Easter Table Decor 2019

Easter Table Decor 2019 – Nothing will make your Easter party more beautiful than centerpieces and table decorations. Now if only the Easter Bunny would take care of setting the table for Easter dinner or brunch. right? This garden-inspired tablescape was based on a centerpiece flower arrangement, which I showed you how to do yesterday on daytime TV.

When setting up a tablescape, I always like to work on the focal point. A few years ago, my mom and I found these cute bunny plates at Pottery Barn, and year after year, they’ve been the centerpiece of the table. They have great designs and each plate is a little different, so they pair well with everything I decorate with. I love that they have a neutral color palette, so if I change the colors of my tablescape over the years it stays the same.

Easter Table Decor 2019

Easter Table Decor 2019

Like I said before, the more decorations you can use over the years, the better. You save money that way instead of spending money on expensive flowers. This porcelain rabbit is another great option. No matter what color your dishes (or your flatware) are every year they will look perfectly appropriate and certainly timeless. I got mine at Pier 1 and it was actually pretty cheap. I collected the rabbits and spread them under the table. For more greenery, a moss table runner added the perfect touch. It doesn’t matter what kind of rabbit you have, just add them to your table! It’s Easter after all.

Formal Dining Table For Easter & Spring Events

Napkins are a great way to add a pop of color to your table. I paired these pink, ruffled napkins with a flower ring and they really completed the table. Napkins can be an inexpensive way to add color and impact to your table, and you can use them over and over again.

Easter Table Decor 2019

If you separate the parts of this Easter table setting, it’s very easy! Even if you don’t have bunnies, simple white vases of pretty pink and white silk flowers give the table the same look and feel. You can easily find inspiration in these designs for everything from baby trees to bridal showers. And if you’re just starting out, just plain white food is fine.

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Easter Table Decor 2019

Easter Table Archives

Easter is almost here! Can you believe it? Time flies. Earlier this month, I shared a colorful Easter table setting but today, I wanted to share my neutral take on the occasion. I love both styles so it comes down to personal preference! Which is your favorite?

If you lean more towards neutral colors like beige and white and natural textures like moss and green, you’ll find plenty of inspiration with this tablescape. Check out more photos and my top 7 tips for setting a neutral Easter tablescape below. Also, I’m sharing a simple DIY for adorable bunny bracelets.

Easter Table Decor 2019

I’m a big fan of pairing similar colors together. I did this with cream and white striped table runners, tan place mats, beige ribbon woven into napkin rings, and wooden rabbits. I compare it to a lot of white and green.

Fun Easter Table Decorations

Moss bunting and fresh fern seedlings from my garden added the perfect green touch. I added fresh potted herbs to the sprouting vases at each location. They do a sweet favor for your guests.

Easter Table Decor 2019

Choose a table runner and let the natural texture of your table show through. I picked up this simple beige and white striped runner at HomeGoods and use it all the time. This is a great foundation! Here is a basic beige table runner that will give your table the same look and feel.

I use my Natural Water Hyacinth placemats as often as possible. They go well with all colors from neutral to colorful decorations. Mine is available on Sur La Table here, but I found an affordable option here!

Easter Table Decor 2019

Easter Table Decor Ideas For A Beautiful Holiday Table Setting

. I picked up this hobnail plate at HomeGoods years ago. White plates will suit any occasion all year round. They are a great indicator. You can find a nice set of white dinnerware almost anywhere!

After all, it’s Easter, so I didn’t want to forget the Easter touch on my table setting. I have collected these logs and moss rabbits for the past few years. Sometimes I display them in my kitchen, but this year, I incorporated them into my table setting. White bunnies also look great on a neutral Easter table and are very easy to find. There are lots of great moss bunny options on Amazon though!

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Easter Table Decor 2019

5. White and green flowers. Keep your flowers in line with a neutral theme. I chose white hydrangeas and fern soaps fresh from my garden. They will enhance your table while keeping your look together.

Easter Table Decor Ideas

. You can have a very neutral table while keeping Easter kid-friendly and fun. I added white and gold polka dot napkin rings with a burlap napkin ring. The colors stay consistent and I love the charm it adds to the table. Learn how to make these bunny napkin rings below!

Easter Table Decor 2019

. I love a good party. It’s by no means a requirement, but if you have guests coming over for Easter brunch, it’s a nice touch to add a little something to take home. To keep with my theme, I used small white vases filled with potted herbs. Not only did my table smell amazing, guests could use the herbs at home!

Let’s talk about this bunny napkin ring. These are a simple (yes, simple) DIY that my mom made and I went ga-ga! I love easy DIYs that don’t require you to go to four craft stores and spend $100. This, my friends, is easy.

Easter Table Decor 2019

The Can’t Be Beat Blue And White Table For A Classic Easter

If you’re on Instagram today, check out my stories to share how my mom made these cute baby bunny rings! It’s very easy!

The first step is to wrap the shower ring with your favorite ribbon. We chose a natural, lightly woven ribbon to match our neutral color scheme. You can choose any ribbon. Use hot glue to secure the end of the ribbon to your shower ring.

Easter Table Decor 2019

Michaels (and most craft stores) have a whole section of decorative “picks” that can be used in flower arrangements, wreaths, or other crafts. We found this selection of burlap bunnies. A simple wire cutter removed the metal pick. We then attached the bunny to the top of our wrap ring. You can add an Easter egg for decoration! Take a stroll through the holiday section of the craft store, and you’ll be surprised at how many things you can use on top of a napkin ring.

Beautiful Easter Table Decorations

I hope you are inspired to style a neutral Easter table! As always, if you have any questions that I didn’t answer above, please leave a comment below! Today I’m sharing a cute and simple Easter tablescape idea to get you inspired and ready for Easter! To be honest, I haven’t set my table to eat in years… lately I’ve been eating at the children’s table.

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Easter Table Decor 2019

My 3-year-old doesn’t like to feed himself, so I always feed him. My 1.5 year old Miss is independent and likes to feed herself, by dinner time she’s already half her food!

I’m going to buy one of those plastic rugs to see if I can cut down on all the cleanup after dinner…advice welcome!!

Easter Table Decor 2019

Buy Beauty Decor Easter Cotton And Linen Table Runner Long Dining Table Runner Black And White Plaid Bunny Cute Rabbit Kitchen Table Runner Dresser Scarves For Party Event Festival Decoration 13×36 Inch

However, I still love a well-organized table decorated for the occasion! One day, when I was preparing the table for a photo shoot, Sophia was very happy at the “beautiful table”. I am sure that in a few years he will be setting beautiful tables with me. I can’t wait!

To set up this picture of the Easter dinner table I used a lot of things I bought to decorate the house on my trip home for Easter spring. You don’t need much to create a beautiful background for your Easter dinner

Easter Table Decor 2019

I decided to put my chairs together. I brought chairs here in our breakfast room and combined them with white chairs decorated with stones.

Set A Charming, Neutral Easter Table

Glass Easter eggs from TJMaxx were the perfect Easter accent for this table. I love how I can reuse it here for Easter dinner. The Glass Rabbit also appears.

Easter Table Decor 2019

Bunny ear napkin rings add a little fun to the table. My new purchases for this table setting are rabbit salad plates and napkin rings. Everything else I already had.

Several ice cream cups were filled with pastel Easter candy. They add a pop of color to the table.

Easter Table Decor 2019

Pink And Green Easter Tablescape (inspired By Spring)

In total I used two large glass eggs, two small ones and a rabbit. One large and two small vases. Coupe candle outside the table. That’s basically it!

I love how simple yet beautiful this set up is. what

Easter Table Decor 2019

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