Edge Decoration For Tables

Edge Decoration For Tables – I’m a little worried that my coffee table is getting too big for britches. Whenever family or friends visit, they are impressed by its beauty. I guess my friendly face doesn’t help. It became very difficult for me to enjoy my favorite TV shows because I found myself staring at the table like I was doing some new trick. No, it’s just sitting there like my dreams are coming true!

Last spring, Elsie and I were talking about what kinds of coffee tables would look good in her living room. We loved the idea of ​​a living table, but we quickly learned that tables are expensive. We’re talking over $1K. Yes! But the more I looked, the more I fell in love with the idea. In the end, I decided that if I was going to do the last thing I would make a living coffee table! Give me around the tree or die!

Edge Decoration For Tables

Edge Decoration For Tables

The whole project cost me about $215, which gives me goosebumps just writing this. If you want to do it yourself, I have some ideas for you! But you can start the week or cross your fingers for more luck.

Live Edge Slab Wood Dining Tables

Designing Your Coffee Table The first thing to do when designing your living edge coffee table is to decide what size and style you want. I chose a round shape because I had a lot of space to fill in the “L” of my square. If I have a long and straight sofa, I can choose a long, rectangular wooden section.

Edge Decoration For Tables

Be sure to consider the size of your coffee table too! Living side tables are more important than you think, making your sofa look smaller in comparison. So if you don’t know how much, I would err on the small side. Also consider the thickness of the wood you want. I knew I needed a wood panel that was 2-3″ thicker than most wood products. legs to attach. (A few inches shorter than (Our bed is perfect! We can put our feet up.)

The Term Live-Edge Lumber It’s important to know what type of lumber you want before you start looking for lumber.

Edge Decoration For Tables

Giant Boardroom Table

1. Burl Round – Burl is the rarest type of wood round, and hard to find in large quantities. The burl is cut from the stem of the tree trunk—you know, the warty stuff. These pieces will have a more prominent appearance through the grain than the various rings found in wood. Because they are anomalies and not a visible part of the tree’s growth, burls are more expensive and are used for veneers and fine woodwork. You may be able to work with a tree trimming service to pick up the holes from the trees they have cut.

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2. Round Log- A round log is a cut piece of wood that shows the rings of the tree and is round in shape. The actual size of the round of the tree will vary depending on the type and individual tree. The base of a tree, close to the base, gives the tree its round shape. The height of the cut wood, however, is more or less the same as the width.

Edge Decoration For Tables

3. Plank – A plan is a long piece of wood that has a raw edge. It is cut to the length of the tree rather than its width. This is a good choice for a table that you want to fill for a long time. The downside to long wood planks is that there won’t be a live cut on both sides of the wood. This may be important to you.

Beautiful Long Decorative Bowl Carved Wooden Centerpiece Extra Large 26 Inches Long Live Edge Decor For Dining Table Coffee Tables Boho Chic Rustic Natural Decorate

The most time-consuming and frustrating part of this whole project is finding the wood for the board. I spent many nights searching local Craigslist ads and listings in neighboring states. I searched Etsy and eBay, and figured out how much money I’d be willing to spend to get the table. For a while, I thought $300 was the best price I could get on a 16″x24″ oval board. The board was unfinished, and only 2″ thick. It was not what I wanted, and it was more than I expected to pay.

Edge Decoration For Tables

Then one night I got a local listing for this thick layer of ash, and my heart started pounding out of my chest. That’s it! It’s sold out and only $175! And, 3’x3′ was the perfect size for the space I wanted to fill. I emailed the seller at three in the morning, then every day until the poor guy finally answered! I went to pick it up within hours and couldn’t believe my luck. It was beautiful, and it exceeded my expectations.

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My best advice for finding wood is to look on Craigslist for “small living,” “wood parts,” “round wood,” “real table,” and “wood delivery service .” If you’re having no luck finding ready-made parts, try calling a wood delivery service to see if you can get the wood from one of their locations, or if they can deliver it to you. location. what is right for you. Details. Make sure you have a large enough car and a strong person to help. These big guys are no joke!

Edge Decoration For Tables

Natural Acacia Solid Wood Live Edge Design Dining Table

Finishing the wood for practice wood – if your wood is re-cut, you need to dry it before you can seal it. If you don’t dry it, it will shrink over time and eventually become brittle. You can contact a wood mill for kiln drying services. As you can see from my coffee table, kiln drying cuts the fuel a bit. Some experts saw the circle in half, then join it again after drying to avoid this problem, and others choose to really dry the wood over the years so that it does not have to be cut.

Fill Holes and Gaps- If there are large holes or gaps in the wood that you are concerned about (I’m thinking of food and things that little kids can do with these thing!), you can fill them with epoxy in the holes. fill by pouring. , If the hole goes deep into the wood, cover the bottom of the hole with tape before pouring the epoxy.

Edge Decoration For Tables

Smooth the Edges – If you don’t like the look of the leather, remove it from the edges of your wood using a wood scraper. Then, remove the skin to be clean. If your table is rougher, you may want to sand it down with a tool box sander or you may want to flatten it for you. If it’s not too rough, you can sand with a belt sander or rotary sander and plenty of sandpaper.

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Rustic Dining Table

Wood Sealing – I bought my wood sealed with high quality polyurethane, as I prefer a satin finish. From what I’ve read, brushed-on polyurethane is the finish of choice for these types of floors, while tangoil or wax is a different type of sealer that requires some maintenance over time to maintain. a water seal. If you want a lighter finish on your table, be aware that raw wood staining will darken it too much and bring out the grain, depending on your staining method. Also, keep in mind that wood actually darkens over time. To keep the table clean, consider sanding or washing the wood before stacking.

Edge Decoration For Tables

Choosing a table base There are many options for pre-made and custom made coffee table bases, meaning your only limit is your budget. I chose hairpin legs for my table because I already had a set. Who knows what I would have chosen if not. I like #5 above for oval or square table tops.

1. Hair extensions: This is very easy on the internet these days. Here’s a set of four on Etsy that sell for under $40.

Edge Decoration For Tables

Handmade Fruit Bowl, Rustic Live Edge Plate, Centerpiece Kitchen Table Decor

2. Tulip Bass: Catching these vintage bass is hit or miss but worth a shot! Here’s one on Etsy right now for $129.

3. X-Frame: This is a new design that works with many styles. It goes for about $100 on Etsy.

Edge Decoration For Tables

4. Coffee Tables: These are easy to find and work well with small tables, although smaller ones are more difficult. Here’s one for $35.

Live Edge Coffee Tables That Transform The Living Room

5. Industrial Metal Legs: I love this simple style of these legs that I found on Etsy for $68.

Edge Decoration For Tables

6. Steel Spider Base: This is a great men’s style for those who enjoy a modern look. It sells for about $160 on Etsy.

I got two hairpin table legs

Edge Decoration For Tables

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