Easter Tree Table Decoration

Easter Tree Table Decoration – When you hear someone say they’re excited to decorate the tree, your mind might immediately turn to the Christmas season. But you can decorate a tree for every season and holiday if you want, and Easter is no exception. After all, what better time than the fresh, crisp spring weather to bring some greenery into your home? Easter trees have become a popular Easter decoration of late, and they sure are: they’re just as beautiful as their tinsel-covered counterparts. You might be surprised to learn that Easter trees aren’t new, though.

A tradition that originally started in Germany (but is also popular in Poland, Austria, and beyond), the Easter egg tree was originally called the “Ostereierbaum,” according to Southern Living. as

Easter Tree Table Decoration

Easter Tree Table Decoration

He also reported that Ostereierbaum is also quite popular in Pennsylvania Dutch and some southern parts of the United States. Like Christmas trees, there are a million different ways to make a beautiful Easter tree, but most of them involve some variation of hanging colorful Easter eggs from the branches.

Easter Decoration Inspiration & Ideas

Yes, these trees can decorate your front yard or sit outside your house on a porch, but mostly these DIY-friendly Easter decorations make beautiful centerpieces for dinner. Here are beautiful renditions of Easter trees that will make a wonderful addition to any spring decor.

Easter Tree Table Decoration

Using flowering branches is an easy (and beautiful) way to create an Easter tree. Once the branches are placed in the vase, hang the colored foam eggs.

This Easter tree from Instagram user @abromleymummy is a great example of how to repurpose miniature planters for a simple and beautiful Easter tree. If you have some leftover Easter eggs, ribbon, and a few unused plants or buckets, you’re good to go—no trip to the store required.

Easter Tree Table Decoration

Easter Carrot Tree Centerpiece Kids Craft • Six Dollar Family

Using a simple glass vase or pitcher, you can let branches, greenery, ornaments, or all of the above take center stage, as shown here with this beautiful Victoria Wright Resurrection Christmas tree. Adding a festive banner to bring out the colors of the Easter eggs is also a great idea.

Farmhouse style is popular for a reason—it’s cozy, simple, and inviting. You can easily make a farmhouse style Easter tree along the lines of what Carla Herring did here with her Easter tree. Using a metal pitcher is a great way to make things look more rustic.

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Easter Tree Table Decoration

As this beautiful Easter tree from Maison Rustic shows, incorporating glass Easter eggs can take your decor to another level and add sophistication to a tree.

Setting The Easter Table: New Decor Must Haves

For those with a more eclectic style, a super whimsical, pastel Easter tree may not be appropriate, but a modern, neutral one may not make sense either. This is where a more eclectic Easter tree comes in, combining vibrant colors, architectural details and, of course, beautifully painted Easter eggs. This example from Circa1836 on Instagram is a perfect example, and the greenery of the dramatic branches makes everything pop.

Easter Tree Table Decoration

Another idea is to add beautiful lights and illustrations with an Easter theme. You can easily imagine this tree (by Natasha Bailey on Instagram) with other photos, handwritten quotes, or even Bible verses scattered from the branches. The possibilities are endless!

If you’re not sure how your Easter tree will fit into your decor and home, take the At Home With Mel Mel Easter tree for example. It blends perfectly with the decor of the kitchen table, working as a centerpiece. Instead of flowers in a vase, there are branches tied with Easter eggs.

Easter Tree Table Decoration

A Spring Inspired Easter Table.

This beautiful Easter tree from Tay’s Home Decor combines two unexpected (but beautiful) Easter tree items – wooden decorations and non-pastel Easter eggs. The two neutral tones (not to mention the different textures) combined create a visually beautiful and very unique Easter tree.

Now you’ve heard of an Easter egg tree… but have you heard of an Easter carrot tree? This Easter tree, created by Instagrammer Buttercream Peonies, is a fun, creative and whimsical twist on the typical Easter egg tree – and it’s just as cute.

Easter Tree Table Decoration

Want a more modern take on the Easter tree? Enter this fun example from Instagram user @sambailey91. The combination of angular, modern wood and primary egg colors is a simple and beautiful addition to any shelf.

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This beautiful tree combines simple white branches, Easter ornaments, Easter eggs and (best of all) lights. The lights give the tree a magical, cozy feel and really add another dimension to the tree. It’s worth borrowing this idea from Instagram user ava_antics17.

Easter Tree Table Decoration

While most of the branches you see on Easter trees are simple, it’s hard not to be amazed at how Instagrammer Lydia Hicks took a different approach to her Easter tree. The combination of bright white Easter eggs with branches full of greenery and flowers creates an organic yet perfect spring feel.

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Who says an Easter tree has to be all pink, purple and yellow? This neutral and minimalist Easter tree from Instagram user @lauramarie91 is a great example of how to create your Easter tree to match your particular decor.

Easter Tree Table Decoration

Make A Dried Floral Easter Egg Tree

This tree from the blogger behind Dolly Dowsie is a great example of how colorful bows and ribbons can add to an Easter tree. Unlike the bright colors of the Easter eggs themselves, this tree is as bright and cheery as it is less busy.

This Easter tree from Willow Herat Interiors is simple, yet evokes all the colors and feelings of spring and Easter. Using mostly solid pastel shades, there are only a few Easter eggs in these branches, but the colors stand out among the neutral home decor. Adding some Easter treats and cards to the tree is also a nice touch.

Easter Tree Table Decoration

This tree, from Life On Hather Sage, is a pastel dream. This is also a great example of how to use Easter ornaments (which remind you a bit of Christmas decorations) on an Easter tree. You don’t just have to use Easter eggs, though. Bees, bunnies and flowers are also very important elements of Easter.

Easter Decorating Ideas

Debbie from Cottage-Bee.com created her whimsical Easter tree by hanging colorful, hand-painted Easter eggs and melted wax on the branches. The combination of colors and flavors is sure to make anyone smile. It’s also a great example of how to incorporate other floral details (like a floral wreath around the tree trunk) into an Easter tree.

Easter Tree Table Decoration

Olivia Muenter Olivia Muenter is a freelance writer and former fashion and beauty editor who writes about fashion, beauty, lifestyle, relationships, travel, home decor and more for Woman’s Day and beyond. again. For centuries, Germans have had a tradition of decorating Easter trees, called “Ostereierbaum”. The Swedes have their own version, “Påskris”, where they string eggs and feathers around trees. But today, Easter trees, whether store-bought or DIY, have become a staple in homes around the world as centerpieces, mantel displays and outdoor decorations.

So what makes them different from your Christmas outings? Easter trees tend to be smaller, less personal (no macaroon photo frames here), and covered in decorative accents that highlight what spring is all about: pastel colors, vibrant flowers, and decorated Easter eggs. Even if you choose a store-bought version, DIY Easter trees are actually very easy to make: First, lay out a base, anything from fake dog topiaries to flowering branches from your yard. Then, decorate -your tree with salt dough egg ornaments, hanging crafts (like DIY paper flowers) or anything related to the rest of the Easter decorations in your home. Read on to learn how to decorate your Easter tree so it really makes a statement this spring.

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Easter Tree Table Decoration

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Take any flowering branches – bird willow, forsythia, cherry blossom, magnolia or dogwood – and use them as the base of a colorful tree.

Then make it appropriate for Easter by hanging blown eggs or artificial artificial eggs. To hang, cut a 20-inch piece of thin ribbon and attach the middle of the ribbon to the bottom of the egg with hot glue. Wrap the ribbon around the egg and attach it to the top of the egg with hot glue. Once dry, tie the eggs to the branches and trim the excess ribbon.

Easter Tree Table Decoration

Head to the pantry to get all the ingredients to make these beautiful ornaments for your Easter tree.

A Simple Easter Table Centerpiece Idea

Make artificial boxwood topiaries more realistic by adding mini robin’s eggs all over and fake moss at the base.

Easter Tree Table Decoration

Remembering pets and small children, make colorful, unbreakable eggs from string and hang them from unbreakable branches. To make your display look more like a traditional Swedish Easter tree, add a few feathers here and there.

Get your kids involved by decorating ceramic eggs with stripes, dots and other patterns. Try using bird willow branches to stay true to the tradition of the German Osterbaum Easter tree.

Easter Tree Table Decoration

Lighted Easter Egg Tree Table Decoration

Dogwood branches with fake flowers are pretty on their own, but they really add to Easter when you add eggs to one

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