Easter Table Decor Ideas

Easter Table Decor Ideas – In this post: Want to make your Easter table special? These Easter table decoration ideas will inspire you to step up your game for a beautiful holiday table setting.⇒⇒

Why is it that some people use the same formal china over and over and never create a truly exquisite table, while others have a habit of disparate elements appearing together when combined? If so, do you build something better out of the pieces yourself?

Easter Table Decor Ideas

Easter Table Decor Ideas

I can’t say for sure when I started enjoying the process of setting tables, but I know that somewhere along the way I came to appreciate the creativity behind the practice.

Easter Ideas: Using Blush Pink In Your Easter Table Decor

Setting a beautiful table is certainly an art, and doing it well, at least in my opinion, involves much more than arranging matching dishes and placing them according to set rules.

Easter Table Decor Ideas

To me, the magic lies in the skillful pairing, much like decorating a room or putting together an outfit. It’s the combination of the parts that makes a beautiful whole, and the best designers learn that the combination of these parts is more important than any individual element.

(You can see this, for example, in the sparkle of a perfect white shirt or little black dress, as their designs are best appreciated for how they complement the outfit.)

Easter Table Decor Ideas

Festive Easter Table Settings

So when it comes to assembling a table and choosing pieces, it’s not enough to shop for pretty pieces. What matters is how they work together, that’s the whole point really.

I’m joining a group of my favorite bloggers to give you some inspiration for the upcoming spring holidays. Be sure to visit the other posts below this one!

Easter Table Decor Ideas

This seasonal table centerpiece is a great example of exquisite design, as it is sophisticated and eye-catching on its own, yet integrates easily into a table filled with other decorative elements.

Easy Easter Table Decor Ideas And Centerpieces • Craving Some Creativity

I’m talking about the luxurious frosted glass poppy seed bowls from Anyglass, with 24k gold accents on the delicately curved rims. I paired them with dinner plates that are vintage Limoges because the gilding ties them together so elegantly. These attractive bowls can be used on your table in a variety of ways, including serving salads or fruit, or even floating flowers or candles.

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Easter Table Decor Ideas

(This post was sponsored by AnyGlass, but all opinions and product love are entirely my own.)

The large two bowl sizes are absolutely gorgeous and take pride of place on my table as the main centerpiece.

Easter Table Decor Ideas

Easter Table Decor Idea

You can see them below playing the part of an Easter “basket” decorated with speckled Easter eggs for the holiday dinner.

Alternatively, above, they’re simply scattered with cherry blossoms for a celebration that can last from spring into summer.

Easter Table Decor Ideas

The accompanying table pieces pair well with the delightful bowls. The napkins look like that perfect white shirt, tailored with hints of linen and embroidered in an understated tone, subtle and well-mannered.

Natural Style Easter Table For A Casual Gathering

Butterfly napkin rings add a bit of jewelry to the mix, with light soft hues that parallel the frosted glass of the bowls.

Easter Table Decor Ideas

The cut crystal wine glasses feature a classic pattern with just enough interest to reflect light across the room.

Flowers are perky and casually arranged, gathering pink ranunculus, cream roses and green hydrangeas in a pair of simple vases.

Easter Table Decor Ideas

Inspiring Easter Table Decor Ideas

The cute tulip votive holders were found on a trip to Greece and I love the serene way they complement the picture.

If, like me, you approach table setting with an anticipation that gets your creative juices flowing, I hope you’re inspired to put together a beautiful Easter table.

Easter Table Decor Ideas

There’s no better way to show respect for the guests who sit at your table than by trying to set the most beautiful table you can dream of!

Delightful Diy Easter Table Decor Ideas You’ll Adore

To view, click on the items below for direct product links. Where the actual items were no longer available, I provided similar substitutes. If an item is out of stock but can be restocked, I leave it in inventory.

Easter Table Decor Ideas

Have you been to the store? Click below to shop my favorite things from Instagram and Amazon. enjoy!! Setting Your Easter Brunch Table? If you are looking for beautiful Easter table decoration ideas, you have come to the right place! See my Easter scenario below…

Easter is one of my favorite holidays to share table decorations with all of you! We have tons of Easter recipes and Easter table decoration ideas in the archives, but this Easter table might be my favorite!

Easter Table Decor Ideas

Easter Table Decorations

For Easter brunch, I love setting a beautiful table filled with fresh flowers, pastel shades, and lots of Easter bunnies!

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What I love about this Easter decoration is that it appeals to all ages. It’s whimsical for the kids and still elegant enough to enjoy at Easter brunch.

Easter Table Decor Ideas

For a little fun (for kids and adults alike), add candy to each serving. It can be as simple as chocolate bunnies (I did this on my Rustic Chick Easter Tablescape) or little bags of pastel jelly beans like I did for this Easter!

Easter Table Setting Ideas

You can go for brightly colored dinner plates and plain white salad plates. No problem! Mix and match and let one or two items ‘shine’ and add that pop of color or pattern to any Easter table!

Easter Table Decor Ideas

I love adding ceramic rabbits whenever I can to my Easter table. They look lovely propped up among vases of spring flowers.

Add touches of greenery (I use clippings from my garden) to tuck the centerpiece under the ceramic bunnies.

Easter Table Decor Ideas

Viv & Tim

Place decorative Easter eggs in the open holes between the bunny and your flowers. Add candles or small votives and you have a beautiful Easter centerpiece!

When Easter is over, you can simply remove the bunnies and eggs and keep the setup up all spring.

Easter Table Decor Ideas

As you can see, there are only three vases of flowers on my table. I used a vase I already owned and it still looks perfect for Easter! You can create large arrangements or use bud vases for smaller ones.

Easter Bunny Spring Table Setting

For another Easter table decor idea, you can create a fruit and flower centerpiece like I did here and tuck in bunnies and eggs!

Easter Table Decor Ideas

The pink cups are made by Moser Glass (one of my favorite cake stand companies) and can be found here. They are great and high quality! The white glasses were given to me by my mother which she found in an antique shop.

I hope you are inspired to get creative with lots of Easter table decoration ideas! I hope I’ve shown you how easy and simple it can be to set your Easter table using items you probably already have, along with some colorful Easter treats. Visit Recipe 645 Share 645 Spring will soon be everywhere, so today I’m sharing my flower-inspired Easter table decorations. Although I designed this table for Easter, with a few edits and additions, it would be wonderful for almost any spring gathering. Let me show you what I made. Easter table decorations inspired by flowers: Table of Contents 1 Easter table decorations inspired by flowers Hide: 2 Easter table decorations: Get inspired 3 Easter table settings: Mix it up 4 Easter table settings: Turn up the textures 5 Easter table decorations: Make it fun 6 Easter Table Setting: Final Details Yes, my friends, even though this winter has been mild, spring can’t come soon enough. I am already in the mood for the beautiful colors and flowers of the season. So when my friends at HomeGoods asked me to design a spring table setting for their blog, that was all I needed to get my spring decorating started. Today I’m excited to show you my Easter table decorations. As spring is approaching, I hope this brightens your day and gives you ideas for your spring and Easter tables. In case you were wondering, about 90% of the items on the table are from Home Goods. While this post is not sponsored, you know that I am an avid home goods shopper. They have a beautiful collection of spring gifts in store if you’re looking to add new pieces to your decor. With that intro, let’s take a closer look at my table! Easter Table Decor: Get Inspired The inspiration for this Easter table decor was flowers. (I know. Flowers for spring? Revolutionary!) However, when I saw these floral patterned salad plates at HomeGoods, I couldn’t take my eyes off them. Those were the first things I found for my table and the inspiration came from there. Of course, I added other floral elements as well, including lots of real flowers. In the center of the table I have two vases of pink tulips in white pitchers. (As you may have noticed, white pitchers are one of my favorite flower vases these days.) I also used glass trinkets and placed tulips in them for a somewhat unique look. Then there are floral napkins. They’re another fun find that helps pull together lots of color. he on the edge

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Easter Table Decor Ideas

Easter Table Inspiration & Ideas Part 2 * Hip & Humble Style

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