Easy Table Decorations For Outside Family Reunion

Easy Table Decorations For Outside Family Reunion – Create a DIY family reunion centerpiece to make your gathering wonderful! It goes perfectly with a rustic or local style of decoration.

I’m on a Mod Podge photo transfer medium binge! After my breakfast tray project last month, my mind began to think of other ways I could use the MP transfer.

Easy Table Decorations For Outside Family Reunion

Easy Table Decorations For Outside Family Reunion

My Etsy shop and blog are basically about home, family, and memories. I came up with this idea for a centerpiece for a family reunion (which could also be used for an anniversary, wedding, unique home decor… just about any celebration).

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I thought it would be a fun way to celebrate a family’s history with names, addresses, wedding dates, etc. I did it, I liked it and I photographed it. So, as often happens, I thought, “Wait! I have a better idea!”

Easy Table Decorations For Outside Family Reunion

And when I started with the best idea, I suddenly realized: “Wait! I could do it this way!”

The problem is that in this case my creative process had a deadline due to the date of the party. So what follows is a tutorial on how I made the centerpiece of my family tree, along with tips on how to expand it to make your own version.

Easy Table Decorations For Outside Family Reunion

Amazon.com: Family Tree Reunion

At the end of this woodwork is a brainstorm of other variations that I hope you enjoy. This project would look great with rustic or farmhouse decor, and after gathering, it makes for a beautiful decor piece. This is how you do it!

I filed the edges of my wood with a quick pass with my little router, but I realize that not everyone has this type of tool, so it is a very optional option.

Easy Table Decorations For Outside Family Reunion

Step 1: After determining where I wanted my tea lights to go (math!), I used the 2″ Forstner bit and my electric drill to drill the holes (alternatively, use a spade bit if you want to use candles instead of tea lights).

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Step 2 – I lightly lighten the edges and top of the wood and paint the entire piece with flat white latex paint. Once it was dry I sanded the edges and top to give it a slightly aged look.

Easy Table Decorations For Outside Family Reunion

Step 3: I designed my text to fit on legal paper (14″ long by 3″ tall) using the Word Art feature in MSWord. With WordArt, you can resize and move text to create the design you want.

I mixed fonts and styles, and when I had everything to my liking, I chose “horizontal flip” from the format menu and flipped all the words upside down. I then printed it on regular legal paper using a laser printer.

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Easy Table Decorations For Outside Family Reunion

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I needed several pieces of paper to go all the way around the center, and I had a different design for each piece. Here’s an example of what it looks like before and after flipping it:

You can make any type of design you want in the centerpiece of your family gathering. Mine above is just for inspiration!

Easy Table Decorations For Outside Family Reunion

Step 5 – I put a good coat of Mod Podge Transfer on the face of the wood, then laid my paper on top. To ensure a good transfer, I used my fingers and the roller to press the paper down the middle.

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Step 6: After letting it dry overnight, I soaked the paper with a damp cloth and rubbed it down. I used the transfer medium because as you can see, although there is a thin layer of paper left, you can still see the wood and the texture of the wood through it.

Easy Table Decorations For Outside Family Reunion

I hope this sparks some ideas for your next family gathering. And, as always, I’ll be checking out the comments section, so if you have any questions, shoot!

I mentioned blocks as an option above, and wanted to share these easy wedding decoration blocks that can also be adapted for any type of occasion. Home entertainment is a deeply personal affair, inviting guests to peek into your world and feel at home for hours in your cozy dining room, flowery garden or elegant patio. A beautiful setting not only provokes exclamations and exclamations, but also inspires lively conversation and sets the tone for the meeting.

Easy Table Decorations For Outside Family Reunion

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There may be no better time to display family heirlooms, polished silver, and a collection of stained glass than to dress up a dining room table. That antique plate tucked away in your party cabinet can instantly feel more youthful and modern when paired with colorful tablecloths and tailored linens. It’s all about balancing sophisticated pieces with vibrant patterns and natural details.

Whether you’re hosting a relaxed summer cookout, a multi-generational holiday cookout, or a fancy dinner party, our favorite entertainment experts from around the country have shared some of their favorite table and table decorating ideas for every occasion. From New Year’s brunches to spring garden parties to rustic holiday dinners, we’ve got you covered year-round for your table decorating needs.

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Easy Table Decorations For Outside Family Reunion

A light spring lunch at Jan Shower’s home in Hillsboro, Texas, doubles as a valuable tutorial on vintage dinnerware placement. Tory Burch salad plates, vintage table linens and traditional glassware grace a French kitchen.

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Chairish co-founder and president Anna Brockway embraces the cool of California for a memorable dinner in the garden of her new home in Sonoma. “We’ve mastered mixing high and low, imposing unexpected textures, colors, and materials,” says Ella Brockway.

Easy Table Decorations For Outside Family Reunion

Brockway paired vintage chinoiserie salad plates (Chairish) with an electrifying tablecloth (Lisa Corti) and a flat natural tablecloth (Juliska).

Great color ushers in a rejuvenating spirit in every room of this century-old Arkansas farmhouse designed by designer Heather Chadduck Hillegas. Floral motifs find their way onto the table with Herend’s Chinese bouquet plates and William Yeoward’s engraved fern cups. A gold-trimmed plate by Anna Weatherley paired with Chantilly (Gorham) flatware adds a bit of glam to the table.

Easy Table Decorations For Outside Family Reunion

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Extravagant masquerade balls from the past shaped the au courant nature of this black-and-white tablescape. The geometric motifs of the Sieger Ca’ d’Oro plates, combined with playful polka dots (fabric; Nobilis) usher in the high-movement style of the 1960s. Hand-painted chandelier shades by Ross Alexander were inspired by the masks that were used at Truman Capote’s original Black and White Ball.

For a poignant gathering in her New York loft, designer Joy Moyler relied on deep reds and purples (fabric; Dedar) to warm up the monochromatic hue of Art-Deco plates (her hers her own pattern). . Mercury goblets (Saint-Louis and Nason Moretti for Artemest) and polished silver add just the right amount of sparkle to the table.

Easy Table Decorations For Outside Family Reunion

In a Montreal penthouse for a former prime minister, design firm Les Ensembliers blended French antiques with contemporary pieces and a variety of Oriental decorative accents in the dining room. Antique patterns flourish in an ensemble of Chinese export china, Versace chargers, and Imari vases.

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For floral designer Lewis Miller’s Christmas tablescape, a canary yellow linen (Gray Line Linens) provides a tonal base for lemons, along with blood oranges, pineapples and cedar trim as the centerpiece. Bold blue checked napkins (John Derian) and glasses (Carlo Moretti) contrast artfully with the sunny tones.

Easy Table Decorations For Outside Family Reunion

“Similar to my design, I appreciate a layered approach to tables,” says Cheryl Luckett, director and owner of Dwell at Cheryl Interiors in Charlotte.

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Here, Luckett artfully combines pattern, texture, and color with blue and white ceramics from her personal collection, Dunes & Duchesses chandeliers, bold magnolia leaves, and natural-weave placemats for coastal-inspired luxury.

Easy Table Decorations For Outside Family Reunion

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“Dramatic hand-turned chandeliers and single candles offer mood lighting and add a perfect romantic element to outdoor dining,” she says.

Columnist Alexandra Dudley shared a scene from a recent supper club she hosted in her personal outdoor space in London.

Easy Table Decorations For Outside Family Reunion

“Always invest in a good set of napkins,” advises Dudley. “I love this classic white from The Linen Works because it goes with everything.”

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The worst thing about organizing a supper club: all the dishes to clean up afterwards. Dudley likes to use side plates for small salads and entrees to save space in the dishwasher. Here she has distinctive yet elegant dishes from Royal Copenhagen and Skandihus. Dudley made the tablecloth herself and found these vintage vases at an antique fair to keep the scene lighthearted and informal.

Easy Table Decorations For Outside Family Reunion

This stunning table is located in event designer Keith Robinson’s sprawling home just south of Atlanta. This backyard brunch scene is set under a romantic, swooping arbor by Lady Banks Roses and features hyper-local food—meats, cheeses, and produce found several miles, if not from his own farm.

“Using beautiful things in the garden creates magic,” she says. Campanella roses and peach and cream dahlias in a centerpiece coordinate with the dinnerware and create a striking pairing with lilac linen napkins and a chocolate-hued abstract floral tablecloth. “It is as if a cascade of roses became a sea of ​​flowers on the table.”

Easy Table Decorations For Outside Family Reunion

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“My husband loves to cook, so I felt that hosting our family meals during this time was a way for him to contribute and make our meals special,” says author and entertainment expert Kimberly Schlegel Whitman. “I also tried to mix it up, bringing out china and bedding that we wouldn’t normally use, so I could break up the monotony a bit.”

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Easy Table Decorations For Outside Family Reunion

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