branches and glass egg ornaments plus colorful in a wooden bowl

Easter Console Table Decor

Bunnies are also cool for Easter decor, and they go well with all the decorations above: moss, greenery, flowers, various figures and eggs. They can be porcelain, wood, moss and even as garlands and works of art.

How To Style Your Console Table

A rustic wooden console with a basket of greenery and a rabbit, a basket with flowering branches inside

Easter Console Table Decor

A few tulips in a jug, a banner of burlap bunnies and a birdcage with birds and books are all you need.

Nests, faux birds, bird cages, crosses and many other ideas can be used for Easter console decor. Pot greens, bulbs, flowers, flower baskets and faux flowering branches are welcome to make your space Easter-like. You can also add Easter desserts, eggs and drinks to the console to treat everyone.

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Easter Console Table Decor

How To Make An Easter Table Centerpiece |

A console with a fox nest with eggs, a lantern and a stand with potted greens and flowers

A shabby chic white console with white tulips and willow poesies in the box, a birdhouse with a nest and bird and a moss circle Spring is officially spring and in our house we look for every opportunity to get outside and soak it up. As my thoughts turn to our family Easter celebration ahead, I plan the menu and a few decorative touches that dry in the spring, but aren’t so theme-y that we can’t enjoy them all season long (bye, bunnies.) The Make the most of one of the first sunny weekends of the year by heading to the backyard for brunch—I decorated the table with pieces from Target’s spring collection in neutral shades with tons of texture. Scroll on for lots of Easter brunch ideas to inspire this year’s gatherings or to enjoy on any wonderful weekend with the people you love.

Easter Console Table Decor

For this year’s Easter table, I embraced the idea of ​​”natural simplicity,” layering on neutral pieces from Target that prove: simple is not boring when there are tons of organic texture and beautiful materials. Pops of pastels in layered linens and crockery bring in fresh spring color and speak to sunny days ahead, while a mix of dry, faux and real botanicals speak to the renewal of nature.

How To Decorate With Plastic Easter Eggs

Spring is the perfect time to streamline and freshen up the entryway—it’s a small but powerful area of ​​the home that’s often overlooked, but it really sets the tone when someone walks in the door. I decorated mine top to bottom with some pieces I love from Target. The goal? Make it warm and welcoming for guests while being super functional for our family as we come and go throughout the week.

Easter Console Table Decor

Lauren Zielinski is a certified nurse-midwife with over 11 years of experience in women’s health and childbirth. She studied medicine at the University of Colorado-Denver with a focus on community health and birth center work.

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Easter Console Table Decor

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Close your eyes and breathe in the fresh scents of spring wildflowers and seasonal produce. Do you feel calm yet? I like to transport everyone who enters our home into a slower state of mind, and scent is the fastest way to do that. This fresh linen & sea salt candle from Threshold is a real breath of fresh air. I think of it as a shortcut for creating spring cleaning vibes (even if I didn’t have time to do a full clean!)

When the weather is sunny, we enjoy it by enjoying almost every meal on the back patio. There is something about being outdoors that makes everyone want to stay and enjoy it – it turns even a basic weekend meal into one that feels more luxurious.

Easter Console Table Decor

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Cheerful Easter Home Decor Ideas

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Easter Console Table Decor

In keeping with my “natural simplicity” theme, I embraced a muted color palette and tons of texture when setting the table. A soft floral runner, seaweed placemats, and woven-backed chairs feel earthy and a little bit beachy, especially when surrounded by flowers and leaves that add lush, organic greenery. If you need me this spring, you can find me here in my little piece of patio heaven.

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Strange wildflowers are a sure sign of spring, especially when simply arranged in a casual pitcher or pottery vase. Thanks to Target’s beautiful selection of faux florals this season, the arrangement is done for me – I love that these will stay pretty on my table all season long.

Easter Console Table Decor

Easter Table Decor Ideas — All That Glitters

My brunch menu is inspired by the farmers market at this time of year, bursting with spring’s freshest ingredients. And I’ll bet most of my guests won’t even notice that this year’s Easter menu is vegetarian! It’s a feast for the eyes (and the appetite), and even meat-eaters will feel satisfied with this menu inspired by what’s in season. A nutritious meal centered around plant-based ingredients is one of my favorite ways to eat this time of year—and I love sharing it with my family and friends.

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Easter Console Table Decor

For acrudité that really shines – let the colors of the season guide you when choosing the ingredients. Go to the produce section of your local grocery store, or better yet, the farmer’s market, and choose vegetables that entice you with their color and raw flavor. We mixed classics like carrots, Persian cucumbers and broccolini with colorful variations of radishes and endives to brighten both the plate and the palate. Give the vegetables a rough rinse, cut in half, and arrange them over a small bed of fresh dill. Season them with a healthy drizzle of olive oil, flaky salt, and serve with a side of savory dip from Good & Gather. Voila! Your credit is now ready to

A Sunny Bunny Easter Table Homeward Found Decor

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