Easy Easter Table Decorations Ideas

Easy Easter Table Decorations Ideas – Need a fun centerpiece DIY idea to make your Easter table festive? How can you use one a year? Will it become a treasured Easter tradition for your children?

Feeling nostalgic for Easter? Now is a great time to start planning your Easter table centerpiece for next year.

Easy Easter Table Decorations Ideas

Easy Easter Table Decorations Ideas

Wait! You think. The flowers won’t die by then, will they? I’m not talking about fresh flowers. You can add them, but I’m talking about a table centerpiece decoration that will bring you joy throughout the Easter season.

Fun Easter Table Decorations

I don’t shop much. But for some reason I love shopping for holiday decorations. Easter is a fun time to decorate. But decorating the whole house for Easter? That’s a little too much for me too. (I only try it at Christmas time.) What I’ve found is that instead of spreading the decorations out, the focal point is much more impactful, making your place stand out. And decorating your table is a quick way to make a splash.

Easy Easter Table Decorations Ideas

For permanent decor, I’m not one to sit around and do too little. They collect a lot of dust in my house! But many years ago, while browsing in a craft store I was fascinated by small Easter resin figures. We are on a newlywed grad school budget. At one time, they were very cheap! I leave one by one. Even if you only have one a year, you will find that your collection will expand. Ha!

But you know what? Holiday collections can be a great holiday centerpiece! Watching the different additions is fun for young and old. Our entrance opens directly into our dining room and this collection is an instant attraction as guests look at all the different pieces in the collection.

Easy Easter Table Decorations Ideas

Easter Table Decor Ideas That Can Easily Be Customized

I love real flowers, but live ones are hard to keep fresh. A centerpiece that holds a treasured collection is fresh and can be used year after year. Organize your toy collection on the table.

As you can see, having some sort of background to set your collection on top of helps it look cohesive. First I tried the traditional Easter loose grass.

Easy Easter Table Decorations Ideas

The idea came from looking for an artificial turf runner. This is one of those times when I really love Amazon. I almost couldn’t believe I had found it! But thanks to sports fans, turf grass table runners do exist!

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Fun Kids Easter Play Date: With Easy Easter Table

And it works well and looks great even though it is a little rare. So I’m tempted to read reviews for new products. I’m also currently looking at a dry moss table runner, which is tempting! But I’ve tried using real moss on my table before and the moss I bought looked a bit funny. It is unpleasant when you eat, so we are aware of that possibility.

Easy Easter Table Decorations Ideas

Adding height in the middle is important, especially if most of your collection is short. If you don’t have large pieces, some sort of Easter tree will add that height.

You can make a simple Easter tree from painted branches. This is what my daughter did on her own when she was young.

Easy Easter Table Decorations Ideas

Beautiful Easter Decorations To Get Inspired For Spring

It’s not perfect, but it brings back fond memories. All it takes is a fallen branch in a pot left over from a Christmas plant, paint and gravel. Covering the branches with glittery Easter eggs from the craft store gave me joy when decorating this year.

But I love flowering fruit trees. When I found a beautiful silk branch from the flowers of a fruit tree, I bent a branch into the shape of a small tree. I then secured it in a pot with white gravel, covered it with Easter grass, and then hung sweet decorated craft eggs from the branches. Don’t you just love the nostalgic images on these eggs?

Easy Easter Table Decorations Ideas

Sometimes, if I can get the timing right, I add flowers in the middle. Potted flowers are less expensive than cut flowers in this type of table centerpiece. However, I find that plants don’t last long indoors with low light. So don’t buy them too early or plan to change them. Bonus Bonus! After using them on the table you can plant them in your yard. Decorate landscaping pots by dropping them in solid ceramic flower pots.

Diy Easter Table Decorations That Will Fill Your Home With Joy

You may have noticed that over the years I have started collecting larger Easter bunnies as they become available. One of my favorites is this potted rabbit that I got from Tractor Supply (of all places).

Easy Easter Table Decorations Ideas

Due to the pandemic, I looked online to add to my collection this year. do you know Realistic resin bunnies I found – I already have them! oh dear

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I have a couple of pieces of Easter glass. Fully inoculated, I look forward to scouring antique shops for Easter glass pieces to start a new collection. (Shh! Don’t tell my hubby!) Once again, Easter is just around the corner and it’s time to start planning all kinds of fun activities, and don’t forget the Easter decorations. This year you should plan something special. We’ve got 50 great ideas for you to check out and choose from. We focus on Easter table decorations and with many different ideas we know you will find something that suits your style. Let’s begin!

Easy Easter Table Decorations Ideas

Easter Table Decorations

We absolutely love terrariums. We love their freshness and the fact that there are endless ways to customize them, so why not make a moss runner and terrarium apothecary jar the centerpiece of an Easter table decoration? A few colorful Easter eggs look great on a runner too. You don’t need to over complicate terrariums…just put some moss, some pebbles, some seasonal clippings and other things inside. You can see what such an arrangement looks like at Blessinghouse.

As we mentioned earlier, you don’t have to go out of your way to make your Easter table decorations stand out. There are very simple ideas, which are fine. For example, you can find everything you need for your Easter decoration at the grocery store, and this way you can save and put in the effort. Check out these cute flowers and these cute chocolate bunnies we found on drivenbydecor. Aren’t they adorable?

Easy Easter Table Decorations Ideas

Want to create a cozy atmosphere? You might enjoy creating a rustic table decoration for Easter. You can find plenty of inspiration for that at Blessinghouse. Some other items used here include lace doilies, wicker table mats, driftwood chargers, wooden pillar candle holders, jute table runner, scraps of wood, bottles turned into vases and little nests decorated with colored leaves and eggs.

Diy Easy Easter Table Centerpiece Idea • Mom Behind The Curtain

If you’re the type who likes to get creative and make cool things out of paper, we’ve got some amazing Easter decoration ideas you’ll love, like these crinkly paper tulips. Those bulbs are actually a sweet surprise: they’re filled with little chocolate eggs. The tulips are made from corrugated paper (you need pink, green and white paper to make the tulips look like this). You can find all the details about this fun project at Craftberrybush.

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Easy Easter Table Decorations Ideas

This Easter Bunny tiered tray featured on fun365.orientaltrading is one of the cutest we’ve ever seen. However, the chances of you finding a tray like this are slim, but you can always improve and create your own version. As for the rest of the table decorations, there was a beautiful Easter themed bouquet decorated with carrots, eggs and spring flowers, as well as bunnies with baskets of candy which we really loved.

Since we mentioned tiered trays, let’s look at another one, this time found on lizmarieblog. It’s a three layer tray that screams spring. Decorated with fake eggs, little nests, adorable bunny mugs, a cute little birdhouse, planters and fake greens, it’s the perfect centerpiece for an Easter table. If you can’t replicate the look exactly, get creative and work with what you have.

Easy Easter Table Decorations Ideas

Easter Table Decor Ideas

It’s the little things that matter most, and the same goes for all the Easter decoration ideas we’ve prepared for you today. Let’s take a look at this beautiful table decoration featured on JennyCookies. The ensemble as a whole is cohesive and super cute, but it wouldn’t be the same without the adorable bunny napkins or wood slice chargers.

That’s okay if you’re not a big fan of big and colorful flowers because there are actually plenty of other Easter decorating ideas that don’t include them. For example, the tableau that appears on the Stonegable blog still has flowers but not the big and showy variety. This farmhouse-chic decor uses tree flowers along with lots of fake eggs and bird nests. The colors are soft and calm and it sets a relaxing atmosphere.

Easy Easter Table Decorations Ideas

If the weather is nice, you might want to celebrate Easter outdoors. Put a table in the yard,

Easter Table Decorations And Centerpieces For Spring

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